She attempted to calm her nerves as she made her way to the private room number she was given, her honey blonde bangs from the wig falling to shield her eyes. Re-playing the plan in her head once more with an agitated sigh before sliding the partition.



Ignoring the male, seated on the right, she wore a pleasant smile.

”Let the games begin ” she heaved mentally.

”I said bring me more drinks, you good for nothing waitress ” she screamed behind her as she stumbled into the room.

With a disgruntled sigh, she purposely tripped herself and fell to the ground, a round of sobs and sniffles leaving her mouth.

As the bangs shielded her eyes, and her cries filled the room, she sized up her victim who, from her speculation, would say he was between the age of forty to forty-five.

She summarized by his appearance; his disheveled hair, dark bags under his widened eyes, sunken cheeks and a five oclock shadow adorning his chin, that the man had done something wrong and he was mentally fighting himself.

”Can I help you? ” The man questioned.

”Hu-What? Why are you in my room? ” she sniffled as her brown eyes found his empty own.

”I think you made a mistake, maam, I rented this private room ” he sighed as he drank from his cup.

”Oh my ” she pretended to be clueless.

”I am so sorry, I must have made a mistake, I may have had one too many to drink ” she sniffled, pinching her fingers together as if to signify how much.

The man chuckled at her cuteness before throwing back another drink.

”You might want to slow down or else you might end up like me ” she giggled as she struggled to get off the floor.

The man hurried to help her, lifting her up as she swayed.

”Maybe I want to be as drunk as you ” he stated as he watched her, his gaze dropping to her cleavage.

”Typical ” she rolled her eyes as she thought.

She had lured the man to grab at her bait.

She accidentally swayed towards him, letting the man catch her as she almost fell.

”I apologize for the intrusion, sorry about that, I should go ” she mumbled with a pout.

”Hey! I don mind, if you want, you can stay and have a few drinks with me ” he fumbled a little with his words.

”If you insist, but lets make a deal, we will tell each other something ” she giggled again as she made her way towards the seat next to him.

”Tell each other what? ” he questioned with a small smile.

”Tell each other why we
e drinking ” she said with a pleasant smile gracing her red lips.

”Sure- but you first ” he hesitated.

”Well- ” she hiccupped.

”It was my fiancé and Is anniversary, but hubby was away on a business trip, so like the good-hearted girlfriend I am, I took it upon myself to surprise him at his hotel since we had not seen each other in almost two weeks. ” She sighed.

”And guess what I found? ” she questioned in disgust.

”What? ” he asked, intrigued.

”Him and Seo-jin Kim- his Korean secretary- **ing away like bunnies in heat when I entered his room ”, she started crying.

”I gave that man my all. What more could he have wanted? My ass is perky, my boobs are big, Im smart and fun- and for Gods sake Im a literal freak in the sheets- ”he choked on his drink as the words left her mouth.

”- I feel like I just need to get out of here and travel for a while ” she sighed.

”Y-you seem like you have an exquisite personality ” he grumbled as his eyes darted from her cleavage to her eyes.

”Really?! I honestly needed to hear that, you
e such a sweetheart, so- ” she leant over and placed her hand on his mid-thigh.

”-What was your reason for drinking your life away? ” she gestured as she poured him a drink.

The mans gaze darkened in sadness as he recalled what he had done. He signed before drinking once more.

”Honestly? I **ed up, Im not even sure if I can tell you so you don get involved in my mess. ” He gave her a hesitant glance as she threw the drink back.

”I can keep a secret- ” she purred as her hand crawled closer.

”- Did you do something bad, I honestly have a soft spot for dangerous men ” she said, attempting to boost his ego so hed confess as she squeezed his thigh lightly.

”I may have stolen some money from a very dangerous man, does that make me dangerous? ” he smirked and poured another drink for both of them.

As he threw his head back to drink, she quickly threw her own at the plant beside her.

”From whom? ” she perked, eyes glazing over.

Though this was not part of the script, it was probably the only opportunity shed get to learn about that brutish man.

”His name was Achilles Thorn ”. He hesitated.

”Ive never heard that name before. Who is he? ” she questioned.

”Hes a business man, more or less, who also runs an organization underground, hes ruthless and kills without hesitation. ”

”He scouted me from the Rising Bank when they started laying off people and I have been his account for his other underground organization for years. ” He stated.

”Howd you do it if he was so dangerous? Obviously, he wasn very attentive to not noticing his money missing ” she giggled and rubbed his thigh as he continued drinking, not noticing that she had stopped attempting to fool him.

”At first, I was instructed by one of his rivals who offered a large sum of money. They said it would be a one-time thing, as I desperately needed the money, I didn hesitate to do what I was told as it was meant to only be one time. ”

”I wired the amount from different accounts so the lumpsum wouldn be picked up as suspicious. A few weeks later, they asked for more, threatening to kill my sick daughter and tell Achilles what I had done if I didn comply. After that, they began asking for more it would have been noticed, so I took a few thousand to pay for my daughters medical bills so we could fly away from here. He finished.

”I knew hed figure it out, so I disappeared. ” He finished.

Moralys sighed, heartbroken for the man before her when he mentioned his sick child. He took one more drink and, as she was about to say something, he spoke.

”I mean its not entirely my fault, its not my fault, he was so stupid he didn realize that his money went missing, it was just so easy to take from him, so I just took it, and took and took, ” he scoffed with a harsh laugh.

”For your daughter, right? ” she questioned as she glanced at her purse that was placed on her lap.

”Ye- Yeah for her ” he stuttered.

The room fell into an uncomfortable silence.

”Seems like you have just as much reason to get away from this place as I do ” she chuckled.

He watched her, the slight hiccups here and there leaving his lips, cheeks tainted with a blush as her eyes refused to remain unfocused and her words slurred and concluded that she was drunk.

”Thats exactly what I plan on doing, flying away and starting a new life somewhere far from here ” he sighed, drinking again.

”I wish I was as brave as you, to pick yourself up after something bad and start a new life elsewhere. I don have the confidence to do that on my own ” she sniffled.

”If I was as brave as you, I would pawn this thirteen-carat emerald cut ring my ex-fiancé gave me ” she smiled, lifting her hand towards the air as the light shined on the ring.

”Thirteen carats? ” he stuttered out in shock.

”Yeah, my ex-fiancé was a tech nerd that created new software or improved old ones and sold them to the highest bidders, though he was grumpy all the time, he always showered me with nice gifts ” she sighed in disappointment as she twisted the ring.

”Well, if you
e really serious about leaving, would you like to come with me? ” he questioned, eyes never leaving the diamond on her finger.

”Really?! ” she squealed and hugged him.

”I know weve just met, but it seems like Ive known you all my life ” he stated firmly, as his eyes met her own.

”Yes, I would love to go with you, you don know how happy it makes me! ” she exclaimed with a bright smile as she held the mans hands in her own.

”Okay, Ill buy an extra ticket right now, you should pack a few things and meet me at the airport tomorrow at eleven ” he advised, as he pulled out his phone and typed.

”Here, take my number ” she stated, writing her number down on a napkin in front of him.

She hummed in excitement as she got up and headed towards the exit. With a momentarily halt, she turned around, removing the ring from her finger and handing it to the stranger.

”Take this as payment for the ticket and any future accommodations I might need, Ill head home and get packed. ” She said, handing the man the ring. He never took his eyes off ever since she brought them up.

With a final sigh, she made her exit before leaning on the door with a defeated sigh, leaving her airway as the adrenaline cleared.

She did it.

She gave him the ring.

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