”Ahh back to hell. ”

Sade walks inside and sees her school. The one she was in since she was 5 years old. She doesn feel anything about this place. Why? Because it was a place of torture. And I do not mean physical obviously, it was mental. One cannot really describe how it was because if we say it will sound like any other normal school so if you want to know how it is, just join it. The fees is high tho.

She walks directly towards the big ground where the assembly happens every Friday. She notices her friends and happily hops towards them. All discussing what they did during summer, what places they visited and what new thing they learnt.

”Attention everyone. Please form a line according to your old class so as to not create any confusion and stand for the prayer. ” A loud voice from the speaker immediately made all the students to just do as instructed.

The teachers made the students stand properly and in perfect lines while the P.E sir was making the students to free exercise for God knows what reason.

”Stand at ease. ”

”Attention. ” Loud stomps were heard which made everyone giggle because it was so uncoordinated.

This continued till the sir was satisfied with the unity and then the prayer started. It ended with pledge and national anthem.

”Everyone please sit down. We are going to announce the classes in a few minutes. ” The same voice as before was heard. Everyone grumbled because we had to sit on the ground with our freshly washed and ironed uniform. And the the ground is not particularly clean.

Everyone sat down, nobody really eager to know which class they are going to be put into and continuing to chat away with their friends.

Our school has 2 syllabus. One is state and the other one is private. The state one is ofcourse like its name is common only in that particular state but the private one is common for the whole country. Everyone said that the private one helps for future studies more than state so majority of the students end up choosing the second syllabus.

”I will now announce the names of the students in section A. State. ”

First everyone were silent but as soon as they heard state they continued their chatting.

”Everyone stop talking. Its getting loud. The students who actually want this won be able to hear and will miss their class so just stop for some time. ” A few groans were heard but listened to the teacher nonetheless.

Sade was just randomly doodling on her friends back from boredom. Then picking up sand from the ground and analyzing that minute particle. Then playing with the ants by letting it climb on her finger. In conclusion she was very bored. She wanted to go home and just watch some series. ”I miss holidays. ” She whisper sighed. Her friend leaned back and said ”Girl, school literally just started. We ain gonna get holidays any sooner. ”

”I know but its just so depressing. ” She sulked.

”Now I will call out the names of the students who have chosen the private syllabus. ” This one caught everyones attention

”Class A1 ”

”Abbey ”

”Abigail ”

”Alex ”

”Amanda ”

”Andrew ”

”Anthony ”

Sade leaned forward and whispered. ”Aren they all the top students? ” ”Yea and I definitely don want to be in this class. Gosh I don like most of them. ” Her friend replied. ”Same. ”

”Patrick ”

”Rex ”

”Sade ”

As soon as Sade heard her name she was shocked. Not like oh my god wow more like oh my god, what the ** . She took her bag pack and went to where the called students were supposed to meet. As soon as the the names for this class ended, their class teacher took them to their class.

When Sade saw her classmates, she just said one thing.

”Hell naw, Im not staying here for 3 years. ”

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