Devil’s Apartment

Meet Lord Belphie

Kenichi turned and jumped down near Zenkyo. He raised his pants which were a little loose because Kenichis weight had decreased, since his father died and his mother often brought other men to their house.

”Why did you stop me, huh?! ” Kenichi spoke to the girl who was a few years older than him.

Zenkyo slowly opened his eyes and looked at Kenichi who was already wearing pants again.

”Do you think what you did was right, huh?! ”

”What do you care? We don know each other, do we? ” Kenichi said coldly. He saw Zenkyos appearance from head to toe. The girls appearance was more messy than Kenichi himself. In fact, Kenichi can still see the womans eyes are puffy, like shes been crying all day.

Zenkyo was silent for a moment. Instead, he sat on the asphalt, leaning against the railing of the bridge, which was behind him.

”We don really know each other, but I don like what you did to escape bad luck. ” Zenkyo spoke softly. His gaze returned to blank, staring at the street which was so quiet because this was not the main road.

Kenichi was intrigued. He took a seat next to Zenkyo.

”So, have you had anything worse than mine? ” guess Kenichi. He looked at the curves of Zenkyos face that looked so perfect, even though it was seen from the side like this.

”My father died because my mother had an affair. After a few months, my mother also died with her mistress. I am not yet fifteen years old and have to live alone. Every day I have to hear people gossip because of my disorder. Do you have more sad stories than that? ” Kenichi said coldly. He felt that he was the most miserable human being in this world.

Zenkyo flashed her sweetest smile. She shifted position to face Kenichi.

”Listen to me, Otoutou! I also have no one. My father only died three days ago, and he left a huge debt behind. Even if I sell my house, it won pay off half of the debt. ”

*Otoutou = little brother

Zenkyo spoke. She tried her best not to sound like his voice was shaking from holding back tears. She wanted to share the positive energy of the boys.

Kenichi crouched down. He hugged his knees and buried his face between his knees.

”But, I can be as strong as you. I still need love from someone. I need someone who is always there every time I open my eyes in the morning. I need a place to depend on. I want someone who is always there for me. ” Kenichi spoke softly, but it could still be heard clearly by Zenkyo.

Zenkyo patted the teenage boys head. She gently stroked the slightly long black mane.

”If thats the case, why are we relying on each other? Didn we both have bad luck? Ive heard that the burden is lighter if we carry it together. ” Zenkyo spoke softly.

Kenichi flinched hearing that. He looked up to see Zenkyo who was in front of him. There was a glint in Kenichis eyes right now. However, the next second the light just disappeared.

”Thats not possible. ” Kenichi pursed his lips. He buried his face between his knees again.

”Why can it be, huh? ”

”You have a lot of debt. You said yourself that your debts won be paid off even if you sold your residence. So, why would you even think of helping me, huh? Your life needs will definitely increase if I come with you, right? ” Kenichi whispered.

”Its true, its like that. But, I didn say that I would bear all your expenses, did I? ” Zenkyo spoke again. She still had a sweet smile on his face. Zenkyos smile seems to have managed to convey a positive aura to anyone who sees it.

”Then? ” Kenichi looked up and spoke again. He did not understand what the woman he had just met meant.

”You can live with me. We can start all over again. We will both support and encourage each other. I will try even harder to work so that we can pay for our lives and pay off debts. ” Zenkyo spoke out loud. She was really serious about his words that wanted to help the desperate teenage boy.

Kenichis smile widens.

”Then Ill also work part time. Ill also help clean the house. Even though its not much help, I have some money from selling my little house earlier. ” Kenichi spoke enthusiastically.

Zenkyo frowned at that.

”So you
e really planning on disappearing from this world, to the point of selling your house too, um? ”

”Hehehe, right. ” Kenichi smiled awkwardly. He was scratching the back of his neck now too. He was really embarrassed. As it turned out, Kenichi wasn the only one suffering in this world.

”You stupid boy! ” Zenkyo grumbled while patting the top of Kenichis head.

”My name is Kenichi, Onee-chan! Not stupid! ” Kenichi grumbled, annoyed. He even pursed his lips.

*onee-chan = sister

”Ahahaha, yes, Kenichi-kun. From now on you will be my little brother, will you? ”

”Of course I do, Onee-chan! ” Kenichi shouted with joy. A wide smile was constantly appearing on his lips.

”Then, from now on you are the younger brother of Nakagawa Zenkyo. ”

”So now call me Nakagawa Kenichi too, Onee-chan! ” Kenichi pleaded. His gaze looked like that of a kitten wanting to be picked up. And that makes Zenkyo very excited.

When Kenichi fell like that, there was a stranger who reached out for him. The woman promised to continue with Kenichi, would not let go of his hand. She is a strong and mature figure, his Zenkyo Sis. They ended up living together.

Zenkyo is willing to become a cafe singer to make ends meet for them. She also always pampers Kenichi no matter how heavy the burden she carries.

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