Hannah Norwick. That was the name my parents gave me.

”Mommy, look! Uncle wants me to be his daughter and said he will give you a lot of gold! ” I told my parents without thinking much, obsessing about the small details.

My mom looked furious, ”Hannah, what did I tell you about talking to strangers-!? ” she was ready to scold me, but I never saw moms face turn into fear so quickly when she realized the old man was following me.

”I would like to buy your daughter, ” he said with bright blue eyes and without moral hesitation.

”He promised that he will take good care of me and will pay mommy and daddy lots of gold monthly to keep your guys happy, ” I smiled, always wanting the best for my parents.

Their legs were weak, dad pulled out the wooden chair for my mom to sit on, the pegs were uneven so it made a thunking wobbling sound.

The adults were talking but I didn understand any of it. There was shouting, whispering, crying, and then acceptance with my parents and the old man.

”Do you have pen and paper? ” the stranger asked, mom and dad, panicked as they glared at me, causing me to rush to my feet to scramble for those things.

I fell but manage to get the stuff, handing them to the old man, ”Here you go! ” I beamed.

He smiled, writing stuff down on paper that I couldn read, and my parents hovered over my shoulders looking more nervous than I ever saw them be. Once he was finished writing, he showed the paper over to mom and dad as they hastily looked over the words, nervous and excitement engrossed in their eyes.

”What does it say, what does it say? ” I grabbed moms wrist.

”Youll understand when you
e older, ” mom pulled her hand away from me, ”now go pack up your belongings. Dear, isn this such a blessing? ” she talked to dad in a tone I never heard her in. It sounded happy.

I did as she said, going to the corner of the house where my makeshift bed was. I shoved my favourite dresses and toys in the blanket and tied it up, glancing at my parents as the old guy handed them a bag with clinky sounds.

Within a heartbeat, I knew it was money.

”This isn all the payment, but I will appoint my chancellor to finalize the transfer to you soon. ” he smiled, the crease from his grin made his blue eyes shine more like a prince. This old man was pretty looking, I had to admit.

My parents signed the handwritten contract without hesitation.

I stood in front of the carriage as mom and dad held my hands, teary-eyed and smiling the whole time, ”Its a good thing that you were our daughter, ” they said between grins. I tried to squeeze their hands but they let go of mine too soon.

The old man ushered me into the carriage and as the strange box moved forward, the image of mother and father became further away. All I know is that they were smiling the whole time, and I thought that I should smile too.

”Hannah? ” the old man said my name, causing me to tilt my head as I look up at his pretty face. ”Its a pretty name, ” he says with a sigh, ”but you won be using that anymore. ”

”What do you mean, Uncle? ”

e going to become King Lucio Vandebilt Klemonts daughter, so you shouldn be calling me uncle, ” his smile seem sad when he said such absurd things, reaching his hand out to move away my stray brown hair as his mouth quivered as if about to cry, ”welcome back home, Emmeline. ”

❇✧✦❇✧✦❇✧✦❇ ❇✧✦❇✧✦❇✧✦❇ ❇✧✦❇✧✦❇✧✦❇

The kingdom of the west is where house Klemont resides, a young daughter with bountiful brown curls and bright azul eyes rivalled the sky.

It was a day of celebration, a day to celebrate the kings beloved daughters 10th birthday, to have it spread across the town with a feast, music, and colourful arrays of flowers up and down the cobbled streets.

This small mistake allowed people from neighbouring borders to hide in the crowd and eye for the princess life.

The king only took his eyes off his pride and joy for mere moments, only for screams to force his legs to run in the direction of his daughter and watch as the assassin bash her head against the marbled statue that was once pearly decor, scathed in red.

He called for the guards as his men grabbed the assailant, but it didn matter. The assassin bit down a tube of cyanide as glass shattered his tongue, dropping dead before his spit-tainted blood hit the floor.

The princess 10th birthday stopped abrup

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