07:I\'m 1021

His father observed their reaction and wanted to laugh. What game was this? Anyway, he wasn going to spoil his son. Therefore, he asked, pretending to be serious so as not to offend her.

”So do you know me? ”

Hearing the 1021 question, he lifted his head and shook it no.

The man resolutely introduced himself.

”You should call me father because I am your father. My name is Kang Tongxun. You are my son and your name is Kang Murong ”

1021 shook his head, stunned.

Then he asked ”where is my mother? ” He didn think about the nanny because her silence and a certain emotion made him feel like a total employee. And actually the nanny was just as young a girl as she was.

Tongxun fell silent and his good mood suddenly knotted.

1021 immediately sensed the subtle sensation, felt the strangeness, but did not interfere. Because he wanted the answer to that.

Will there be a motherless child in heaven? Or was it really charity work or something? Did this man adopt him?

Well why would he?

He was very confused.

No. Feeling that her mother was not important now, she jumped on to something more important. Because the mans silence seemed to give no answer.

”Where is here? ”

The man broke free from his stupor, continuing his patient sons game, even though he was still in a bad mood.

”We are in the world ”

”World? ” Shocked, his voice came out so shrill and thin it sounded like he was shouting.

”Brain? Whats going on?? This Man says the world. If this is the world, where was the place we lived in? A cesspool or something?! ” He cried out in shock.

The brain also felt speechless and then said, ”Ask for the date, ” with a caution in his voice.

1021 without thinking ”What year are we in? ” She asked. His voice is a little more hectic.

Although Tongxun was strange, he didn think much of it.

”20 August 2030 ”

”August? That…that term!! ” Brain roared wildly and clutched his head, ”Shut up! ” he said with a headache.

Tongxun thought he was just holding his head, ”Whats wrong? You have a headache? ” He wanted to come to her with a quick question. But 1021 didn give him a chance even in this situation, and he stepped back and said, ”Don come close, ” with a pale face.

He was very confused now, and he knew very well what those terms were. This was an ancient calendar, as he often saw in historical works published on the Internet!

”Brain? Whats going on?! ”

1021 stumbled upon a complex expression. Breathless, he muttered, ”I was dead. ” If he was dead, if it wasn heaven, if it wasn Gods work, how could he accept it as normal? After all, wouldn everyone who dies either perish or, in this case, not exist in the hereafter?

The brain has come up with another disgusting hypothesis.

”That endosymbiosis theory is not impossible if the head somehow lived in the insects body and encountered the hallucinogens-! ”

1021s face turned even more pale.

”But even if that happened, it wasn possible to survive this long, ” he continued his brain analysis.

”1021 may sound silly but…I think weve gone back in time… ”

So there was a long silence.

2030, the invasion of insects has outstripped the old calendar and world order. Even as the years went on, the months were almost unknown anymore. Because the world has become an increasingly complex, violent and thorny place. Periods came instead of months. Help was taken from the old calendar. More precisely, a method similar to this was used because deviations appeared in the old calendars, and the world entered a completely different pattern and order.

The ancient calendar is very different from the modern calendar. It can also be called a clockwork calendar. It is an encyclopedia rather than a calendar used by the people in the Anatolian geography where it is located. The climates experienced over the years according to the dates are recorded and this pattern is created. Seasonal events that recur every year come into focus.

In this way, for example, the next 30 August Coral storm would occur.

A day or two would exclude deviations and, unlike the normal calendar, annual forecasts could also be made.

Apart from this, terms such as leaf fall storm, southwestern storm, storm of zemherin, fall of cemre were mostly heard in the colloquial language.

This situation was also known as: For example, lets go through cemre. The first of the three cemre falls into the air (February 19-20), the second falls into the water (February 26-27), and the third falls to the ground (March 5-6). The fall of Cemre means the awakening and revival of nature. This is considered the beginning of spring. With the fall of cemre, white flower buds and tubers appear on the dry branches of plum trees. Green leaves come to life in the areas close to the flower from the dry branches.

The old calendar and the new order blended together, thus creating a completely different calendar. Similar but not the same. Because even if 10 centuries wasn enough to change everything, it was enough to change things.

What a long time for people, what a short time for the world.

For the universe, it wasn worth mentioning.

-To be continued-

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