It was some kid.

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The kid was sitting underneath the oak tree hugging his knees and burying his head.
His golden hair, covering his face, shone brilliantly in the sun.

Lucy hesitated for a moment.

Can I come closer?

After a while, she walked quietly to the kid.
The kid didn’t notice Lucy’s presence, and did not move a bit.

Wow, it’s beautiful.….

Lucy stopped at a distance, opened her mouth wide as she watched her fine, glossy blond hair.

Of course, there were people with blonde hair in Brom, too.
Loara, the daughter of an orchard, and Anna from the flower shop.

They were proud of their beautiful blond hair and took great care of it.
Lucy sometimes touched their golden hair with envy.

However, the blond hair that Lucy touched was not as golden as this kid’s hair, it was so shiny and beautiful.
It was as if the sun had been spun into a spinning wheel and squeezed out of thread.

Can I talk to you?

Lucy hesitated and finally spoke.

“Excuse me …”

The child who heard her voice raised his head.
He was a handsome boy.


Lucy admired it once again.

Blue eyes that seemed to have copied the color of the lake right next to it were twinkling on the child’s face.

The boy looked up at Lucy with a sullen face and buried his head again.

Are you crying? Are you in trouble? Why are you here alone?

Lucy watched the boy quietly.
He was distracted by his blonde hair and discovered belatedly that the clothes he was wearing also looked expensive and luxurious.

Is he one of the children who came with the ladies? But I heard that this is a gathering that only women can come to.

Lucy thought so and sat a little far away from the boy.

She heard a mountain bird crying from a distance.
The forest felt quieter in line with the sound of the lake.

It’s like a completely different world here.

thought Lucy, breathing in the fresh air.

Then suddenly there was a rustling sound.
She turned her head and saw the boy scratching his arm.

Lucy was astonished.

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It was because there were scars all over the arm where the sleeves were rolled up.
He continued to scratch his arm, and then blood began to flow from his wound.

Lucy jumped out of her seat.
She rushed to the boy and said hastily.

“Don’t scratch it! It’s bleeding!”


The boy didn’t answer.
He scratched and scratched his still bleeding arm.
Soon he began to scratch his neck.
The back of his neck was full of wounds.

“Don’t scratch it!” Lucy cried in surprise.

“Go away,”

A sullen voice came out from the blond hair kid.

“It will itch more if you scratch it.” said Lucy, without giving up.
The boy looked up.

“It feels itchy even if I stay still.”

Lucy saw the red marks on his face.

“It’s… “

She had seen several patients with the same symptoms who had visited her father.
There were red marks all over their bodies, just like the boy’s.

“Perhaps you’re allergic to maram?” said Lucy, looking around.
In all directions, there are maram vines growing around the base of the oak trees.

“Why are you sitting here when you have an allergy?”

To Lucy’s question, the boy pouted his lips and answered.

“It’s up to me.
I’m comfortable here.”

You’re scratching your body until it bleeds because it’s itchy and yet you feel more comfortable here?

Lucy looked down at the boy in wonder.

In the meantime, the boy was now trying to find a new area to scratch.
He rolled up his trousers and began scratching his ankle this time.


Lucy stopped him in a hurry.

She looked around her.
She soon found Mogana grass, and put it on the rock and ground it and tried to put it on the boy’s ankle.

“What? What are you doing?”

“Stay still!”

The boy, who was trying to push Lucy, suddenly stopped moving due to the coolness he felt in his ankle.

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“How is it? Isn’t it cool?”

At her question, the boy looked at her with a strange look on his face.

Soon he nodded reluctantly.


“This is the plant of Mogana; you’ll feel cool if you hit it with a stone and put it on your body.”

“Put it here, too.”

He popped out his wounded arm.

“Not there, It’s already bleeding.
I’ll disinfect it and apply ointment to the wound.”

Lucy took out a small bottle of ointment from her usual small bag.
She held it out to the boy.


But the boy turned his head and turned away.

“Well, I don’t put on any unknown medicine.”

“This is made by my grandmother! My grandmother is the most famous pharmacist in Brom!”



You’re picky.

Eventually, Lucy put the medicine bottle back in her bag.
The boy looked at the figure and buried his head between his knees again.

He seemed to mean that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore.
Lucy didn’t want to interfere anymore too.
The boy was too arrogant and feisty.

Lucy rose from her seat.

I’m going to look around the garden more.

She thought it would be better to see more flowers than to spend time with a boy she didn’t even know.

But her feet didn’t want to move at all from her seat.
Her eyes turned to the wounded back of the boy who had been crouching over.

Lucy always has a weak heart whenever she sees a wound.

She had to take the ointment out of her bag again.
Then he laid it down at the boy’s feet.

“Well, I’ll put it here.
It’s up to you whether you want it or not.”

Lucy said, and the boy raised his head and looked down at the ointment.
He didn’t pick it up and pack it, but he also didn’t say he didn’t need it.

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Oh, you’re so coy.

As Lucy murmured to herself, the boy murmured:

“Thank you,”

Lucy blinked as she saw the child thanked her with a discouraged spirit.

But I don’t think he’s very crooked.

She smiled slightly and sat back a little away from him.

A rustling sound was heard next to her as he picked up the ointment and put it in his pocket.
Her feelings of resentment over the kid until recently have gradually subsided.

Lucy hugged her knees like the boy with a much more relaxed face.
Then, without a word, he looked at the gently swaying surface of the lake.

Flowers showing off their colorful colors, topiary trimmed by the gardener’s fine work, beautiful fountain…….

Those things are good, but Lucy was happier to sit still in nature that was untouched by humans.

Moreover, she had never seen such a beautiful and mysterious lake before.

Suddenly Lucy raised her face in the warm breath felt around her neck.
As she turned her head sideways, she screamed in surprise.

“Oh, my!”

She fell down on her back.

The boy, who had his head buried in his lap, came close and twitched his nose as if he smelled something.


At Lucy’s absurd question, the boy straightened his upper body again and said;

“You smell like grass.
And … “

He paused for a moment.
Lucy swallowed, waiting for the next word.
The boy twitched his nose again and went on.

“And the smell of horse dung.”

Smell of horse dung?

“Do you work in a stable?”

Lucy frowned at his question as if it were absurd.

“I do not work!”

Lucy, who had fallen back and was staring blankly at the boy’s mouth, lost her temper.

“I’m still ten years old! And I’m here as a guest today!”

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“I don’t care,”

I don’t care? You asked me first!

Lucy almost squealed.

The idea that he was not very crooked just now was canceled.
He was a very mean fellow.

Are all the capital kids like this?

Lucy pouted her mouth and took off the hat she was wearing and hid it behind her back.

The scent the boy smelled is probably from the hat.

The hat was bought a year ago by her father on his way back from another city.
It was a rather cute hat decorated with pale pink and white lace ribbons.

Lucy always wears the hat when she goes to Baron’s birthday parties, picnics in the woods, or to the market with her mother.

It was Lucy’s most precious hat, and it was her favorite hat.

So, before coming to this social gathering, she changed into the dress chosen by the maids of the mansion, but she did not change her hat.

Lucy suddenly became angry.

“It’s not a smell of horse dung, it’s just the smell of soil.”

Lucy corrected the boy’s words with a blunt look.

“The smell of soil, grass, trees, and farms.”

Of course, you can’t tell the difference between the smell of the stables and the smell of the soil, even if I explain it to you, you won’t understand.

Lucy grumbled to herself.

The boy seemed not interested in Lucy’s explanation.
He shrugged his shoulders with a hesitant look and put his chin on his arm again.

Lucy, with a sullen face, shook off the leaves on her dress.
Then shook off the dust on her palms, as she touched the ground when she fell.

She was about to get out of her seat, but she felt another gaze from the side.
The boy was staring at her.

“Why?” asked Lucy, in a cold tone.

Do I smell like dog poo this time?

She held back what she wanted to say.

“Your eyes,”

The boy looked at Lucy’s eyes.
Just as Lucy looked up wondering what else he was going to say, the boy said unexpected words.

“It’s like an emerald,”

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