”Hell naw, Im not staying here for 3 years. ”

Sade walks inside and looks around to find some familiar faces. She goes and sits with them being the awkward one she is.

Violet, a tiny, cute girl with pigtails and a really bubbly personality and somehow reminds Sade of a panda. Sofie, a hyper active one with really beautiful dimpled smile. They were her classmates the previous year but she didn really interact with them much.

It was pretty silent at first but then after sometime Violet broke it. ”I don even know why am I thrown into this class. All of them are top students. This is gonna be one boring class. ” She fake cried. ”I know right and all the annoying people of our old class seems to be here. ” Sofie said which made all the three of them look in the same direction, towards that annoying guy whom the teachers adore but the students….not so much. ”Is there an option to change classes like seriously, I don want to stay here and don you guys think the class is a bit too small for 44 students? ” Sade spoke for the first time there sitting in the last bench. ”Oh my gosh yes. They will probably shift us because there is another class with home science as their optional subject and the number of students are very less. ” Sofie said being the social butterfly. ”They better do or else I will die due to heat. ” Said Sade, thinking about the genetic issue she had, hyperhidrosis.

”Is no teacher going to come to our class? ” Some random dude and exactly on time our class teacher came in. ”Okay class, since you are meeting each other probably for the first time, I want all of you to say your name and your ambition. ” A lot of whines were heard as soon as ambition was mentioned. ”Lets start with the boys first. First bench. ” Everyone started introducing themselves. One boy tho said he doesn know what he wants to do in in the future yet. ”Seriously? ” The teacher questioned. ”I don know what I will do tomorrow itself, future I have seriously no idea. ” The guy replied which made everyone laugh. There was one particular laugh which caught Sades attention. From the boy sitting in the corner of the last bench in the next row.

Sade was barely paying attention but by the time it came to the last bench she was completely interested. ”My name is Andrew and I want to pursue engineering. ” The guy who caught her attention spoke.

”Now the girls. Just continue from the last. ” The teacher said.

”Im Sofie. Im interested in medicine. ”

”Im Violet. I want to choose medical science. ”

”Gosh I love biology but hate blood. Goddamn I hate this. ” Sade thought to herself.

”Next. ”

”Im Sade and I want to pursue architecture. ”

”Sade? Does your name mean weary? ” The teacher asked. ”Oh not at all. It means rain. ” Sade replied. ”That makes sense. Next. ” Everyone introduced themselves and the teacher left them free to bond apparently. While they were bonding, Sade was eyeing.

”Sade. What happened? You look so lost. ” Violet asked. ”Hmm? Nothing. Im just sleepy. ” Sade gave an excuse. ”Bruh same. Im so sleepy but this is just the 2st period. We have like 7 more, good lord. ” Sofie sighed.

”Oh and I forgot to tell you guys this but your classroom is going to be shifted. The home science students are going to come here and you are going to be in the class across. ” The teachers statement gave everyone some relief.

”SEE I TOLD YOU! ”Sofie exclaimed. ”Oh my god woman shush. We never complained did we and good. Great that you knew. ” Sade spoke being kinda annoyed being the peace loving human she is while Violet was giggling looking at the interaction.

The classes went by soon without having much to do at all. Everyone bid their goodbyes and went along exhausted, I mean 8 hours is long after 2 months of holidays right.

Sades mom came to pick her up. While going home she noticed Andrew standing at the bus stop. He noticed her too and did a little eyebrow raise in terms of greeting. Sade tried the eyebrow raise but it didn really happen so it ended up looking like she was just plain dead staring at him. After she passed him, she face palmed herself.

”God, Im so dumb. ”

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