”Are you sure this is where they will be passing through? ”

A tall, thin man wearing ragged clothes was hiding in a bush while whispering to his comrade.

”Yeah, the scouts we sent are sure. ”

The old, bearded man donning padded armor beside the thin man replied with conviction in his voice.

”Im asking you, though! ”

The thin man slammed the ground as he glared at the bearded man. Sweat drops continued to fall from both their foreheads. There was an uneasy silence permeating inside the forest.

Situated on a path toward the holy city of Treshour, the Forest of Imminent Danger was appropriately named and perfectly situated for the plans of the men hiding in the bushes.

Monsters roamed the lands of Chrona, a fantastical world of creatures and magic. But for some reason, they did not enter this particular forest.

”Quiet…! I see them coming. Alert the others. ”

The bearded man in armor then moved from his position while his comrade went to the opposite direction.

One by one, there were rustling in the bushes. Then, figure upon figure of armored men wielding all sorts of weapons emerged from those bushes and behind the trees. There was only one way this scene could be described: An ambush.

A short distance from where the ambush was awaiting, there was a group of people walking towards it. They were casually talking with each other, not aware of what was about to happen. Upon reaching the ambush site, the armored bearded man stepped out in front of their path.

”So, this is the infamous party who can be defeated? ”

He breathed a heavy sigh as he shook his head.

”How the hell did you get your bounties so high? Are the other mercenaries really that weak? ”

The bearded man then started to laugh out loud while grabbing his belly. The other members of his mercenary group slowly showed themselves one after the other. The man in ragged clothing approached his comrade.

”See? There was nothing to worry about! ”

He grabbed the bearded mans shoulder and smirked at him. The confidence in his voice was a far cry from how it shivered mere moments ago.

”That is why we shouldn trust rumors! How can an ordinary-looking party like them beat hundreds of mercenaries? I mean, even monsters can kill them? Look at them! ”

The bearded guy in armor pointed at the awe-struck party. He started to feel like having brought about forty of his men to ambush the party in front of him was a waste of time. This was because he could easily identify the job classes of the party due to their clothes and weapons.

There was a cute girl with shoulder-length blue hair, showing an eerily cheerful smile in her face and wearing a mages hat. The hat clearly made her the mage of the party in the mercenarys eyes.

The other beautiful girl, with long pinkish hair and slightly pale skin, was wearing clothing from the clergy, thus making her a priestess and their healer.

There then was a lean guy with brown hair wearing bluish metal armor that seemed too heavy for him. The bearded mercenary deduced that that guy was a slow, lumbering knight.

The slightly taller guy, with combed-back green hair and a vacant look on his face, had a bow behind his back so he definitely must have been an archer, the bearded man thought.

Then the young-looking man with golden hair, who was shaking in his boots and sweating profusely, was perhaps a merchant in the mercenarys mind. The bearded leader thought that if the trembling man was a warrior or any other job class, he wouldn be THIS scared.

The bearded mercenary then stared at the priestess standing in front of the party, wondering why they would let their healer be in the most vulnerable spot. Afterwards, he looked at the mage who was vulnerable as well, standing slightly far from the rest of the group. He was also baffled why the knight that was with their group was hiding in the middle, between the archer to his left and the other guy to his right.

”Lets just finish this and get our money. ”

The armored mercenary raised his sword to signal his men.

”Kill— ”

Before he could finish giving his command, the mage suddenly ran toward the woods of the forest. It took the mercenaries by surprise.

”Huh? Where is she going? Go after her! ”

The bearded leader turned his head to watch the mage who ran away. He then quickly pointed his sword toward the mage. About ten men followed after her.

Unexpectedly, the other party members dispersed to different directions, except for the priestess. They all also headed toward inside the forest. The remaining mercenaries formed groups and followed each of fleeing party members. The bearded armored mercenary stayed behind to deal with the priestess.

”I get it now. Every member runs for their lives when you
e attacked. No wonder you survived this long. I guess those other mercenaries were too ashamed to admit they let you run away, so they just claimed to be beaten. How pathetic! ”

The bearded mercenary was inspecting his blade as he spoke, running his index finger on the blades sharp side, ensuring its sharpness was enough to cut through his preys flesh. His actions were signs that the priestess posed no threat to him.

”But still, your comrades are heartless, leaving you all alone. They just let their healer die like that? I sort of feel pity for you. Too bad you
e a looker. Such a shame I have to kill you here. ”

He scanned the priestess from top to bottom, all the while licking his lips through his smirk. The priestess was just looking back at him silently while standing still.

”Not even a prayer, eh? Fine. ”

He dashed toward the priestess and swung his sword upward to cut her.

”Die! ”

The mage kept running until she reached a clearing in the forest. She stood in the middle of the clearing and placed her hands on her waist while she waited for her pursuers.

”We got her cornered! Surround her! ”

A mercenary from the group that followed the mage shouted to direct his comrades. They then surrounded the mage, with their weapons at the ready. The mage didn flinch. In fact, she was smiling cheerfully while looking up at the sky.

”You know, it was a bad idea to run on your own. With no one else to protect you while you cast your spells, you
e as useless as a dead body, which you will turn into in a moment. ”

Another mercenary pointed his round-bladed sword toward the mage.

The archer stopped running after a while, standing in the middle of several trees. He sat in front of a tree. He saw a rabbit nearby and motioned for it to come closer. The rabbit approached him slowly and then he started to pet it with his hand. The mercenaries were able to catch up to him and surrounded him closely.

”Why the hell did this guy stop running? And whats with the rabbit? ”

One mercenary asked his comrade beside him.

”Who the hell cares? Just don let him use his bow and arrows and well be fine. This close distance should be no problem! ”

The other mercenary readied his large dagger as he stared at the sitting archer.

The archer slowly stood up as he let the rabbit run away from him and the crowd of mercenaries. But before it could get away, one of the mercenaries shot an arrow at the rabbit and killed it.

”Thats what is going to happen to you! ”

The one who shot the rabbit shouted at the archer. All the other mercenaries laughed.

The archer then bowed his head. He walked slowly toward the rabbit, and then kneeled down as if to say a prayer. He then stood up and pulled the arrow from the rabbits body.

”Well, will you look at that? I just noticed that this guy is not even carrying any arrows with him! What kind of archer are you? Are you going to reuse that single arrow to kill all of u

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