Chapter 3

POV: Ki Chung-ha

Im about to be molested! Damn it! Id rather die! If Im going to be killed one, they
e done putting me through such hell, Id rather chose death. Its better than torture AND death. Yes, Ill take the greater poison t avoid having to take both. Its fine. My manager is in his room, and I chose to not let my bodyguards follow me around. They
e undercover so as to not attract attention to myself and hence would not stand at my door. It was me who chose to avoid attention. Celebrities need a personal life, free from the public eye. I don regret my choice. I was never scared of death since I was young anyway. The reason? I don know.

I climb on the rails and see the panic in their eyes. What are they panicking for? Its definitely not that they want to save me. They were just going to kill me anyway. Or were they joking? They stabbed that dude and hes dead! These monsters are probably disheartened they didn get to violate me first. F**kers.

As I fall off the high-rise building, I can see the stars and feel the wind. The night sky still appears beautiful even at deaths door. Sigh. Too bad I won see you again unless as a wandering ghost? Ha-ha. How can I joke when Im falling to my death? Im sure the grim reapers have never seen my type before. Lmao.

Even my heart agrees with me. Wait…hold up. I may not be a medical student but Im pretty sure the human heart is not right below the centre of the collarbone. I feel like theres a ball of fire there. Thats weird. Now its cold. Why does it feel so familiar? It feels natural like its a part of me and Ive always had it. Its a perfect blend between searing heat and a cold energy that won give you anything less than frostbite, yet none of these wild energies is affecting me. Ah. What are these? Where am I? They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die but Ive never been there before. Wait. No. I have. These are my memories. I am the Phoenix Princess, Marionette. My clan is one of the most powerful in the underworld. This energy. Royal Phoenix Fire. A flame that feels and looks like ice but burns as hot as fourth grade hellfire. Its the perfect torture medium in the underworld where most beings have supernatural endurance. I can use up to one five hundredth of my power in this human body but thats a good thing. It wouldve vaporized those ingrates instantly since they
e feeble humans but with my power weak, it shouldn be instantaneous.

The cold and hot energies stabilize forming my phoenix core once more. The ice blue flames spew out from the corners of my eyes and ice blue flames sprout from my back in the shape of wings and I shoot up the building like the royal phoenix I am. Marionette is back. From the moment I fell to the moment I arrived back at the top wasn up to six seconds. The three are still on the roof. They were watching me fall. They freak out when they see me floating in the air with ice blue flame wings. Three small ice blue flames hover above my right palm and I release them sending one to each one of the delinquents. I can care much about them. If theyd struggled more, it might have been interesting, but they will last about fifteen – twenty seconds at most. I look at the boy who tried to save me and slowly drop from the air towards him.

”Oh, kind-hearted little one. If I abandon you, Id be no different from those scum and be ungrateful. Sigh. I don have my full power, but this should be enough for a mortal like you. ” I am no less than 1300 years after all.

My right-hand hovers over his stab wound as I transfer my vitality into him. A little of my vitality should be more than enough. Is it just me or is his body repelling my power? Must be my imagination, perhaps my current power is too weak? Thats probably it. I should stabilize my core after this.

It took me about three minutes to complete the process and hes safe, but he is unconscious. I could just break space and arrive at his room but Im positive theres got to be cameras that caught me coming up even though theres none up here. Sigh. Ill just count carrying him back to his room, payback for his courage. He may be safe, but he needs rest. I put him on my shoulder and begin to walk towards the left stairs. I glance back at the three evil musketeers and can see that their bodies are still there albeit burnt. My full power shouldn have even spared their ashes. Alas. Even his body could fight off my vitality. 0.2 % of my power is indeed too little. The lowest ranked guard in hell may be my match right now, talk less of a guard in any of the seven clans.

The world is divided in two. At least it was before the Exodus War, the Spirit realm (Where Immortals resided together) and the Mortal Realm (Where mortals resided). The two realms were connected at a point called Eden, a beautiful garden. But, after the whole disobeying the Celestial Lord, whom humans call god, the connection of both realms were severed causing Eden to become a lost realm. After the Exodus war, the Spiritual Realm ws further split into the Celestial realm, Fairy Realm and the Underworld. My clan, the Phoenix clan was one of the seven clans that supported Lord Lucifer when he fought against the Celestials. Hes the son of the Celestial Lord but alas, different views. Im too small to ponder or get involved in such debates.

After I drop him in his room, I leave his key card on the television stand and leave. I glance t him and then leave. Once Im back in my room, I sit under the hot shower cross-legged as I meditate and focus on my phoenix core. I need to reignite its power. I need to gradually let the energy from my core smelt this mortal body I obtained when my mom sent me here. Only an immortal body can wield my power. Now that Ive gotten to understand the human world as intended by mom and I, I should hurry and return to the underworld. But I need power to withstand the atmosphere there first before returning. Yes. Ill only stay here till I have enough power. The atmosphere may not be the only danger there as its not called the Underworld for nothing. Other immortals too.

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