Element Race

Being a King

This story is about a carpenter in the

capital city [Kabul] of Afghanistan.It is the history of a carpenter in 1934 .He built and designd many furnitures . His name was Ali Subhan.He also an architect and build several monuments.

One day in Kabul came the king of Baghdad .

His name was Salman !

At first the king catch a poor and ask money

from him.Subhan saw this and he become

very angry .

Then the eyes of the king came to Subhan .

He become frightened.Then king asked to subhan ,why you
e looking to me very angry?

Yes your majesty;Im angry to you because

you ask money from that poor person. thats Why ,Im sorry your Majesty.Subhan replied !

Ok I forgive you and bye see you later .

king Salman replied !

oh! I escaped from his hands !

The next day subhan woke he surprised! what

he saw ,The king gave him 10,000$

Durham,and a letter also there in a bag .

After 3months you want to see

me subhan ,then he wrote yes in bottom

of the letter and sent it to

the king Salman.

The next day morning at 6:00 oclock

he saw a dream [ What will he touch

it will become ice he cry in dream

to do a mistake ] He was shocked and

woke up it was correct 6:00 oclock.

He had an afraid to that dream,once again he sleep in the bed ,he once again saw that dream.Oh! he understood that is a hint to him.

When he woke up someone came to

hit him.That person beat subhan without

any reason .so I hit him back he

become ice and stuck.Then Iturned my head and fell into ground.

His eyes slowly opened he was in the ayurvedic in Bhagdadh.He surprised when he come in Bhagdadh. The king Salman was in front of him.The king say `I knew you
e race (Malayalam vamsham)is Elements.The king say everything to him.He surprised ,element means Fire,Ice,Electricity,wind,water and earth.

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