Element Race

A kunfu story

Saleem has his hatred in the mind ,a fire appeared in front of him.

Saleem : who are you why are you here ,you
e a fire ,don come near me.

Fire : Im Sun god means god of fire ,from now on you have to call me Sun god .

Saleem :ok you
e majesty .

Sun god : No majesty Sun god .

Saleem : Ok you
e Sun God, I want to kill The king of Bhagdadh ,and I want to rule Bhagdadh ,His name was

Sun god : stop it ! Subhan I know he also was my enemy ,he once fight with me and I defeat ($__$).

Saleem : How do you now his name .

Sun god : I will tell it ,it was a large story .

Saleem : Can you tell a little bit of this story ?

Sun god : ok Ill, Before 20 years we were Friends , he don know his power but I know his and my power. Then he told me ,`Rizwan

,My bro we want to go for a trip to Kabul.

e in bhagdadh that time,your

Name is Rizwan .

Sun God:Yes ,my name was Rizwan, No that time we were in Pakistan , I said ok to him ,

we were ready and going to kabul ,that time A tsunami came .

I tried to prevent it from fire .But I couldn .

Then Subhan look me you !you !cheat .

why you didn tell me about fire power he told .

I: You have ice power pls tell Ice go ! Ice go ,

but he didn he look at a few times that time half of city covered with water means tsunami. Last he do Ice go ! that take the water full ice, humans ice ,everything was ice that covered with water .I melted it with fire and saved everyone , but he didn talk to me.

2 days after we get in Kabul , But he didn talk me 2 days, then ,

Subhan: why you don tell me about that power.

I : I thought it was a surprise for you .

Subhan : no it was not surprise ,that I see my heart stopped .

I : lie you say lie

Subhan : Then lets fight with me.

I: ok

Subhan suit up with Ice armor and ice sword.

I suit up with spear and fire . He dashed and punched to my face . I cry but not , then I hit him with my spear and stabbed his stomach .

He cry a lot ! help help! I used the fire power to regenerate his life ,I saved him , but he hit me again stabbed my stomach with ice sword .

Then I am an ice structure. Then he punch me .All the ice broken ,I go from Kabul .Then next I will tell in later .

Saleem : it was a wonderful story.

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