Zack! be fast youll be late for school, Emily said as she packed some food in a bag and zipped it.

Hey mom,hey *kiss* are you ready for high school i mean middle school was a bit of…

Mom don worry Ill be okay love you bye, Zack said as he hurriedly took his bag an ran out of the house clearly wanting to avoid talk about middle school.


Oh my god I can believe mom was about to talk about middle school*sigh* good thing I was fast well Im always fast,he said while walking on the side of the road.Oh HEY GUYS!! Zack shouted as he spotted his friends also walking to school.

One of his friends Timmy aka Tim with light brown hair and brown eyes and the other Samuel aka Sam red hair green eyes. Oh hey Zack come we were just talking about you.

These three friends have been together since kindergarten they always liked each other.

Oh hey guys so what were you talking about. Trust me you do not want to know,said sam the calmest smartest one among them.cmon Sam hes gonna wanna know,says Tim the fun and goofy one but not as smart as Sam or Zack. What is it guys, well when we met each other on the way to school,yeah?

we met HER, who is …her?

you know that girl you like ummm I think hmmm

*sigh* its Elizabeth,Sam cuts in.

Oh right Elizabeth, Tim finally remembered.

wait you guys think I like Elizabeth*scoff* what are you saying.

”… ”

”… ”


you really think we would fall for that Hun?


anyway when she say the both of us do you know what she asked?


*cough* ”omg like where is Zack and all like he is my boyfriend and all so I was just wondering ” Tim said in a teenage girl thats chewing gum accent.

She doesn talk that way!

She doesn talk that way!

Zack and Sam said at the same time.well I know its just how I hear her. wait she asked of me? , Zack asked a little excited. oh look whos finally appreciating my gist. yeah yeah whatever then what happened,Zack already eager to hear what happens. fufufu I see you are eager pay up to hear more hehehe.what!? youve got to be kidding me…*sigh* we told her you were still at home and that youll be in school and she said ok, said sam as he grew tired of their petty noise.bleh humph no fun pouted Tim as Sam spoiled his fun of teasing Zack.

Man I can wait to get to schoooool…

”….. ”

”….. ”

I mean we can be late on our first day of school now can we so we should hurry said Zack as he took but their hands and started running at a fast pace.

Zaaaaack you know we can keep up with your speed your just too fast. don worry I just have good legs you guys should exercise you know, AAAAAAAAAAHH the guys screamed as they were about to bump into a black moving car.

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