Devil’s Apartment

Belphie\'s Son

”Stay away from my son from now on! ” A man said sharply to Zenkyo. They are in a cafe right now.

”Im sorry, Oji-sama. However, we promised not to let go of each others hands, no matter what. ” Zenkyo spoke. The man in front of him was Kevins father.

*oji-sama = uncle

The man surnamed Hirano strongly disapproves of his son and Zenkyos relationship. Of course. Zenkyo is a poor girl. Even Zenkyo financed his living and college expenses from the salary he got from a cafe singer.

What would Hirano Ryos business partner say if the sole heir of Hirano Corporation was caught in a relationship with a cafe singer like Zenkyo. Hirano Ryo was very much against it.

”Get out of the way and get as far away from my sons life as possible. This is the last warning. Im giving you money for your moving expenses. Leave this town and don come back again! ” Mister Hirano Ryo said emphatically.

Zenkyo got up from her seat. She nodded slowly. She handed back the brown envelope containing the banya.

”Im sorry, Oji-sama. I can leave your son, but I can leave this city. My life, work and memories reside in this city. ” Zenkyo ended their conversation. He turned and headed out of the cafe.

”How arrogant of you, Nakagawa! I swear I will make a mess of your life from now on! ” muttered Mr. Hirano Ryo. He watched Zenkyo leave with an indescribable look.


Zenkyo came out of one of the cafes near his campus building. He walked leisurely along the sidewalk. Even though he was still annoyed by Mr. Hirano Ryos words earlier, but Zenkyo would try to forget him.

Kevin is someone who is always with Zenkyo when he is down. And Kevin had warned Zenkyo to promise not to leave Kevin, no matter what. Now Zenkyo has fulfilled his promise to Kevin.

Even though Kevins own papa forced him, Zenkyo would ignore it. Except, Kevin himself begged Zenkyo to leave Kevin. Yes, thats what is called persistence and loyalty.


From the opposite direction suddenly a young man bumps into Zenkyo and spills a drink on his shirt.

”Hasshh! My clothes! How is it? Im going to wear this new dress to sing at the cafe tonight, ” Zenkyo grumbled as she cleaned her wet new dress, hit by the cappuccino of the young man who hit him just now.

”Sorry! Im sorry! Did I get your clothes dirty? Im sorry. ” The young man bowed deeply, feeling so guilty. It was Akiyama Takeyuki who used to be haughty, now even willing to lower his head.

Zenkyo was actually so annoyed. It was the only proper suit he had. But, the foreign youth instead dirty it. Zenkyo took a deep breath, trying to suppress the emotion.

”Hmm, its fine. No need to worry. I still have a change of clothes like this, ” lied Zenkyo. She was still trying to dry her dress by wagging it.

”Once again, I apologize! If there is a need for laundry fees, just call at this number. ” The youth who bumped into Zenkyo gave his business card.

”Yes, yes, fine. ” Zenkyo glanced at the young man, then he looked at the writing on the business card in her hand.

”Akiyama Takeyuki, executive director of Akiyama Electronics? ” spelled Zenkyo, she then turned her attention back to the young man who bumped into her.

The young man nodded. He stretched out his hand.

After being stunned for a while, Zenkyo finally reached out his hand as well. They shake each other.

”Right, my name is Akiyama Takeyuki. ” Takeyuki spoke softly. He exudes the charm of a leader at such a young age. Takeyuki seemed to be on the same level as Zenkyo and Kevin. However, the young man is already an executive director at his familys robotics company.

”Ah, fine. Im Nakagawa Zenkyo, ” Zenkyo replied, curtly, concisely and elegantly.

”If you need laundry fees, please contact me, Nakagawa-san. ” Takeyuki again spoke softly.

”Feel free to contact me, Nakagawa-san! ” Takeyuki added.

Zenkyo smiled hearing that. She really appreciated the young mans good intentions. Its rare for a rich person to act that friendly except for Kevin and this young man in front of him.

They are officially acquainted at this time. They also thought their initial meeting at that time was just like a dream. The real meeting is now and maybe this meeting will continue to many more meetings? We don know anything about the fate line.

To be continued….

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