”Have you heard what the princess did at the last banquet to Lady Loran? ”

”Poor lady, she receives the anger of the Princess! ” covering her face with her fan trying to hide her disappointment.

”I heard she was greatly humiliated and wasn able to attend any of the gatherings in the capital since that incident. ”

”But isn the princess too much? ”

”Indeed, the Baron being ripped off the noble title and your property is a bit… ”

”However, seeing that the jewelry was soiled and tainted, it must have been so precious to her? ”

”This is just a rumor among the maids from the mansion, they said the Princess has been meeting a certain son of a rich merchant! ” The conversation got heated up and each lady was ready for their turns to speak of what they knew about the subject of the afternoon tea.

”A merchant? I thought it was an illegitimate prince of a foreign country? ” A smirk tells how much shes condemning the person in the rumor.

”Ridiculous, how could she fathom these scandals? Theres no one in this kingdom who knows of her audacious acts. ”

”Well as you mentioned, I think the princess acted that way to catch the attention of the Prince. ”

”It is given that she is favored by the royal family, however she missed the chance to be a part of the royalty since his highness had already been engaged before she was born. ” The sounds of laughter echoed at the salon

”Ah right, that foreign princess was at the banquet as well. ”

”If you saw the look on her face, she must have been shocked with the Lady as well! ”

”What happened to Lady Loran is due to her foolishness, still the action of the princess is not what it seems as a Lady of such standing. ”

”Well, it is her fault, she knows better that the Princess is not lenient even if its a single mistake. ”

The three aristocratic ladies continue to exchange conversation while having tea and eating the desserts served to them. On the upper veranda of the salon which was reserved for the VIP, the subject of their gossip is sipping her tea elegantly.

”My lady, I apologize for disturbing your quiet tea time with those loud noises, should I deal with them? ” The knight who was escorting the lady whispered to his mistress.

As she enjoys the flowery mint aroma of her tea, as she places her cup with elegance, the long lashes and flutters were so mesmerizing. Her ruby jeweled eyes shined brightly as the bright sun reflected, soon the knight held his breath as the lady turned her gaze to him.

”Let them be, I don need to waste my time on those low-born crawling up to the ladder. ” It is true that her words spike poison to whoever would hear her. Once again, she raises her tea cup, extending her hand to her right and pouring the rest of the tea. The ladies on the lower veranda all shrieked in surprise and were so angry at the servant who came to dry the young lady who got caught by the tea.

”Who dares do such a thing to Lady Harrell? How careless! ”

”Lady Farres, heed your anger, it is the VIP Lounge! ” The other lady pulled her arm and whispered, trembling to the other lady. Soon the culprit who poured the tea walked down the stairs, escorted by knights.

”Who in this kingdom makes the Callix knight their escort? ” The Lady Marriane who was poured by the tea is surprised to see the elite knight of the Kingdom, they are meant to serve the Royal family of Carey, the loyal knights who served under the Kings order.

”Was it the foreign Princess? ” Speculated by Lady Harrell.

”N-no, not even the foreignPrincess doesn have that privilege as she is not a royal of the Seok Kingdom. ” Is what the Lady Farres wanted to reply however, it is blasphemy to talk about that matter and her head would be sent flying if she even utter a word related to the Royalties.

Theres only one who has the direct control of the Callix knights and would dare to use their privilege to that extent. They all gasped as they saw the bright plum color hair of the subject and her elegance that is of noblest beyond words.

”It was an unpleasant afternoon with you ladies, I lost my appetite of how bad the tea was so I poured it all. ” Indeed those eyes that pierces through their heads send shivers.

”G-greetings Lady A-Arissae! ” Each lady who was surprised to see her bowed deeply and greeted her. She stopped just right in front of them and spoke.

”Ah, what was that arrogant ladys family name again? ” She waited for them to reply.

”I-it was Lady Sheila L-Lor– ” again she was cut off when Lady Arissae spoke again.

”I don need to know that barons daughters name, since I won be seeing her again. ”

The three ladies held their breath as to what the Princess was about to punish them.

”She is the best example of a noble who dares to stain the name of the royal family so she deserves it. ” She continues, then with the fan shes holding, she touches the chin of lady Harrell.

”I think I heard of the foreign Princess earlier, or am I mistaken? ” It is a clear warning meaning to say that shell let it slide.

As she left the salon, the ladies cried in fear. In the carriage the knight escorting comforted her ”My lady, don be upset, it is their ignorance that they misspoke and judged your kindness. ”

”Its fine sir Jonas, I don intend to make them understand. Itll be a waste of time. ”

The only daughter born into the family of Marquis Schauss, the center of the high society in Seok Kingdom, third to the Queen in the nobility. As the only Princess above the aristocratic ladies of her peers she was also the talk of rumors and scandals. From meeting noblemen, rich merchants, having an affair and even collecting slaves. With pride as a noble and attitude as the elite among the elites, Arissae was indeed a villainess.

”My lady is so kind hearted. ” It was a simple praise, and Arissae who is known as the villainess in Seok Kingdom is actually a beloved daughter and lady within the Schauss mansion.

”Oh gosh, I need a break! ”

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