The higher the tree, the greater the wind that will hit and try to uproot the tree.

Helena Maxillian, an artist who is very famous for the role of a kind, innocent woman. She ranked first as a woman who wanted to be made a national daughter-in-law.

Helena has such an incredible smile, she is also happy to donate. That kindness of her heart made people love her even more. They regarded Helena as a goddess.

But her life was not as smooth as what was reported on television or social media. I don know how many times she has encountered this kind of threat.

”Helen, we can let this drag on. This is already very dangerous for you. Yesterday was indeed just a sentence of threat, broken dolls and so on, but this time he sent a rabbit with a knife stuck in the rabbits heart. ”

Joy—the manager of Helena was so panicked by the style that had just happened. She pressed her forehead repeatedly because of this incident.

”I told the Agency, and we agreed to hire a bodyguard by your side. We must take good care of you, Helena. ”

Helena since just now has been silent. She squeezed her own hand so hard, over and over again she was experiencing anxiety in her. She looked at Joy. Her eyes were beautiful, like illuminated diamonds. Her brown hair looked very smooth. People who will caress that hair will want to caress it all the way through.

”I don think its necessary to hire a bodyguard, Joy. It can panic people. ” Helenas voice was so weakly and soft, her face looked sad and distressed. Joy hugged Helena directly and stroked her head.

”You don need to think about such a thing. I am so sorry for you being depressed like this. We
e going to get the culprit and pay for all of this. ”

Helena looked at the smoldering Joy with her teary eyes. She was really distressed.

”Helen, take it easy. I will protect you and those bodyguards will come to take care of you soon. Don be afraid because everything will be fine. ”

Joy tried to calm Helena down. She was older than Helena and she behaved like a sister.

Today Helena had just attended the film awards show. She followed her with a cheerful face, but when she was about to return to the lounge to get a script an incident happened that Joy thought was not a coincidence. When Helena walked the iron stairs almost fell on ya. If at that time a male staffer was not near Helena, Helena would definitely have an injury to her head.

When the event ended, they got a black-colored box containing a white rabbit with a knife on her body. Helena got her name again as a rabbit because of her beautiful and adorable form. Indirectly this illustrates that Helenas life is in danger.

”Helena, do you have an enemy? ” Joy stared at her for a few seconds then shook her head. She was stupid as hell asking something cruel like that Helena pepper.

During this time Helena has never conflicted with which artist or actor oun. She has always maintained her attitude well, and even some of those actors regard Helena a

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