It rained heavily throughout the whole land.
Sophie roughly placed the leftover tea in the empty space of the cabinet.

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Then she took some herbs out of the hot steamer.
She thought all the doors and windows were closed tightly, but the cold still lingers.

Sophie, tucked in her cardigan, leaned back on the easy chair.

Sophie emptied her money and opened a drugstore.
She, a contractor of the earth spirit, can promote and protect the growth of plants.
So she opened a decent drugstore.
[Fake Chapter not FUL]

Sophie liked the tranquility and serenity of the pharmacy.

“Is the owner there? I need help!”

It was past midnight.

She was organizing the pharmacy when she heard a knock on the door.

‘Is it a critically ill patient?’

When she opened a pharmacy, she acquired some medical knowledge.
Direct medical treatment like a doctor was not possible, but first aid is possible depending on the situation.

When she opened the door, she saw a blond man soaked in rain.
He was supporting someone, a half conscious man.

“He’s bleeding too much.”

The man who was helping was dressed in a fairly luxurious fabric, perhaps of high status.

“I was in a hurry to get to the clinic, but I don’t have time and it’s too far…….”

“You did a good job.
Please come inside for now.”

The patient was laid down on a cot in the pharmacy.

Sophie summoned a low-ranking spirit.

“Bring me Mr.
Everett right now.”


Silco, a low-ranking spirit of the earth, nodded quietly and disappeared immediately.

“Fortunately, his large veins are fine.
But there’s a lot of bleeding because the injury is wide.”

The man with high status looks like he’s been cut by a sword.
Sophie asked no unnecessary questions other than treatment.

Because she didn’t want to get involved in a chaotic and noisy incident.

The patient’s injury seemed to be cut by a sharp blade.
Apparently, he was cut in a flash.

It was fortunate that the largest blood vessel in the thigh was not damaged, but at this rate, he could have died of shock due to excessive bleeding.

Before Mr.
Everett came, Sophie intended to stop the bleeding as much as possible.

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“The towels are on the bookshelf in front of the greenhouse.
Feel free to use it.”

Sophie looked at the man’s injury and murmured some necessary medicines in her head.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do much.
First, I’ll write a prescription for the patient immediately.
I’ll explain it later…….”

After a brief remark, Sophie immediately jumped into the greenhouse and took some hemostatic drugs and now some herbs needed for Mr.
Everett’s surgical procedure.

Time is vital at this level of bleeding.
Sophie moved diligently for the patient.


Sophie tried to calm the bleeding by combining several hemostatic agents.
The patient suffered from pain even while losing consciousness.

At times like this, she felt frustrated she was not a doctor.
Even though she’s an owner of a pharmacy, she can be punished if she performs a direct surgery.

After bleeding excessively, it calmed down after a while as a result Sophie’s face and clothes were stained with blood.

“What about the patient?”

At that time, Mr.
Everett, who was staying at a nearby inn, rushed into the pharmacy.

“He was stabbed in his thigh.
There’s a lot of bleeding.”

“Oh, I hope you controlled the bleeding.”

Everett checked the patient’s condition immediately with his deft skill.

“I used a hemostatic agent before you came.”

“He may bleed during surgery, so stay with me.”

“Of course.”

Sophie ordered silco next to her to bring her more hemostatic agent and prepare disinfectants for the surgery.

While continuing to assist Mr.
Everett, she checked if there were any necessary drugs.

Fortunately, Sophie controlled the amount of bleeding first, so the patient survived without much risk.

Everett remained with the patient, saying he would watch his future progress.


She’s glad the patient is safe.
Sophie left her seat with a sigh of relief.

The guy in the bunk looked at Sophie with a worried face.

“The bleeding has stopped.
We’ll have to wait and see what happens after that.”

“Oh…… that’s a relief.”

The man introduced himself as Arthur Clarfield and thanked her.
He was an unexpected big shot.

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He was the only duke in the Empire.

And the patient is Paul, Arthur’s escort and deputy.

“I was afraid I’d lose Paul…… I’m so glad.”

The Duke did not seem to be a worse person than she thought, given that he brought his injured deputy himself and was polite to a commoner.

Sophie sat in the old chair and explained to Arthur.

“But we have to wait and see how it goes.
He might have symptoms that you might not be aware of.”

“Of course.
I’ll be watching from the side.”

Taking out her handkerchief, Sophie wiped off her little bloodstained hands.

“You still have to wait until the patient is stable…… You can sleep here.”

“……I have severe insomnia.”

Arthur shrugged his shoulders and said as if it wasn’t a big deal but his appearance sys otherwise.

His skin looks rough and dry.
His eyes are covered with dark circles.
His insomnia looks quite severe.

His beautiful face looked very sensitive because of his bloodshot eyes.

“I do not take any medication since it’s not working.” Arthur said bitterly.

How bad is his insomnia to make him look like this? Sophie felt very sorry for his condition.

“……How about a cup of tea?”

“A tea?”

Sophie advised cautiously.

“Sometimes, we serve tea to customers who stop by the pharmacy using medicinal ingredients.”


“Since you’re cold and wet in the rain, a warm tea will help you.”

“Thank you then…….”

When the permission was given, Sophie headed to a separate greenhouse in the pharmacy.

[Sophie, are you looking for any herbs?]

Spirits in the greenhouse clung to Sophie and chatted.
They were children who chose to stay with Sophie, even though they are not officially contracted to her.

“Give me Hedelia.”

[I’ll give it to you! I just took care of Hedelia.
It’s in great condition!]

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With the voice of the chatty spirits, Sophie took a light look at the greenhouse.
It was noisy outside because of the heavy rain, but it was calm here.

Sophie liked this tranquility and quietness.
After enjoying it for a while, Sophie packed Hedelia and some other herbs.

‘He said the medicines didn’t work, but…….’

She prepared herbs to help Arthur sleep tight.

They were ground into small pieces so that they could be enjoyed with sweet tea.

“It smells good.
Thank you for the drink.”

Arthur fortunately liked the tea.

Medicinal tea is usually made for waiting customers or patients.
They were herbs grown by the power of spirits.

‘It’s more effective than I thought.’

Patients with a cold or with severe pain also said that drinking this tea makes them feel better.

Of course Sophie didn’t believe that.
She just thought it was a courtesy call.

“The rain is stopping little by little.”

The fire in the fireplace enveloped Arthur and Sophie’s chilled body temperature.
Sophie sipped the tea along with Arthur.

It was also good to drink tea in front of the fireplace on rainy days sometimes.

“I’ve called a carriage, and it’ll be here soon.” Arthur said.

“Can I take Paul with me?”

“Perhaps it’s possible.
It might be better for him to recuperate there.”

The duchy has a lot of brilliant doctors and pharmacists.
Sophie thought Paul could get well soon.

Soon the duke’s carriage arrived to pick up Arthur and Paul.
She had never seen such a splendid and beautiful carriage in her life.

It was more like a work of art than someone’s transportation equipment.

“Thank you for treating Paul.”

Arthur thanked Mr.
Everett and Sophie respectfully.
The duke has such a kind heart.

This country seems to be worth living in, Sophie thought.

“And thank you for the tea.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Sophie replied politely to the honest young man.
She naturally liked him as he was so humble for a Duke.

“I hope the patient will recover his stability.”

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Everett followed suit.
Everett was stunned that the patient he had taken care of was the Duke’s deputy.

He wasn’t able to pay attention to the clothes his patient was wearing or the man he came with because he was focusing on the patient’s condition.

“Then, bye.”

Until the end, Arthur was courteous to Sophie and Mr.
Everett, and returned in the duke’s carriage.

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing a duke.….’

She was stunned.

They won’t see each other any more anyway.

But the Duke is really handsome.
Sophie shrugged her shoulders and remembering those she would never see again.

* * *

However, it was not long before she could see Arthur again.

He visited Sophie’s pharmacy again.

“How the hell did you do that?”


Arthur appeared out of the blue and asked Sophie.

“My body is very messed up because of the curse.”


“I was suffering from insomnia.”

I didn’t ask.

“The medication I took never worked…”

Surprisingly, the Duke Arthur Clarfield, who has chronic insomnia, was said to have slept soundly in the carriage going back to the duchy.

Even when he arrived at the duke’s house, he couldn’t wake up, so the city officials moved him themselves.….

“How the hell did you do that?”

She felt pressured.

“Did you magically put me to sleep?”

“……I just gave you a tea.”

Sophie said in a calm voice.

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