Element Race

villain power

So two months passed. Once asked the kings

soldier why you didn married. We need the queen. the king replied ”let me see. Then king

Subhan went out to see the situation

in land.So Subhan came to the place called


Then he went to market. Then Subhan saw

beautiful young woman. He fell in love at

first sight .Then he went to the young lady.

Then the young asked ”why are you in here,

youre majesty.

The king couldn say anything and he started

looking at her eyes. Helo king what are you

looking at ? Young asked. Subhan regained consciousness. Then Subhan asked , ”what

is your name beauty ”,Safeena ,she replied.

what a good name, Safeena. I came to observe my country. But ok Ill go and see you again, Subhan replied.

Subhan went to his palace ,and then

told his soldier, I got the queen what you told

me ,no worry at all.Then the soldier told

everyone we got queen!we got queen!

Subhan then sent a letter to Safeena. It was written in the letter and it always sent me a

letter like this to pass on any message.

Safeena said ok and send back the letter. Subhan then sent a letter, ”come to my

palace tomorrow and Iwill show you a few

things. ”Safeena was happy to go in Royal palace.

Safeena arrived at the palace .she was shocked what she see in the palace.

The whole interior of palace was covered

with snow and ice. Safeena asked, oh! king

what do you see.This is the result of my

power of my element race,my magical power.

Subhan replied.she asked if you had any magical powers.Yes,king replied. Should you have interest to marry me,subhan asked .

No,This is not none of my business, she replied and run to her home.

when the king heard this,his mind was shocked. Subhan burst into tears.

1 month ago ,Safeena was in a trouble .

A few robbers kidnapped her ,upon hear this

Subhans ice power increased and very angry.

He teleport to her location .Subhan then turned few in ice and few robbers destroyed

with his ice power.

He saved her , few weeks later Safeena tell

Subhan Iwill marry you . 2 be a happy

couple in world .

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