The guy glowering at Jiyeon and Jiyeon staring at him astonishingly.

Guy irked, ”What? what second dream?! ”

Jiyeon mumbled, ”OH sh*t! HE HEARD ME ”

After that Jiyeon passed a soft smile to him and slowly starts moving back to avoid his sight. He suddenly grabs her collar from the back and says, ”Say sorry, and thank you to me. ”

Jiyeon got annoyed by his words and replied, ”Sorry? Why? and HUH! Thank you? For what? ”

As soon as Jiyeon completed her sentence someone shouts loudly from a distance while coming closer to them, ”Ilsung hyung what are you doing there? We have to take our classes as soon as possible and leave early….. ”

Suddenly he saw a girl standing in front of Ilsung and he was grabbing her collar from the back.

The boy asks, ”Who is she?…YOUR GIRLFRIEND, awwww! you got a girlfriend and you were hiding her from us, ahh! (Turns to Jiyeon) By the way, you might know me already but I will introduce myself officially to you as a friend of Ilsung, Hi, I am Bae Hakkun. ”

Jiyeon turned her head in anger towards Hakkun and saw a guy with pink hairs, brown eyes, cute face and with a sweet smile. After seeing him, Jiyeon swallows her anger.

Ilsung sighed, ”Huh! She is not my girlfriend, and an unthankful girl, like her can never be my girlfriend. ”

Hakkun looked at him in a questioning way, Ilsung turned around and started going to the way of his class. Hakkun looked at Jiyeon awkwardly and started following him.

Hakkun, ”Well hyung, I said so confidently to her that you might know me already, but eventually we are still not that popular. Ahh thats so embarrassing. ”

Ilsung replied, ”Thats why, I always tell you to keep quiet. ”

(After hearing that Hakkun makes a pout face.)

Meanwhile, Jiyeon standing in anger, pissed by his words, ”Whats his problem? He started annoying me by getting into my dreams when I was only 11 and now he is really pissing me off. ”

Someone tapped on her shoulder, Jiyeon shouted, ”What? ”

Hyunjae, ”Comedown, The guy you were fighting with right now was saving you from the guys who were about to fall on you. ”

After listening to Hyunjae, Jiyeon got embarrassed and replied while hitting him, ”Why the heck are you telling me this now? Now how am I going to say sorry to him Ahhh!. ”

Hyunjae answered, ”Go and tell him you are sorry. ”

Jiyeon gave him a blank face and said, ”I think we should find our classes before it gets too late. ”

Hyunjae replied, ”For that we need to find a staff room and Minha is already in the staff room. She has just texted me. ”

Jiyeon nodded, then they start to find the staff room.

Few moments later,

Hyunjae asked, ”Jiyeon, tell me seriously, yesterday when you un-zipped my suitcase, have you opened my photo album? ”

Jiyeon saw him anxiously and nodded her head.

Hyunjae, ”So! Why you haven told me that yesterday night? ”

Jiyeon replied sadly, ”Because I don want you to feel awkward and guilty about this. I thought , what if one of us has to leave because of that. ”

Hyunjae answered, ”Well I know, thats why I wasn telling this to any of you but now when you already know, so please help me. ” while folding his hands together.

Jiyeon frustratedly, ”In this whole world why the hell you had to fall in love with……MINHA… ? ”

Hyunjae got annoyed and replied, ”Shut up! I won allow you to judge my Love. ”

Jiyeon gets shocked, ”MY LOVE! wasn she was your beloved friend till yesterday? ”

Hyunjae proudly, ”Yeah because till yesterday you didn knew about my feelings and don say anything like this about Minha…UHM! ” He passes Jiyeon and started getting towards the staff room.

Jiyeon stood at her position blankly and said, ”This is gonna be really bad. ”

After a few hours,

(In W. H. O dressing room)

Hakkun sitting in his chair, a hairdresser, dressing his hair.

Hakkun, ”Ah, Insu Hyung, you know?! ” while looking at him.

A guy with midnight blue ombre hairs, sharp features, fair skin and black eyes. Nodded to Hakkun.

Hakkun continued, ”Today in school I met Ilsung Hyungs girlfriend. ”

Everyone got shocked and started staring at Ilsung.

Ilsung glowers at Bae Hakkun while Hakkun already giving him a smile.

Ilsung calmly, ”He got the wrong idea. I just saved a girl today from the boys who were going to fall on her, thats it. ”

Everyone nodded and started doing their work again.

Hakkun, ”Then why were you holding her collar from behind? ”

After hearing this Insu dropped his mouth, and everyone stops doing their work and started looking at Ilsung with weird eyes.

Ilsung sighed and said, ”This is not what you guys are thinking, that was only an accident OK!. ”

Hakkun questioned, ”What kind of accident is this, right Siwoo hyung? ”

A guy with Dark green streaks hair, gray eyes, and mature face, who wasn actually giving any reaction and saying anything in this situation, turns towards Hakkun and says, ”Right! If I put myself in your shoe, this kind of thing is not an accident but if I see this from Ilsungs side then these things can only happen by accident. ” And passed Hakkun a smirk.

Everyone starts laughing and Hakkun gaves a pout face.

A staff member opened the door and said, ”W.H.O come to standby ”

After hearing that all four of them sighed, stands up in a round, holds each other hands and chant, ”W. H. O! LETS GET IT ”


Hyunjae and Jiyeon going to their dorms together.

Jiyeon, ”Where is Minha? ”

Hyunjae replied, ”Minha stopped by a convenience store to buy food. ”

Jiyeon nodded and continued, ”You remember, I told you about my dreams changing into reality. ”

Hyunjae, ”Ah! yeah ”

Jiyeon nervously, ”Today my second dream came true and that was when I was fighting with Ilsung. ”

Hyunjae, ”Ilsung? ”

Jiyeon answered, ”The guy who comes in my dreams, his name is Ilsung ”

Hyunjae, ”Ohh! So what you have saw in your dream? ”

Jiyeon, ”I saw in my dream that Ilsung pushed me and we started fighting with each other. ”

Hyunjae nodded and said, ”You know its hard to believe in these things but I believe because I trust you, So whenever you want to share about this, share it with me, Ok! ”

Jiyeon hugs Hyunjae and said while sobbing, ”I Love you! you are my true best friend ”

Hyunjae, ”Ok…Ok thats enough ” while struggling his way out.

”What are you guys doing here? ”

Jiyeon and Hyunjae turned their heads and saw Minha.

Hyunjae pushed Jiyeon and she fells on the road and started sobbing.

Hyunjae to Minha, ”Its not like that Ok! ”

Minha replied while picking up Jiyeon, ”I know its never ever going to be like that. ”

Hyunjae, ”How can you say it so surely? ”

Minha, ”Because I know something like this is absolutely…….. ”

After hearing Minha, Jiyeon and Hyunjae starts looking at each other anxiously.

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