“Oh, damn it!” Felix cursed. 

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I can’t believe my medicine was stolen!

He ruffled his wet hair.
Knowing how much time and effort Lucy had put into making it, he was even more anxious.

After returning to the dormitory, Felix did not even bother to wear a new uniform; instead, he changed into a clean training suit.
Maintaining a neat uniform was the most basic rule in the academy.
However, he didn’t feel like following it at the moment when he had lost the medicine Lucy gave him.

Felix appeared in the classroom wearing a training suit, and his friend Alec greeted him playfully.
“Oh, Felix!” He came over, put his arm around Felix’s shoulder, and asked, “Have you finally decided to cut Mr.

Felix had no energy to answer.
He trudged to his seat, ignoring Alec’s question.

“What’s going on?” Sitting in his seat, Adrian asked while looking at Felix’s training suit.
“It’s history now.
Swordsmanship is tomorrow.”

“I know.
Someone stole my school uniform from the field.”


“School uniform?” Adrian frowned at the absurd notion.

But another friend, Jarvis, who was by his side, intervened with a knowing look.
“I guess he thought you were Adrian.”

“Yeah, it’s exam season soon,” Alec added.
“Some guys are turning their eyes to get Adrian’s stuff.”

In Xenomium Academy, a superstition plagued the top students during every exam period.
A rumor said the students’ grades would improve if they took a top student’s item.

Most students thought the existence of that superstition or the student who believed it was pathetic.

Unfortunately, however, some students were under so much pressure on their grades that they could not even make such fair judgments.
This was usually the case with students whose parents were very intrusive and aristocratic.

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They were afraid of their parents.
As long as they could avoid their parent’s scolding for their low grades, they were ready to do anything.
So, students who wanted to improve their grades would steal pens or ties that Adrain owned.

“…Would someone steal the clothes of a person showering because of that superstition?” Felix asked, his blue eyes gleaming.

“That’s right.
Stealing is wrong.”

“You have to ask for it proudly like us.”

Alec and Jarvis proudly held up the pen they had received from Adrian.

“But it’s strange,” Adrian said, frowning.
“As for the items that have been stolen so far, the only thing I can think of is the pen on my desk.
Isn’t it too much to steal a school uniform?”

It was true.
Adrian stayed silent even when his things disappeared during the exam period because they were trivial items that weren’t very expensive.

It was definitely suspicious, but Felix was so enraged that it was not the time to argue about it.

“I can’t do this.
When I find them, I’ll rip them apart or give them a good beating.”

“Why are you so mad?” Adrian asked.
“It’s not like you.” He had a strange look on his face, watching Felix in agony and pulling his hair off.
“After all, you have a lot of spare uniforms.”

“The clothes aren’t the problem!” Unable to carry on with his words, Felix ruffled his hair again and let out a painful moan.

Now he is angry at himself.
He couldn’t even safeguard the precious medicine Lucy gave him.
It was pathetic that his medicine was stolen for such an absurd reason.

* * *


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Felix’s mood plummeted to the ground throughout his class.
He was upset that he had lost his allergy medication, and the disturbing dream he had at dawn kept coming back to him, making him even more perturbed. 

Of course, his dream was not real.
Adrian was alive next to him, and the Duke did not even know Lucy’s existence.

Nevertheless, Felix had a chill on his back whenever he remembered Lucy standing next to his father with a pale and hazy face in his dream.

He wanted to meet her and talk to her.
He thought it would be reassuring to see that she was okay with his own two eyes.

And he had to apologize for failing to keep his promise yesterday and leaving first.

I’m sure she was surprised.


His mind became even more complicated when he remembered Lucy standing there, looking at him with eyes full of worry as he left the garden.

After class, Felix left the classroom and went out to find Lucy.
However, there was no way to know where and what classes she was taking, so he wandered around the academy’s hallway.

Every time he strides forward in his black training suit, the students in the hallway hurriedly split like the red sea.

Felix soon found Lucy in the middle of class in one of the classrooms.
He peeked into the classroom through a slightly opened door.

Lucy was staring at the blackboard, her brows furrowed.
Perhaps because the exam period was approaching, she looked more serious when concentrating.

Lucy had been staring at the blackboard without taking her eyes off it for a moment.
She blinked her tired eyes a few times and yawned secretly, perhaps because she didn’t imagine someone was watching her.

Felix smiled at the sight.
She looked better than he thought, so he felt relieved.

Yeah, it was just a dream.
My father doesn’t even know of her existence.

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He entered an empty classroom and waited for Lucy’s class to end.

Not long after, he heard the sound of a door opening and muffled cheers.
Students rushed out into the hallway after class.

Felix checked if Lucy was coming through the slightly open door.
Soon, a small face with light brown hair was seen in a row of noisy students.

Lucy was walking, rummaging through her bag.
Judging by her facial expression, it seemed like something awful had happened to her.

Felix grabbed Lucy, who was about to pass by, preoccupied with her bag.
He led her into an empty classroom.

“Felix sunbae!” She smiled brightly at him, her agony forgotten.
She was happy to see Felix, but when she looked at Felix’s training suit, she said, “Sunbae, walking around in the academy wearing clothes other than school uniforms is subjected to a penalty!”

“I know,” Felix replied, rubbing his forehead.
“Someone took my uniform from the field.”

“School uniform?”


“There’s a myth that your grades will improve if you take the exam with the top student’s stuff.
I think they took it because they thought I was Adrian.”

“Oh.” Lucy’s face darkened in an instant at his explanation.
She clutched her bag.

Only then did Felix notice one fact.
Lucy is also a top student like Adrian.

“What’s wrong? Did someone take your stuff, too?”

“That…” After hesitating, Lucy took a deep breath and spoke.
“One of the ornaments I put in my bag is gone.
I put it deep inside, but I think someone took it.”

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“Ornaments? When did it disappear?”

“I don’t know.
I didn’t look into it after I checked it this morning.”

Seeing Lucy talking with reddened eyes, Felix became upset.
“Is it important?” Did you get it as a gift? Or is it because it’s expensive?”

“Whatever it is, I can buy it for you”.
Those words lingered in Felix’s mouth.
Whatever it was, if it was valuable to Lucy, he was confident that he could find it at any cost.

“I didn’t get it as a present.
It was not expensive either.
I was going to give it to you later….” Lucy couldn’t finish her words and looked at Felix.
But soon, she dropped her gaze and shut her mouth.

“To me?” Felix asked, curious, when Lucy had gone silent. 

However, she shook her head.
“…No, nothing.
Anyway, this is strange.” She quickly changed the subject.
“Even though the exam is approaching, this is the first time they dig through my bag and take things.
So far, the only items that have been secretly taken have been pens and hairbands on the desk.
And most of them asked me to borrow it for a while, but they never steal.”

Adrian had also said the same thing.
Apparently, someone in this academy must be obsessed with raising grades and doesn’t hesitate to act recklessly.

“It can’t be helped.
There’s no clue, so I don’t think I can find it.
Unless the person who stole it returns it on their own,” Lucy said, her dismay evident.
“By the way, senior.
Why are you looking for me?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Oh… I have something to tell you.”

“Something to tell me?”

“I wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday.
I couldn’t keep my promise and left halfway through.” Felix scratched the back of his head with an apologetic look.
“Since then, I’ve been worried about you.”

Lucy hurriedly waved her hands.
“I’m fine.
Rather, I was more worried since you didn’t look so good.
Is it because of me? … Did you get in trouble with the duke?” Lucy asked cautiously.

Felix was surprised.
He realized that her question really meant, “Did you get scolded for being with me who doesn’t belong in a noble family?”

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