In the end, Felix returned to the dormitory.
He couldn’t find Lucy and it was already evening.
The corner of the sky was dyed red by the sunset.

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Felix trudged up the red dormitory stairs in a miserable mood.
He stood in front of the door and leaned against it.

Don’t keep avoiding me like this.

His anxiety grew. 

When he opened the door, the first thing he saw was Adrian sitting on the sofa.
And soon as he saw the face of the man sitting with him, Felix halted in his steps. 

“What are you doing here?” Felix asked, incredulous.

Noel rose from his seat as he looked at him.
“Sunbae, you’re here,” he greeted casually as if he had been waiting for Felix. 

He looked the same with his curly hair and fair skin, but somehow his usual cheerful and lively demeanor was more subdued, calmer.

Before they continue with the conversation, Felix raised his eyebrows when he noticed another figure sitting opposite Adrian and Noel.
The man, whose back was facing Felix, hesitantly rose to his feet.
He slowly turned toward Felix, his eyes looking around.

“You!” Felix cried, pointing at him.

With his long bang covering his eyes and shoulders slumped over, it was the suspicious boy who was following Lucy secretly.

“Who are you?”


Just as Felix strode toward him, Adrian hurried out to stop him.

“Wait, Felix-sunbae!” Noel quickly approached him, too.

“Why is he here? Why are you here?” Felix asked, glaring at Adrian and Noel.

Felix’s fierce momentum made the suspicious boy’s knees buckle and he fell to the floor. 

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“Just calm down and sit.”

“What do you mean calm? That guy is Lucy’s stalker.”

“Stalker?” Adrian asked, puzzled.  “I don’t know what you mean, but Eric came to apologize to you today.”

“Apologize?” Felix’s eyes narrowed at the unexpected remark. 

Adrian explained as he sat him on the sofa.
“He’s Eric Roman, a sophomore.” He pointed at the boy with his chin.
“The one who took your uniform at the training ground.”

Felix sprang up from his seat.

Eric Roman shivered and shrank back in fear behind Noel.
His face was as pale as when he saw Felix and ran away in surprise.

“I told you to sit down.” Adrian pulled Felix, who was ready to jump in at once and made him sit down.
Adrian patted Felix on the back as if he were trying to solve the situation.

“First of all, your uniform is fine.
Here.” Adrian picked up the uniform that was placed next to him and handed it to Felix.
“I don’t know why it’s so important to you.
It looks the same as the other school uniforms in your closet…”

Felix ignored Adrian’s mumbling and accepted the uniform coldly.
He shoved his hand into the pocket of his trousers and started looking for the allergy medicine.
The tip of his fingers touched a small, round vial.  

The medicine was safe.

Felix closed his eyes and heaved out a sigh of relief before opening them again.

“I’m sorry, Felix-sunbaenim!” Eric Roman suddenly knelt on the floor.
He put his hands together and bowed his head like he was praying.
“Someone said that if you take the exam wearing the top student’s uniform, you’ll get a perfect score… So… I thought it was Adrian-sunbaenim’s uniform, so I took it… I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry…”

Felix, who had once been furious when his allergy medication was gone, leaned back on the sofa and smirked.
When he heard the ridiculous reason that he had already guessed, his whole body seemed to lose strength.

“…stealing the clothes of a man who was showering?”

“Eric regrets it a lot.” Noel, who had been watching the situation in silence, intervened.
“He was depressed when he found out that the uniform was not Adrian-sunbae’s, but Felix-sunbae’s.”

He covered his mouth with one hand so that only Felix could see it, and said quietly, “When I told him that you were at the bottom of the grade, he was very disappointed.”

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“You bastard.” Felix reached for Noel’s collar, but he quickly avoided it.
He hid behind Adrian’s back and peeped at Felix.

“Why are you here? Did you steal my stuff, too?”


“No, it’s not that…” Noel hesitated for a moment, then said, “Eric is my older brother.”


“Yes, we’re brothers.
We don’t look alike, right?”

Felix looked at Noel and Eric alternately with suspicion.
As Noel said, the two looked so different that he couldn’t believe they were siblings.
Noel had curly brown hair and was good-looking while Eric had dark straight hair and an average appearance.

No matter how much he looked at them, He couldn’t find anything in common.

“…when I heard Sunbae’s uniform had been stolen in the classroom, I immediately knew that it was Eric who had done it.
I’m sure my foolish brother is the only one in the Academy who would do such a reckless thing for his grade,” Noel continued, “Of course, I asked my brother right away, and he told me the truth.
He did steal a Berg’s uniform.”

Noel patted his chin as if wondering whether he should talk about it or not, and immediately opened his mouth.
“Eric has been in second place since he entered the Academy.
However, my parents were not satisfied because their expectations for my brother were so high.
They wanted him to be the Top student, not second place.
But you already know who the sophomore’s top student is.”

Noel looked at Felix and shrugged his shoulders.
“It’s Lucy, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t beat Lucy.
So, he felt pressured….
But as soon as I found out about it, I persuaded my brother to return it.”

“Then why did you come now?”

“Well, I wanted to bring my brother right away and apologize.
You said you’d crush the wrist of the person who stole it…”

At Noel’s words, Eric, who had been trembling as he knelt down on his knees, turned pale.
He made a strange noise and bowed his head to the floor.

“I– I’m sorry!” he apologized repeatedly.
“I didn’t have the courage to return it… Please don’t crush my wrist…” Eric even cried.

Felix sighed and put his hand on his throbbing head.

Is this guy really the second in his grade?

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He didn’t understand at all how he thought of competing with Lucy with this mentality.

“Anyway, that’s why Noel came to see me first yesterday.” Adrian helped Eric, who had begun to shed tears, and sat him down on the sofa.
“He showed me your uniform and told me the truth.
and he wanted to ask you for forgiveness, but you seemed very angry, so he asked me to help him, so I called him here.”

The more he heard about it, the more he was amazed.
Felix looked at the two brothers across from him pitifully. 

Noel, who was gently watching Felix’s countenance said, “Anyway, I’m very sorry for the trouble my brother has caused you and Lucy-sunbae.
I’m really ashamed of him.” Noel grabbed Eric, who couldn’t stop crying and made him stand and lower his head.

But Felix suddenly raised his head at Noel’s words.

“Lucy?” he asked, raising one eyebrow.
“What about Lucy?”

“…you heard it too back then, the thing that Lucy-sunbae had in her bag disappeared.”


“Eric took it too.
He went to Adrian earlier and gave it back to him.”

“…what was missing?”

“A necklace,”


“Necklace? What necklace?”

“Just a crystal necklace.”

“What kind of crystal?”

Felix continued with his questioning but Adrian intervened.
“It’s just a common crystal necklace.
You saw it on my bed last night.”

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At Adrian’s words, Felix looked back and asked, “Didn’t you get it as a present from Lucy?”

“What? …no? I just got it from Noel and kept it for a while,” Adrian explained.

Noel, who was listening to the conversation, tilted his head.
“Huh?” He approached Felix and whispered quietly, “Felix-sunbae, don’t you get it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Lucy apparently bought it as a birthday present… Weren’t you born in October?”

“So what?”

Noel was astonished at Felix’s reply.
“Wow, Sunbae.
You don’t have common sense.” 

“What do you mean….” Felix was irritated at Noel’s sudden strange behavior.

The past few days passed through his mind.
The time he spent with Lucy…


Felix’s eyes opened wide.
Then he slowly rose from his seat and immediately left the room, leaving Adrian, Noel, and Eric sitting in the room with a puzzled looks on their faces.

“Where are you going?”

Felix could hear Adrian incredulous voice but he didn’t look back.

The sky that was dyed red earlier disappeared, and only the sound of bugs hidden in the grass under the dark evening sky was heard.

Where should I go?

When he left the dormitory, he clasped his head in agony.

The female student dormitory?

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