Devil’s Apartment

Shin Vessalius



Kevin braked suddenly when he felt he hit someone. Kevin looked forward to find someone who had fallen sitting in front of his employers car.

”Hasss, dammit! Why am I so stupid? ” mumbled Kevin as he hit the steering wheel.

”Gosh, you hit someone, Kevin! Stupid! ” Shin shouted while gaping, forcing Belphie who was next to him to stuff his sons mouth with a handkerchief.

”I warned you to be more polite to my servant, Idiot! Kevin is my butler, Shin! ” said Lord Belphie.

”Then, whats the difference, Pa?! Am I not your son?! ”

”You are my son, but Kevins rank is higher than you, Shin! Kevin is more than a servant to me. I even consider Kevin as my brother. So, be polite to Kevin! ” shouted Belphie to her naughty son.

”Okay, Im sorry, Uncle Kevin! ” said Shin, looking down. He looks sorry.

”By the way the girl seems fine, ” said Lord Belphie, an adult man sitting in the back seat with the teenager named Shin.

”Its okay, Pa? She fell when she was hit by Uncle Kevin earlier, Pa, ” Shin hissed.

”Maybe he was just shocked. But more than that, why is Kevin so quiet, um? ” Lord Belphie patted Kevin on the cheek who was in the front seat.

”What are you doing, Kevin? ” said Bhelphie surprised to see Kevin stunned.

”There is an angel descending from heaven, My Lord. ”

Kevins eyes suddenly lit up when he saw the figure of a woman who had fallen sitting in front of his car.

Even though the lighting was dim, the girls charm still radiated. Kevin could see the aura of beauty.

Wearing a pink mini skirt combined with knee-length stockings. High heels that fit perfectly on the legs, adding to the elegant impression. Her red hair was as red as blood, long and loose. Minimalist make-up that looks natural. The pink dress also contrasts perfectly with her red lips.

Shin, who had been contaminated by the playboy aura of his fathers personal servant, immediately looked forward. Paying attention to every curve of the black haired girls body.

”If this is my share, Uncle Kevin! ” Shin exclaimed as if he was an easy prey for him. Blame Kevin for teaching his masters son to act so aggressively.

Kevin frowned. He glared at his employers son, who was now looking beside the drivers seat.

e kidding, Young Master? Shes probably around 25 years old! Since when did your ideal type of woman become older sisters like her, um? ” Kevin grumbled. He did not remind his upbringing who made his masters son like that. Looking back, Lord Belphie was even afraid of women. But, he has a very aggressive child, Kevin thought.

In fact, Kevin did not realize that he took part in shaping the character of his employers son. Of course. Kevin had been a servant since Belphie was a teenager. So, he knew about all the life journey of his master.

”That woman is more suited to be your Aunt, Young Master Shin! ” said Kevin, still trying to warn his employers son.

”Ah, what a fool, Uncle! The important thing is shes beautiful, Uncle Kevin. ” Shin rushed down from the car.

”Young Master, wait! ” Kevin stopped Shins steps. ”The weather is quite cold, use my coat, Young Master! ”

Kevin handed Shin his brown fur coat. He seemed to support the misdeeds of his employers son.

Immediately, Shin put on the hunting coat that Kevin had given him earlier.

Lord Belphie just stared at the strange behavior of the two big-time playboys. In fact, Belphie thought that his loyal servant would stop Shins actions, he didn know that Kevin seemed to support Shins actions.

”Cheer up, Young Master! You should be able to get that womans attention. Don embarrass me as an educator for you! Go, Young Master! Go! ” Kevin cheered Shin up like a cheerleader.

There was an oddity that Belphie realized too late. He saw Shin getting out of the car and walking leisurely.

”Oi, Shin! You said you broke your leg, huh?! ” shouted the grown man when he saw his son getting out of the car in a hurry.

For a moment Shin turned around and said, ”Its healed instantly when you see a beautiful girl, Papa. So, Papa doesn need to worry, ” Shin whispered.

Shin walked back to the woman who was still sitting in front of his fathers car. When he arrived in front of the woman, Joon bowed. His hand reached out towards the girl.

”Let me help you up, Sis? ” Shin offered with a sweet smile.

The girl looked up. After a moment of silence, she finally grabbed Shins outstretched hand.

”Thank you, ” the woman said softly, making Shin even more excited to see the woman. The girl looked so cute in Shins eyes.

”Are you all right, Sis? ” Shin held the womans arm as he watched her lose her balance because the high heels she was wearing were broken. Luckily Shin had good reflexes. So, the woman did not fall.

Shin was still holding the arms of the girl who was about to fall earlier.

This scene is like the ones in romance dramas, thought Shin imagining the next scene.

The scene lasted a few seconds before the woman was finally able to stand up straight again.

”Ah, sorry for interrupting your trip. Maybe its also my fault for being too focused on playing the cellphone, ” said the woman, kindly looking down.

The woman was seen removing her broken high heels after speaking.

Quickly, Shin took off his footwear and put them on the girl. ”Don blame yourself, Sis! This is all because of my careless driver. He called while driving, ” Shin whispered.

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