Element Race

Incredible fight

The next day ,Saleem and Sun god jump into earth . They go to near the kunfu master .

Master : why are you here .

Sun god : you tought kunfu to Subhan.

Master : yes ! I do ,what will you do !

Saleem : lets fight with him

Master : yes ! fight .

Master bring his kunfu with wind power .


He was not in element race. Sun god suit up with spear and helmet , Saleem suit up with maize and shield .Saleem attacked master, Master pull him with his one finger ,his soul come out from his body .His body fell in ground and his soul is the corner of the kunfu ground. Sun god attack master with spear ,Master beat that spear ,it become piece

pieces .Master become a twister with wind power ,he round that full ground that made Sun god and Saleems soul unconscious ,master takes Saleems body and go to his room .When Sun god made conscious but his assistant Saleem is unconscious because his body is not near ahead ,Sun god know he want to be conscious when his body is near .Then Sun god move for searching Master .Last,he got him .Master is ready to fight with him ,he call all wind from kunfu ground to him and forced to Sun god , he fly with the force and his head beat in a bamboo tree .He use his full power to pull the bamboo, last he do it .

He take that bamboo and beat several times the master and tie him with a rope in the Mercury .

But …..

He didn get the Saleems body, he know master hide his body somewhere. Master gave the body to King of Bhagdadh. But sun god didn know it .Subhan hide his body in a secret tunnel .Sun god get sad because his assistant Saleem was unable to wake up and he didn able to say his big plan .

The next day Subhan take Saleems body and move to next place that time sun god was in front of him

Subhan: you, you is alive in this world Rizwan .

Sun god: yes my bro , but you take my friends body and moving to another place.

Subhan: I don he is your friend ,he is a cheater .

He is a cheating man! He kill King Salman the first king of Baghdad. Then he turn to kill me the next , he want to be the king of Baghdad.

Sun god: No more your excuse, you are my friend , but you considered as your enemy .

Subhan: yes it is right !

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