She rolled her eyes as she realized the man refused to let her legs go. As irritated as she was, she knew when not to push ones limits, and though she wanted to push every button this man had, she knew this wasn the time.

She pulled back her legs in hopes of having them returned from the mans lap, but the harsh grip kept them in place. Forcing her to be slumped into an uncomfortable position.

As his right hand scrolled his phone, his left grazed her legs mindlessly, sending ripples of waves down her spine. He teasingly took long drags of his finger from her ankle to her thigh, purposely stopping at the hem of her skirt every once in a while.

She raised an eyebrow at his actions, seeing the light lift at the corner of his lips when he felt the goosebumps his touch caused. As much as she liked it, she was a tease and she refused to let a man tease her. Feigning ignorance, she slowly pulled her leg towards her, brushing against his groin that sat perfectly in his pants.

On reflex, his grip on her leg tightened as his attention was no longer on his phone, his cold eyes settled on her wide, innocent-like eyes meeting his own.

The air left her lungs as his hands roamed up her thigh slowly, she could feel her temperature rise as she was abruptly lifted and placed on his lap, straddling his thighs as his grip was firm on her waist.

”What is it exactly that you thought you would have accomplished with that little trick you just pulled ” he hummed, hands gripping harshly on her thigh.

She could not hold back the shiver that coursed through her body when his hand grazed the soft spot on her lower back, a satisfied mewl leaving her lips when he gripped her ass.

”Dear Lord, please let this be it ” she groaned mentally, feeling the way his rough hands pulled her body closer.

”You said you owed me a favor ” she met his intense gaze, bringing her hands to graze his chest.

”And what is it that you want? ” he asked as his hand grabbed her nape.

She could not speak, as he purposely motioned her waist so she felt all of him.

”Answer me when Im speaking to you ”, he gripped her hair and forced her forward so her eyes met his, her mind clouded with that wanton need to release and she was face to face with her new cure.

A faint smile plastered on her face as she pressed down on him before whispering in his ears.

”I was hoping youd ** me senseless ” she spoke as she licked up his ears as her hand drifted downward to brush against his forming bulge.

”I won be gentle ” he sneered as his hand moved to rub two fingers, feeling her moist clit through her underwear.

”Wouldn ask for anything else ” she moaned as she felt his index finger enter her folds. She gripped the back of his hair as his free hand gripped her waist and kept her body still, his thump rubbing at her now throbbing clit and his index teasingly entered her.

Her back arched as he inserted his second finger, curving his finger slighting against her walls as he dragged them out slowly.

Whilst he tortured her core teasingly, his free hand made its way to pinch at her newly hardened nipples through her top.

He leisurely removed his fingers and gradually rubbed her clitoris, causing her to jerk slightly from the pleasure, her moans bounced off the walls of the car with little care to the driver to the front, his hands gripped her top and pulled until the clips broke apart and her rounded breast bounced out, sitting freely on her chest. An irritated groan left her lips when she no longer felt the pleasing sensation of her pussy beginning to stretch.

Just as she was about to unbutton his shirt, her phone rang. Her movements halted momentarily as the ringing gradually increased.

”Answer it ” came a hoarse came from in front of her.

Morayls paused, eyes looking at the man ridiculously.

”Answer it or I will! ” he stated, voice low and threatening.

Before she knew it, she felt him shift below her, her gaze falling on him as she realized he emptied her purse on the seat and grabbed her phone. With wide eyes, she grabbed it out of his clutches and answered without hesitation.

”Morayls, baby where the hell are you! ” the voice shouted through the phone.

”Its Christopher ” she groaned internally, regretting answering the phone.

”Chris Im on my way, ah!- ” her words got stuck in her throat as she felt his fingers enter her once again.

She gripped his shoulder harshly as he continued.

”Baby, where are you? I just got your message ” he groaned, expressing his guilt.

”Im hm Im head- heading homehh ” she groaned, her voice hitching.

She suddenly felt the wetness of his tongue circling around her hardened nipple, the sensation sent a chill down her spine as he then took it in his mouth, lightly nibbling as he pinched the other, rolling it between his fingers. Her body trembled with the pleasure and pain that coursed through both nipples.

”Baby! Are you okay? ” Christopher questioned.

Moralys glared as she saw a faint smirk on the mans lips.

”Christopher, Ill call you in the morning ” she gritted out before hanging up and flinging the phone back to the seat.

Irritated, she gripped the back of his hair, forcing the domineering man below to look at her. Before he could understand what came over her, she kissed him. His arm wrapped around her, bringing their bodies closer together as he deepened the kiss.

She pulled away, capturing his bottom lip between her teeth, and lightly scrapping. Their heavy breaths mingled together due to their closeness, their heat fanning each others faces.

”Uuhm-ug ” a man coughed, staring at the two through the open door, the cold breeze caressing her once hot body as she remembered there was in fact others in the car.

Her body stilled as though paralyzed and her mind went blank when the realization dawned on her that there were in fact others who sat in the front of the car, something she completely neglected to think of when they first drove off, as all her senses seemed to numb when the man, whos lap she was still very much in, was near.

With the thought she glared at him, more so seeing his shamefully unfazed face.

”This is your fault! ” she groaned as she hastily placed it back on her top and got out of the car, dusting her skirt.

The two men scoffed, head to turn, so as not to disrespect the lady before them.

And banging came from the trunk, seemingly pulling their focus back to their initial intent. She watched as they opened the trunk and lifted the man out, only to drop his struggling form on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

”Carry him inside ” came the dark voice that sat calmly, in his original position, unmoving, as if he was not just caught with his mouth assaulting her now sore nipples.

”Come ” he sent the command her way as he exited the car, moving casually, almost unaffected by their previous transgressions. She followed behind him in wonder as she inspected every detail of his home, the gold accents, the French columns and the paintings that adorned the walls.

She followed his lead into a lavishly well-decorated bedroom fit for Queen Elizabeth herself.

”Sit! I have business to deal with ” he commanded, finger pointing to the bed.

”Woof Woof bitch ” she replied mentally with a slight glare.

”Am I a dog? ” she sneered.

”Though its one of my many favorite positions, no, you are not, that species actually listens when trained ” he said nonchalantly, closing the door, and he made his exit.

She knew no normal person would drag a stranger into their home this late at night. However, she also knew to keep to herself to avoid unwanted trouble, so with a nervous sigh, she fell back onto the bed with her eyes closed.

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