The most crucial part of Achilles scheme was that the ring needed to be in the possession of the man before she left.

Did she do the right thing?

She questioned herself as she made her exit from the first floor. Tremors of remorse flooded her as she was unsure of her part to play in the mans demise. Moralys was not stupid, though she pretended to be, she knew the man was not going to live to see another day and deep down she knew she cared for no ones life but her own.

As she thought about the domino effects of her actions, she questioned herself.

Was this worth the money?

Would she do it again?

As much as she wanted to say no to the latter, the adrenaline and excitement coursing through her veins during her assignment begged to differ.

She calmed her heart as she made her way back to the empty second floor. On reaching the top, she saw the dark silhouette reviewing a file between his thumb and index, legs crossed and facial features relaxed.

She made her way towards the man, who did nothing but nod his head in acknowledgement of her presence.

”Good job! ” he spoke after a few minutes of silence.

”Its my first and last ” she mumbled as she picked up the check he placed on the table.

”Sit! he instructed softly, just as she turned to leave.

She was unaware as to just how long she had sat watching the man before her, countless men in black had come and gone, each bringing a new file and leaving with the ones prior like clockwork. After a while, the waiter served them new food as the previous set ran cold while she completed her first paid job.

Though she had insisted she was allergic previously, her hunger got the better of her and she ate the delicious lobster tails that was laid out before her.

She observed the man in silence as she ate. As his eyes glanced up at her stare, he sat back on the chair and gazed at her.

”Lets just make this the last time we see each other ” she spoke, first to rid the silence that suffocated her.

”Thats no way to end our date ” he said.

”First of all, sir, this- ” she waved her arms around her.

”- is not a date. A date consists of two willing parties who agree to get to know each other on the premises of going out. This sir, is no **ing date, this is a kidnapping, which officially makes you a kidnapper who takes his victims to expensive restaurants and stuffs them with delicious food –which I may have enjoyed- but this is still kidnapping. ” She hissed, slamming her hand against the table.

”I like that ” he smirked.

”What? ” she questioned, confused.

”Sir, I like that you call me sir ” he answered.

She stood quiet as the man before her gracefully lifted off his seat and made his way towards her. Her body stiffened when his hands rested on her shoulders with a squeeze before gently massaging them.

She held her breath when she felt his grip tighten lightly as he bent to her ears.

”Do you know how much Id like to bend you over this table and take you ” he whispered in her ears, as if trying to restrain himself.

Her breathing quickened in pace, her mind lost function for a few seconds as the man before her invaded all her sensed.

Her sight.

Her smell.

Her touch.

All she needed now was to taste him.

She was not an avid fan of men. To put it simply, she detested them.

Had it not been for the pleasures they provided, she would not have glanced their way.

Christopher was only her boyfriend on paper and nothing more. He was subpar in between the sheets, yet she tolerated it only because he acted as a repellent towards other men until that point.

”I already said I had a boyfriend ” she whispered, her voice hitching when she felt his hand wandering down her shoulder.

”And I have already made it clear that I don care ” he hissed, squeezing her arms lightly.

”Well I do! ” she shouted, standing up and facing him.

”You stay away from me! ” she shouted.

In defiance, he took a taunting step towards her, and another until her back hit the wall.

”Ever heard of personal space? ” she mumbles quietly as she refused to look the man in his eyes.

His head lowered to her ear, as he brushed his lips against it teasingly, before she could comprehend, he ran his tongue on the outer lining of her ear, taking satisfaction as he felt her shudder beneath him. His hand pinched her chin before forcing her to meet his eyes.

Her teeth gnawed at her bottom lip in irritation as the mans closeness disturbed her. She felt his hands roam up her back before he pulled away, returning to the table.

He lifted an envelope from the table and handed it to her.

”That is why I don care for your boyfriend ” he sneered, gazing at her , face turning stern.

”And that is why youll continue to work for me ” he said again as he pulled another envelope from within his coat and left it on the table before making his exit.

Still shell shocked, she opened the envelope that was in her hands and made her way to the table.

As she threw the contents of the envelope on the table, pictures of Christopher and many other women came into her view, somewhere at school, hotels, restaurants and somewhere she remembered to be the balcony of the club where he had disappeared on Valentines Day.

So, this is what he was doing while I was almost drugged. She hissed mentally.

As she continued flipping, she saw various of her classmates, including the girl who invited her to the club.

As she opened the second folder with hesitancy, the pictures that came into her line of sight caused her body to run cold before she made a quick exit out the restaurant.

The door slammed loudly behind her as she hurried, her face was red and she was fuming with pent-up irritation. She couldn believe how selfish and careless Brittle was. She was aware of their situation better than anyone else, they were meant to go about their lives as if they were dead.

Never to be seen.

Never to be heard.

Never to be noticed.

”Brittle Fletcher! ” she screamed.

Hasty footsteps sounded on the floorboard upstairs and her trailed burning gazes on the stairway and the woman mentioned made her way down the stairs.

”When you use my full name, you get me worked up, what is it now? ” Brittle folded her arms and rolled her eyes.

”You **ed up, thats what it is! ”

”And how exactly did I ** up? ”

”How exactly did you ** up? ” Moralys seethed, teeth grinding together and her posture upright as she saw Brittles uncaring body language.

”This is how you **ed up, realized what youve done? ” she threw the envelope on the floor, looking with irritation as the pictures flew with it.

Brittle flinched at the tone her friend used, her gaze drifted to the pictures scattered on the floor, bending down to take a closer look.

”Where did you get these? ” she questioned as she blinked numerous times at the pictures in her grasp, as if willing the sight before her to go away.

”Thats what you
e more worried about? ” she shouted, fear replacing her anger.

Brittle knew her anger was justified, she had screwed up.

”He said there weren any cameras on the roof ” she breathed out.

”Regardless of if cameras were there, why would you screw someone on the roof of a highly packed club? ” Moralys sighed, slowly sitting on the floor as her mind grew tired.

”It wasn planned, one thing led to the next ” she said dejectedly.

”Really?! Youve potentially messed up our lives for a man you met the same night, Brittle? ” she laughed.

Brittle sniffed, guilt building in her core as the repercussions of her actions dawned on her.

”If this gets out, theyll surely see. We didn move half-way across the world Bri, we moved districts ”, Moralys sighed again.

”I know ” Brittle said softly.

”If you knew then ” she started.

”I know! ” Brittle said again.

e supposed to be dead Bri, you think theyll just take us back with welcoming arms?! ”

”I **ing know alright, Ill fix my mess ” Brittle screamed.

”You know, but guess whos stuck cleaning up your **ing mess?! ” Moralys yelled as she flung the vase to the floor.

She stood still, calming her racing heart and breathing.

”You know what, never mind, Ill clean up the mess like I always do ” Moralys got up and headed to her room.

”Ill fix this ” Brittle whispered as she watched her friends slouched back go up the stairs.

”Just go get some sleep ” was the last thing Moralys muttered before climbing the stairs to her room. She closed the door and slid to the floor with a shudder.

As her breathing became erratic, her mind flashed memories that caused her body to convulse. Memories she buried floated their way to the shore tauntingly.

She raked her fingers through her hair and banged it against the door, her breathing became short as her chest continued to tighten, bile rising from her stomach but never coming out.

It always baffled her when she heard people say to cherish memories as it would bring you joy in your time of misery. To her, memories were nothing more than anchors holding someone down to their past, forbidding them to ever forget. If she could, shed choose to forget.

She couldn bother herself to think about Christopher, he was no more than a distraction to her, but she never knew hed be dumb enough to get caught, shed grown to tolerate him and he helped ease her mind occasionally, but her main concern was cleaning up the mess and that meant doing whatever Achilles demanded.

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