When you had someone you liked, your hearing would be several times sharper.
You could distinguish the person’s voice anywhere and clearly hear that person’s name among the many sounds.

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Just like now.

“I was just helping Lucy move the books to the library!”

Felix, who was returning to the dormitory after his morning classes had ended, stopped in his tracks.

Due to its age, students were prohibited from entering the old Academy building to prevent any accidents.

In the old hall, Colin Connor, carrying books, was arguing with a student from the student council who looked like a sophomore.
“It’ll be quicker to go this way.
Why would I go back?” Colin complained.
“I’ll be quick.”

“It’s against the academy rules, Colin! The principal banned students from entering this area!”

“Please cut me some slack! You want me to walk the long way with these heavy books? Just close your eyes, this once.”

“I can’t.”

Felix had no idea what was happening, but Colin appeared to have been caught while attempting to pass through the old hall.
There was a verbal fight between Colin, who was trying to take a shortcut, and the student council member, who said no.

It was none of his concern who Colin was fighting with; the issue was that Lucy was standing next to Colin.

Likewise, Lucy, holding a lot of books in her arms, pulled Colin’s hem.
She looked uncomfortable.
“Let’s just turn around, Colin.
Breaking the school rules is a bit…”

“Ugh! How do you go around carrying all these books? And there are still a lot of books left to move in the library! Just look at us, Emily! I’m going to lose my arm while moving these books!”

Colin begged the student council member desperately.
However, the smart-faced female student responded with a firm tone.
“I know! But the book club’s business is none of the student council’s concern, so I have no choice but to give penalties to those who break the rules!”

Another sluggish argument ensued between the student council member and Colin.
Felix didn’t think Colin would win.

Felix stared at his reflection in the window, clasped his buttons up to his neck and tightened his loose tie.
Then he approached the quarrelling duo.

“What’s going on, Emily?” Felix asked, calling the student council member by name.

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“Adrian!” Emily’s face brightened up as soon as she saw him.
She immediately reported the two for breaking the rules.
“I caught them trying to sneak through the old hall, and they kept asking me to just let it go.”

Emily pulled a notebook out of her arms.
She held the pen with stern eyes, ready to write down Colin and Lucy’s names and impose a penalty at any moment.

“Wait, Emily.” Felix raised his hand to stop her.

“The library is organizing old books.” He explained with a kind smile on his face.
“As the student council president, I have given them a permit to pass through the old building while moving books to the library.
As you can tell, the distance between the two libraries is quite long.”

Felix continued, pretending to be searching his pocket.
“Sorry, I should have informed the student council earlier as the book club manager.
Where did I put my permit?” He searched around the pocket and took out his empty hands with a troubled expression.
“I must have left it in the library.
I’ll bring it now.”

“No, you don’t have to bother.” Emily hurriedly waved her hand.
She then turned to Lucy.
“Why didn’t you say anything, Lucy? I didn’t even know that.
Anyway, it’s okay to go this way.”

Emily politely made way.

“I told you so!” Colin snorted at Emily.
“Let’s go, Lucy! Thank you, Adrian-sunbae!”

However, before Colin could take a step forward, Felix caught his arm.

Surprised, Colin gasped.
He stared back at Felix.
“Su… Sunbae…?”

“Who are you?”

Colin frowned.
“What? What are you talking about? I’m Colin!”

“Who is that?”

Colin struggled at his feet as Felix grabbed him.
He whined, feeling like he was being mistreated.
“It’s me! Colin Corner! Lucy’s friend!”

“Well, I don’t know anyone by that name.” Felix pretended to be worried and rubbed his chin.
He then forcibly took away the books Colin was holding.
“The access permit is only for the members of the book club.
You’re not a club member, so you’re breaking the rules.”


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Felix glanced at Emily.
“If you keep talking back, you’ll get more penalty points.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can clean the hallway as a punishment.”

“Come on, wait!” Puzzled, Colin tried to grab the hem of Felix’s shirt, but Emily stood in the way.

“Where are you going?”

Unfortunately, Colin was unable to defeat Emily not only verbally but also physically.

“Lucy! Adrian-sunbae!” Colin, whose neck was wrapped around Emily’s arm, eagerly called the two.

“Let’s go, Lucy.” Felix happily led Lucy away.

* * *

“How many times have you escaped like this, Felix-sunbae?” Lucy asked when they round the corner, and Colin’s whining was no longer heard.
She squinted and looked at Felix suspiciously.

“…You make it sound like I’m a habitual offender.
I swear this is the first time,” Felix replied, a little awkward, but he was telling the truth.
In the first place, the student council members weren’t bold enough to impose penalties on the Princes of Berg.

“But impersonating the student president is… Wouldn’t Adrian feel bad if he knew?” Lucy asked carefully.

Felix shrugged and replied playfully, “Adrian sometimes acts like he’s me when he’s at a disadvantage.”

“Adrian-sunbaenim? No way.”

Felix secretly pouted at Lucy, who seemed to have no doubts about the honesty of her twin brother.

“On April Fool’s Day last semester, everyone said it was me who kicked Detree’s planetary model, but it was actually Adrian.”

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“I didn’t make a fuss for Adrian’s sake.”

“… That doesn’t make sense,” Lucy said in disbelief.

“Why not? You can’t expect the student council president to be perfect every single day.
They also need time to relieve stress.”

As if holding back the laughter that was about to burst, Lucy tried to keep a straight face, yet the corners of her lips kept twitching.
“…That was you sunbae.” Her cheeks turned red, trying to hold back her laughter as she said, “I was there too.
I saw it.”

“Oh, really?” Felix smiled sheepishly.
“Yeah, that’s a lie.
That was me.” He graciously admitted.

If Lucy was there, he couldn’t fool her eyes.

* * *

They soon arrived in front of the library.

Unlike the newly built library, the library they went to was located in the old building, so there were rarely people visiting.

Cobwebs stretched all over the old wooden building, creating a gloomy feeling.

When they pulled the doorknob, the wooden door, with faulty hinges, opened with a terrifying creak.

It was dark inside the library; no window was opened.
Even though it was midday, not even a single ray of light came in.
The cold air rose slowly from the floor.

“You can leave the books here.”

Felix placed the books she was carrying on the wooden table Lucy pointed to.

“Are you going to tidy it up?”

“The book club members will come and join later,” Lucy replied, organizing the books she brought.
“Thank you for your help, sunbae.”

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When she turned to Felix and thanked him, a gust of wind suddenly blew.


The wind slammed the door shut and instantly engulfed the library in darkness, cutting off the only source of light.

Startled, Lucy screamed.

“It’s okay.
It’s probably because of the wind,” Felix said, calming her down.
He fumbled over the wall and located the door.
The handle was easily found.
However, no matter how hard he yanked, the door would not open.
“It won’t open.”

“What?” Lucy groped her way in the darkness and approached Felix.
She also attempted to open the door but to no avail.
“It’s locked up…?” Lucy said, sounding anxious.
Her voice trembled slightly.

“I’ll try again.” Felix tried to pull the handle again.

The door only shook with a loud noise but never opened.

The old wooden door was rotten in several places, and the hinge joints were loose.
Felix would probably be able to break through it just by kicking it with his feet.

But Felix thought.

This is an opportunity.
Today, I accidentally bumped into Lucy, easily beat Colin, and now I’m alone in the library with her…

Lady Luck is helping me.

In the dark, the corners of his mouth went up.
Pretending to pull the handle a few more times, he slowly turned toward Lucy.
“The door… It doesn’t budge.” A lie naturally came out of his mouth.

“What? What should we do?”

“Let’s wait until someone comes,” Felix said calmly.
Please don’t let anyone come.

It was fortunate that Lucy could not see his expression in the dark.

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