”waaaaaah ” a baby crying is resounding from a small building in the already captive lightning kingdom. ”ah ah ah ” in a small but good looking room on a white but stained with red bed the rough breathing coming from the woman that was previously in labour but now smiling while looking at her baby but grimaced after thinking about the kind of future he would have here, she has white long hair reaching her shoulders and light blue eyes.

”Emily hes a bouncing baby boy what will you name him ” the name of the mother was Emily

”oh I know why don you name him after our first king ” the woman with short purple hair and purple eyes holding the baby while looking at both him and his mother with exited eyes. ”slow down beth ”.

”I know its just that well this is the first baby boy Ive seen since people have been giving birth and you know what the prophecy says that if theres a connection to the first king and there is a boy born then there is a chance that the first king might reincarnate in him ”.

”No beth I don want some king who failed to protect his people enter my boy ”

”no you don get it reincarnation is… ”*THUD!!EMILY!!! are you okay? are you hurt ?was it successful? wheres the baby *gasp* I..is..is this our baby? Nope beth said as she stopped Jake the over protective and workoholic father that has brown hair and deep blue eyes and handsome face is.

Hey why can I hold my child. the mother has to hold him first,here Emily. thanks beth, oh my god he looks just like me, Emily said while looking at her baby sleeping in her arms with loving eyes.

You should definitely name him after your first king ” Jake said while looking very excited. what no Im not naming my son after some guy, Emily said as her expression changed from lovingly to anger.Wait wait wait you don get it he will still have our surname its just his name, I mean think about it if he is the fated child and he brings independence to our kingdom he will become the king and we will be royal family and who knows beth could even be your advisor. well *sigh* fine Ill name him Zack, Zack Light.

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