Fortunately, Lucy didn’t try to push him away.

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After walking for a few more minutes, they arrived at the town’s largest boutique shop.
The entire building was used as a single store.

Felix had never been to a store that handled women’s clothes.
He had no need to purchase one.
Furthermore, all of his clothes were tailored by a tailor visiting the mansion.

As they entered, Lucy also looked around the store with curious eyes and a feeling of awkwardness.

Colin and Rosé, who entered first, were literally like fish in water.
They were busy looking at the clothes while staying close to each other, like it wasn’t their first time meeting today.

Colin made a fuss, saying that he would pick a dress that suited Rosé.

An excited clerk brought a design book containing images of various dresses and unfolded it in front of the pair.  Soon the three had a heated discussion over the designs.

“Why don’t you look at it together?”

At Felix’s question, Lucy, who had been tapping the feathers on his hat, turned around in surprise.

“I… I don’t have clothes that I want to buy.
There is no need.”

It was not an excuse, Lucy didn’t really seem interested in those things.
She is different  from Colin and Rosé who were looking at the hats and shoes.

“Lucy! Lucy!” Colin dashed toward her, pulling her hand.
“You should come and look too.
There’s a dress that would look good on you!”

“I’m fine…!”

Colin was stubborn.
He took a blue dress with a cute design from the display.
“Try this dress!” He pushed the dress into Lucy’s arm, saying it was okay, and forced her into a dressing room.

After a while, Lucy, who had changed into the blue dress, walked stiffly out of the dressing room.
The way she twisted her hands, as if her clothes were too awkward, looked fresh and shy.

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“Wow! You look great, Lucy!”

“You’re so cute.”

Colin and Rosé spoke words of admiration as they looked at Lucy.

“But something’s missing!” Rosé said, giving Lucy a once over. 

Afterward, she moved in search of something, and came back holding a stylish hat accented with ribbon.
She put it on Lucy’s head. 

“So much cuter!” Rose clapped her hands and said with a satisfied nod.
She soon turned to Felix, one eyebrow raised.
“Hey, Felix, Say something, too! Why did you come here if you were going to stand there looking so sad?”

Felix frowned at Rosé’s remark.
As soon as Rosé was about to scold him again, Felix turned his head and muttered, “Cute.”

Lucy reddened under her hat, perhaps because she heard it.
However, Rosé, who did not see Lucy’s flushed state, clicked her tongue while looking at Felix.
“Tsk, is that it? You’re stingy with compliments.”

“That’s right, Felix-sunbae! This isn’t just cute enough, it’s super cute!”

“Never mind, what would the noble Prince Berg know about fashion?”

Rosé and Colin chose to ignore him and left to find a new dress for Lucy to wear.

When the noisy atmosphere calmed down, Felix turned his head again and looked at Lucy.
Lucy kept looking into the mirror as if she was looking at an unfamiliar woman in a new dress.
He couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Colin was right to say that she was not just cute, but very cute.

Lucy in a new dress was indescribably cute.
If she wouldn’t refuse, he would buy all the similar dresses in this boutique and hand them to her.

Lucy, who had been shyly standing in front of the mirror the whole time, stared at the hat she wore and took it off and checked the price tag, she hurriedly put down the hat, surprised by the amount.

“I… I want to change into my clothes again.” Lucy told the clerk.
Soon the clerk took her into the dressing room.

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“Huh? Where’s Lucy?”

Rosé and Colin, who soon appeared with a new pink dress, looked around, puzzled.

“She’s changing her clothes.” Felix pointed to the changing room.

“Oh, I want her to try this dress too.”

“It’ll definitely look good on her.”

“Is she a doll?” Felix said, clicking his tongue.
But thinking about it, it’s not wrong.

She does look like a doll.

“Oh, this hat! The more I see it, the more I like it!” Rosé said, as she put the hat on her head, which Lucy had taken off.
“It’s not that expensive.
Should I buy it”

When he heard Rose muttering, Felix took the hat from her.
|Why don’t you finish shopping and change your clothes?”

“Hmmph!” Rosé headed to the changing room with her mouth sticking out.

* * *

After shopping, they headed to a restaurant for lunch.

“What did you buy?” Colin asked, looking at the large shopping bag in Felix’s hand, brimming with curiosity.

“What is it that you need to buy?” Rosé also looked at the shopping bag, her eyes questioning.

“Don’t mind it.”

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Rosé and Colin looked at Felix with suspicion at his curt reply.

“Let’s go eat lunch!”

Felix quickly walked into the restaurant before they paid any further attention to the item.

The place they went for lunch was a restaurant called ‘Evening Promise’.

Perhaps because it was operated not only for aristocrats, but also for rich merchants, foreigners, and academy students, it was a little more lively than other high-end restaurants.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been here! I remember coming here with my mother when I was young.” Colin said, as he settled down at the table.
He looked around the interior as if recalling his childhood.

Colin recommended the menu to Lucy, who sat next to him, and prepared this and that.
Rosé, who was watching them attentively, said, “You guys seem to be really close.
Are you two dating?”

“What? It’s not like that!” Lucy jumped up from her seat and waved her hand. 

Colin pouted at Lucy.
“Hey, Lucy Keenan! Aren’t you being too rude?”

But soon Collin returned to his usual playful expression, as he explained to Rosé.
“Actually, Lucy and I grew up in the same hometown.
We also prepared for the entrance examination at the Xenomium Academy together at my house.”

At those words, Felix’s face darken, and he asked briskly, “At your house?”

“Collin’s father, Baron Connor, is sponsoring me.” Lucy hurriedly explained.
“My grandmother has been running a drugstore in the Baron’s territory for a long time, so he is close to me.
I was able to come to the Academy thanks to him.”

“Oh! Our academy is famous for its expensive tuition.
If you are being sponsored, it means you must be really good at studying.” Rosé said, full of admiration.
Lucy’s cheeks flushed pink.

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Felix also recently learned about Lucy Keenan’s excellent performance.
Maybe that was why the book club became famous.
Because Lucy Keenan and Adrian Berg are two of the chief executives.

“It’s because she’s good at studying, but there’s another reason!”

At that time, Colin came out with another playful expression.
Lucy looked at him anxiously with a look that said ‘what else are you going to say’. 

“Lucy is my fiance! It’s no wonder why my father sponsors her!”

Felix spewed out the water he was drinking.
He frowned, unable to understand the shocking words he had just heard.


His expression, looking at Lucy and Colin, who were sitting opposite him, became more serious than ever.

Lucy Keenan is that boy…

“Collin!” Lucy stared at Colin.
It seemed to mean not to joke around.
But Felix still looked at the two with a puzzled face.

“It was a joke the Baron used to say  when we were young.
We have played together a lot since we were little,” Lucy explained, noticing Felix’s gaze.

“But my father and mother still often say that they will marry you and me.” Colin chuckled and continued making fun of Lucy.
“When you and I become adults, we’re going to have a wedding.”

“That’s not true.” Lucy bluntly slapped his shoulder, and gulped her water in one swift breath.

Despite Lucy’s firm denial and explanation, Felix’s uncomfortable feeling did not go away.
Even after the meal, he stared at the dish in front of him and thought.

So, not only did Lucy Keenan have a crush, but she also had a childhood friend who might become her fiancée.

I’m going crazy.

Felix  poked the innocent fish with his fork

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