Degenerate Daoist

The Life and Death of a Degenerate

In the eyes of society, Khan was an absolute degenerate, a perfect depiction of the word failure.

From a very young age, Khan realised that he was not like others. He didn care about the opinions that his parents or his teachers held of him. For some time, he truly cared about nothing at all, he saw everything as dull, bleak and empty. For a child to feel this way was truly unusual, it concerned his parents for some time.

That is, until Khan changed.

One day, Khan decided that since this life was so dull, he just needed to make it more interesting. From that moment on, he only cared about one thing; the pursuit of his own pleasure.

Back when he was a child and lacked knowledge of many things in this world, pleasure was limited to food and playing. Luckily he played so much and with such intensity that he didn get fat from the absurd amount of food that he devoured each day.

He refused to do any work, it was too boring and didn catch his interest in the least. His teachers were simply unable to motivate him into caring about his education, he was an extreme problem child. He often just stood up and left the classroom when he was bored.

If anyone tried to get in his way, he would assault them without a shred of guilt or empathy.

As he grew older, his parents, the teachers and eventually the authorities, tried to force Khan to attend various therapies. He actually found this quite entertaining and took the time to chat with the therapists. That was only on the days that he felt like showing up though, and only when the therapist was someone he enjoyed speaking with, until he became bored with them also.

As he grew older and reached highschool, Khans eyes were opened to a whole new world. Food was still a big pleasure of his, but he was soon introduced to other things such as alcohol and girls.

He ate whatever he wanted, he got drunk, he had sex with any girl that took his fancy. His unrestrained lifestyle led to him being hated by many people, and by a certain point, he could probably be considered evil by most, considering just how far he would go to satisfy himself.

Beyond the basic pleasures such as food and women, Khan also desired to live an interesting life. To him, a life filled with excitement was the only way to live.

With his escalating lifestyle, Khan actually ended up taking certain measures to assure his continued health and safety. He exercised often to stay in good shape, he made sure to consume the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, even when he was also binge eating junk food. He learned multiple martial arts to defend himself, and so on.

Khan was so fixated on enjoying all of the pleasures in life, that he actually put quite a bit of work into being able to do so.

He did not start living a modest lifestyle though, far from it in fact. Some days, he felt lazy and slept the entire day…or the entire week. He sometimes spent the week doing nothing but getting as intoxicated as humanly possible. He oftentimes did nothing but sleep with an array of girls throughout the month, whilst lazing about in his spare time.

And yet, he always stayed in good shape, because he devoted himself to staying healthy by working hard in the time that he wasn just playing.

From how much he engaged in these behaviours which were typically considered highly addictive, one might assume that Khan was an addict, a sex addict, a food addict and an alcoholic. And in truth, whenever he was introduced to a new worldly pleasure, he often did overdo it…but only for a period of time.

After adjusting to all of lifes pleasures, it was as if all of the degeneracy balanced the rest out somehow. Khan often went for weeks or months without engaging with one, two or all of these things. As he grew older, he also became more calculated in his consumption – he understood how to live this lifestyle without destroying himself.

However, not a day went by that he didn fill with sin, in some shape or form.

He was lazy and hard working, self destructive and health conscious, seemingly addicted, yet able to control himself whenever he needed to.

To others, Khan was simply another degenerate, a person who got lucky with his health and his life in general. But Khan never felt like he was doing anything wrong, simply that his way of living was different to others. As for what others thought of him? He still couldn care less.

Because to Khan, only living like this interested him.

Eventually though, such bad habits would naturally catch up to him.

It all started when a teacher became enraged and started making trouble with him after finding out that Khan slept with his wife…every day for a month straight. Sometimes the two even did it after school, over the very desks in the classes that he taught!

Khan had a very low tolerance when it came to dealing with such bullshit. He kicked the teacher in the balls, then punched him in the face and knocked him unconscious. When the police arrived, Khan was still feeling impatient and refused to cooperate.

Something inside him snapped, or rather, he came to an understanding, a sort of enlightenment. That understanding, was that from then on, he didn want to back down in this life, not ever. No matter the consequences, he would just do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, however he wanted.

Not because he believed that this was
ight, or because he was bound by his own pride, but simply because he felt like this was a more interesting way to live.

And so, he snapped the officers arm without the slightest warning. The faces of the surrounding teachers and students were priceless, he would never forget their fearful and shocked expressions.

The crowd would never forget the carefree smile that Khan wore as he assaulted each officer. They would never forget how he burst out la

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