Female Emperor: Face slapping the Female Lead

a Servant\'s loyalty: My Maid is too cheery..

Song Jiao was angrly pulling her hair as she was rolling on her bed it was the early morning the sun was rising the birds were chirping the ray of warm light cast on her body it was very relaxing if only Song Jiao wasn currently stressing over her fate after gaining the memories of Zheng Xue

Not fair!! Some people get transmigrated as the Villainess that has powerful background with Power and Wealth!! So why am I the doomed abandoned Female Lead?! I want to Leave!!

[ Fine! Fine usually people would be enthusiatic when they Transmigrate but not for you..Fine since you really wants to leave then become Emperor and gain 1 Billion Karma Points from Lin Lanfen by teaching her a lesson ]

The System wished to sigh if it had a physical body sadly it could only appear as a Pink Screen Panel while Song Jiao body went numb as she heard this become a Female Emperor? not in a Lifetime! gain 1 Billion Karma Points? how many 0s is that?

Thats too pressuring! why can you atleast make it a Milion Karma Points?! and why do I need to be a Female Emperor just ti leave this world?

[ Well..The Lin Lanfen was very evil in the Novel and in her past life she conspired on the other Princes killing out any canditate for the Throne as the sole Female Emperor and even Blackmailed some people and in her past life was a Assassin thats rank 1st globally and killed alot of people in her world the amount was at 1 Billion..I know it seems unrealistic but I didn make the Amount so a Billion souls wnated reevenge on Lin Lanfen and you need to be Emperor because Zheng Xues resentment was so high that the world started to collapse and the only way to fix it is to complet Zheng Xues wish which is to make her Emperor oh and if you wonder why you
e here? its because the adminastrator wanted to test their new system which is me]

Song Jiao wanted to say Fuck You with a Middle Finger to whoever chosed her and 18 generations of their ancestor even so she could only grit her teeth and endure her resentment while she covers her face in her soft pillow

Assassin? I didn see it in the Novel..wait it wasn at the Side Chapters that the Author Made especially for Patrons right?..

[ It was at the Patron ]

Song Jiao: …

[ I think I gave you all the main info you need you can read the guide book in your inventory just by thinking of stats now I shall leave you can come to me if you need anything..wait- incase your forgot the storyline here is the plotstory ]


Song Jiao felt a headache again in the early morning before it stopped a knock came from the wooden door and replied

”Come in ”

the Male Servant came in before becoming a blushing mess as he hid his face in his sleeves Song Jiao gussed it was her because his gaze was directed to her direction and look down to realize she was wearing a scarlet robe that reached her knee and nothing underneath revealed her chest and also realized she was sitting in a seductive position that showed her boobs more and so changed her position

”You can stop covering your face, what have you come here for? ”

”Y-Your Highness its time to bath Your Highness please follow this Servant to the Bathing room ”

”Alright, I lead

Song Jiao realized that as soon as the Male Servant came that she would be Bath by Men since the role was switched but she didn care since she would have to get used to it as teh servant followee her in Zheng Xues palace the Moonlight Jade Palace

Song Jiao and the Servant had arrived to the Bathroom the Servant opened the door as the prepared servants bowed and greeted in a formal matter as they synced

”Her Highness has arrived ”

The servants gathered and took off her robe before neatly folding it Song Jiao dipped in the warm water that petals from a blossom tree added making the fragrance of the room relaxing untill she looked at her reflection to be shocked a bit

Zheng Xue had long straight hair black as ink and smooth as silk that reached her waist with matching eyes that made her radiate a aura of mystery with pale skin pale as snow yet smooth like soft baby skin

Song Jiao turned calmed again but was really surprised at Zheng Xues appearance Zheng Xue looked as if she was blessed by Aphrodite in the novel Lin Lanfen was more gorgeous then Zheng Xue the only reasone Zheng Xue could win her harem was because of her kind personality

Im really curious about what Lin Lanfen looks like..

Song Jiao made a small smile making her look unbelivably charming that even some of the servants couddn take their eyes off her and even messed up as they were in a daze at her charming appearance Song Jiao finally stopped bathing and walked out from the tub as the servants prepared her a beuatiful robe that had a shade of green and a beautiful design

the servants followed Song Jiao to her chambers and took of her robe and changed her into a Royal Hanfu it has the style of a Male Prince mixed with a Fashion of a Female Princess added with small accessories, even if the roles are switched it still doesn change the fact that women will always have a love of fashion

the servants finally put the final touches on her lips using a Yan Zhi making her lip a scarlet red, outside Song Jiao had the aura of a Noble a person that you could only touch in your dreams while inside she was on the brink of breaking as the heavy accessories and hairpins was stucked on her hair

Nevermind..how do I faceslap the Female Lead if this thing will keep weight me down!- Ah wait! I just remembered the system thing Imaybe it can help me? Im gonna check it out..STATS

it seemed as if the other servants can see the pink panel as they are only focusing on doing their job Song Jiao only read the Panels context with intrest

Oh My is this the rumored Stats in Novels?

Name: Song Jiao


[ 0/500 EXP ]

Petals: 10,000

Vitality: 20/20

Attribute Points: 0


Martial Arts: 4

Vitality: 20

Agility: 10

Aptitude: 40

IQ: 100

Charm: 200



Storage: Guide Book, Beginners Package

Song Jiao: …

Song Jiao just remembered context about Zheng Xue and from Zheng Xues memory herself, Zheng Xue was a coward and was lazy that didn do martial arts or train her ability unlike other princes in the royal bloodline but that doesn mean she is not kind but still

She doesn atleast have One Talent?! and even if she doesn study Martial Art does it have to be this bad? other then IQ, Charm, Aptitude the others are shit!!

Song Jiao excused the servants out as the door finally shut she looked back to the Pink Panel showing her profile and stats she looked at Storage and thought of using the Guide Book as she did so she has a mild headache forcing her to sit from the excessive info as the headache finally stopped Song Jiao got back her sense and thought

Hmm then..QUEST

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