Fated To The Dark Alpha

2. Here to take back what is mine

Darren was hyperventilating as he listen to his father throw insults at him while his mother was trying her best to keep him away from hitting their son more than he already has.

He did not know why his father hates him so much. He was his son yet he was treated so badly by him.

”At his age, he can even shift yet. What am I supposed to do with a useless son like him. ” his father yelled. He tried to get past his mate to reach Darren if he had his way, he would have killed the boy a long time ago but his mate had always been in the way that was why Darren was still alive.

”You know that is not his fault. ” Darren heard his mother yell back at his so-called father. ”He is ten, yes, but that does not mean that he will never shift. ”

”What is he waiting for? A special ritual to bring out his wolf? ” he asked throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. ”Even without a wolf, he is a monster. ”

Yes. This was what his father always called him, a monster. Though the was ten years old, he hasn shifted yet all those that were his age had all shifted but he hasn . But, his senses were sharper than all others. He could hear and see things far beyond what all the other werewolves can see and hear but he has no wolf. He didn know what was wrong with him but he has never agreed that he was a monster because of that.

His father had always treated him like an omega even when he had alpha blood running through his veins. He had the aura of an alpha but was never treated as one. His father will hit him with the least chance that he gets. Everyone else in the pack started to treat him the same as time went by and he became the omega of the pack instead of the alpha heir. Remembering all of this anger boiled within him. He felt something strong surface in his chest as he stared at his father, coldly.

He had always wanted to kill his father as much as the man wanted to kill him but he was just a boy without a wolf and no power to kill him. Why his father hated him so much he had no clue. He just knew that the man hate him to the core.

Theo lifted his gaze and looked at Darren who had been staring at him with a cold gaze, the kind that a child should never have and smirked. ”I disown you, from now on you are no longer my child. ”

Darrens eyes widened in shock and surprise. His demeanour changed as the anger he felt before soared and overshadowed him. A dangerously low growl erupted from within him threatening to come out. He tried his best to stay calm as he did not want his mother to get into trouble.

”What? Theo, what are you saying? If he is no longer your child then I am no longer your mate either. ” his mother yelled, her eyes had become blurry with tears. ”What kind of an alpha are you? ”

Theo took a step back as shock and fear flashed across his face. Beth took a step towards him thinking that her words might have gotten to him. She opened her mouth about to say something but stopped herself after the question that Theo asked. The fear in his voice was enough to silence her.

”What are you? ” he said taking more backward steps. ”I knew you were a monster. Can you look at yourself and see what you have become. ”

Beth turned around and was astounded. Darrens eyes were bloodshot red, literally. His nails and fangs were elongated, and black fur sprouted all over his body but he was standing on his two feet. He let out an ear-piercing growl that shook the house making the people nearby cower in fear.

The weight of his aura suffocated everyone including his father and mother. He lost control and could no longer hold himself as he felt something else take over his body. He took a step forward and charged at his father with one aim, to kill him.

By the time he gained control back, the room that they were in was a mess, almost unrecognizable. He looked at his fathers corpse on the ground and felt nothing. He felt nothing at all when looked at his fathers face and torn body. He didn know what took over him but at least he had gotten rid of the thorn in his flesh.

He walked past the body crossing it and trying not to step on the blood that was everywhere and heading for the door. Then he remembered his mother was there too, where is she? He turned back and searched the room. His body froze as soon as he saw the state in which his mothers body was. She was dead. Torn apart. He killed her. How could he kill his mother? Why did he kill her? Maybe his father was right, he is a monster. A demon maybe.

The sight of his mother lying lifeless on the cold floor shook him hard. It had him shaking in fear of himself. He did not care if it was his father alone who died. He would have even gone for a celebration if it was just him but his mother… His mother was all he had. The only person who ever treated him well and loved him.

The scenes where he kills her flash across his eyes and saw the terror in her eyes as she looked at him before he clawed her. That image… The terror-filled face of his mother continuously flashed in his eyes driving him crazy, it felt like he was watching a video on loop.It made him unable to think. He ran out of the house and out of the pack as if his life depended on it.


He did not return to the pack for eight years and no one bothered to find him because just like his father they considered him useless.

When the pack members saw him they saw someone different. The Wolfless boy that they knew was not the same anymore. He looked different. If not for his scent he was almost unrecognizable. He looked like a leader and from the looks of it, he has come to reclaim the throne to was his from birth.

He walked past everyone he came across and headed for the pack house where the alphas office was and went in. Those who saw him followed him to see what he was going to do. Getting inside the pack house, he walked to the couch and sat down like he owned the place and looked around at all the people that had followed him wordlessly.

After some minutes went by in silence he finally opened his mouth and asked, ”Is this how you welcome your alpha? ”

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