”Wake up Sade! ”

”Ugh five more minutes please ”

”Your going to be late for school ”

”School? What school? …..oh shit ” Sade gets out of her bed and lazily walks to the bathroom to get for school. Her first day of high school.

Sade is a pretty decent student and by decent I mean not really good but not bad either. Just in between. No teacher knows about her existence in class not even her classmates except for her close friends who are like two or three max. Introverted, shy, quiet teenager with a badass music playlist. Oh and this kind of important, she is not innocent. At all.

Not your typical girly girl. She can fight and I mean kick your ass in that, but she doesn prefer it because nobody really bothers her.

Allergic to boys. She is fine with talking and all but when it comes to dating or any topic like omg did you see him? He is so hot. Your girl is out cuz eww.

About 53 with shoulder length dark hair. Brown eyes. Loves black and grey but is forced not to wear them because they are not very feminine.

”Breakfast is ready ”

”Yea just keep it on the table Im packing my bag. ” She puts like a pouch with some pens and just a book because its the first day and nobody gives notes on the first day right.

She sits down to eat her breakfast while her mom is making her pony. ”When will you ever learn how to wear a pony on your own ” her mom questions. ”Its not my fault that I have always had short hair. ” Sade replied but not complaining because she loves short hair. ”How many people do you know in your class? ” Her mom questions knowing that the classes got shuffled this year. ” I don know. They haven announced the classes yet. They kept an assembly just for that. As long as my friends are there I don really mind but I know that won happen because this stu

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