Flower Crown: Villainess Needs a Break!

An Empire and Five Kingdoms

From time to time, I will be reminded of a fragment of the storyline, sometimes it confuses me. The faint memory of being born in this house, the day I first walked, the memory of my first words calling my family and the saddest part of childhood as the losing Marquis wife, who is also my mother that died two years ago.

I looked at the sparkling jewels embedded on this silver bracelet that Aries and Daddy had gifted me, the red and pink stones shining as they were reminded of me as they had it made. It is a bit long and daddy said hell have it cut and fixed.

”No, its fine, it will fit me when I grow up. ” Hearing those, daddy and Aries hugged me tight, the warmth feels so pleasant that I have my full resolve to save them and live this life as Arissae.

”Ari, are you ready? ” Aries peeks at the door, he wears his academy uniform, I can already see that he will be a handsome man once he reaches puberty and will be fawned over by a lot of noble ladies.

”Brother Aries, you are so handsome! ” I complimented him and his cheeks easily turned red.

”Well my sister, you are pretty as well! ” He held my hand to escort me, he took glane of the bracelet and smiled. I have plenty of jewelry that I inherited from my deceased mother, gifts to me and from the marquis treasury. But I insisted on wearing this simple silver bracelet that my beloved family gifted as they thought of me.

”If you are tired just tell me okay? You don have to put up with them. ”

”But brother, the royal family is coming, I cannot do that, itll be disrespectful for them. ” How can you teach your sister to be rude to her guests? I have a reputation to build up so I have to exert effort on making an impression on the people.

”Its fine, they won make a fuss with a tired child right? And besides it was the King who pleaded to come to this party, he should just be satisfied with just sending an envoy rather than attending. ”

”D-daddy? ” I was surprised to see Marquis Altan approaching us. ”If someone hears you they will sentence you for blasphemy against the king! ” Just what on earth is this kind of attitude?

”Its fine my daughter, it is true that he is not welcome here. ” I knew in the original storyline that Arissae was hated even by the people of her kingdom and against her when she was a Crown Princess candidate for the Empire. Was it because of this attitude that the original Arissae grew up with?

”Daddy, please don say that, lets just speak of good things! ” I tried so hard to smile and act cutesy with him.

”Oh my! ” Both daddy and Aries were mesmerized with my cuteness.

”Okay sister, brother will be a good boy! ”

”Daddy will refrain from it too, I will only speak about how beautiful my daughter is! ” And so, we headed to the mansion garden where the party was being held. It was splendid and dreamy, I never thought Id be experiencing the same scene from those I only watched and read. Being reincarnated to this world has given me the taste of the things I was deprived of.

”Happy birthday my lady! ”

”You are so beautiful my lady! ”

Same greetings from the foreign faces and names Ive only heard now, there are too many extras in todays party. Different sizes of gifts, wrapped in colorful ribbons and papers. The highlight of the party is when I blow my cake and after that I have nothing to do. Daddy is busy entertaining the nobles so I went ahead to my brother.

”Brother Aries! ” he is with another child of his age, must be his classmate seeing that they wear the same uniform.

”Oh my sister is here! ” Aries glady picked me up, even though he is still yet to grow he is strong. Probably because of swordsmanship, if I remember it right Aries was around eighteen when he enlisted to the Imperial Knights.

”Greetings lady Arissae, I wish you a wonderful birthday. ” I looked at the person who greeted me, he had a bright smile like the sunshine, his tan skin accentuates the silver hair he has.

”I am the third son of Count Neuvonstein, my name is Azure Neuvonstein. It is a pleasure to meet the star of this day ” Like any other noble greeting he took my hand and placed a kiss on top of it right after that, he winked and playfully smiled at me. At the very moment…

”Stop it Azure! My sister is off limits! ” Aries rudely slaps Azures hand that was holding mine.

”Cmon Aries, it is not bad if your sister likes me right? ” The sweet and gentlemanly face later turned playful and childish.

”No way! I can let you be close to my sister! Remember the niece of Count Zurrock? She has been crying because of you, I even got caught up in your pranks! ” I have never seen Aries so heated up in an argument, he is only sweet and gentle before my eyes. Turning my gaze to the object of his irritation, I see him wink at me that startled me.

”Lady Arissae, when its your coming of age ceremony, make sure to invite me, Id be more than willing to be your escort as well! ” He playfully smiles and once again reaches for my hand and clasps it.

”No you don , I won allow it! ” Aries lost it and continued to get angry, that is when he dropped me down to confront his friend who is having fun teasing him.

I take the chance to roam away from these noisy children, that is my goal however I even become more involved in a mere childrens play the moment I went further.

”You are so ugly! ” The taller boy teases another who is smaller than him.

”I am not! ” He argued back between his sobs.

”Your mom doesn love you! ” What is this I am hearing? Are kids in this game bullies each other?

”M-mommy loves me, thats not true! ” and he started to cry out loud that I covered my ears. I can help it but to intrude.

”Stop that, it is not right to say that to a child! ” The bully looked at me and placed his hand on his hip.

”Who are you calling a child? You are a child yourself! ” Oh yeah, I forgot, I am in a seven year old body right now.

”Y-yes I am, but those who make others cry are more childish! ” There, I told him my piece of mind hoping he would back down; however it is not like an arrogant child of a noble would do so.

”Who do you think you are? I am the first born child of a count, you dare to talk back to me? ”

”So what if you are the first born? The fact that you bully others is not good and you have to apologize to him! ” I firmly told this level headed kid.

”You still talk back to you! ” A fist comes forward before I speak of anything and closes my eyes.

”O-ouch! ” it is not painful and it is not my cry!

I saw the crying kid on the ground holding his face. It shocked me when he turned to face us.

”N-no! Your nose is bleeding! ”

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