The leaves that were once fresh yellow-green now had a deep, mature green color.
During the day, the bright and warm sunlight was still pouring on the ground, but after the sun went down, a rather chilly air would fill the campus.

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Autumn is in full swing.

Felix ran into Lucy Keenan several times in the hallway or on campus after she came all the way to the dormitory and collected the book, but he simply walked past her without even a glance.
Since there is no longer a need to pretend to be Adrian in front of her or watch her every expression and reaction.

Now that I know the answer, it is natural to lose interest.

There were only a few girls at the academy who did not take an interest in the twins of Duke Berg, but most of them secretly admired the polite and exemplary Adrian.
So, it didn’t surprise him to know that she likes Adrian.

I don’t have to worry about it now.

Felix came to his senses after he noticed the whispers and giggles following him as he walked around campus.
Several groups of girls were secretly whispering or giggling nearby, and their gazes were drawn to Felix and Adrian.

“What’s going on?” Felix asked, confusion evident on his face.

Jarvis, another male student walking with him, replied, “It’s probably Literature Night.”

“Last year, there was also a battle for the Princes of Berg, which was quite interesting.” Alec, who was next to Felix, added.

“Oh.” Only then did Felix figure out what was happening.

Literature Night.

Every fall, Xenomium Academy’s Book Department hosted a small event in which several participants came out on stage to recite poetry or play instruments.
Because the event was held in a modest hall attached to the library building, rather than the Academy’s Great Hall, not many people were invited.
With invitations from the library, about fifty people, including the presenter, were allowed to enter.

Therefore, the competition for invitations was quite fierce, and especially after Adrian joined the book club, the female students began to look for invitations with even more vigor.

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Various female students approached Felix, who was not a member of the book club, and they bravely asked him to escort them to the event.
However, Felix had no interest in literature nights or morning events, and he flatly refused every girl who approached him.

As word spread that Adrian was the only Prince of Berg attending Literature Night, the competition for Adrian intensified.

Last fall’s winner was Claire Hamilton.

Claire, the daughter of Marquis Hamilton, was also a student council member with Adrian.
She was gorgeous and had a calm disposition.
Felix, who remained in the dormitory alone that night, stood by the window and witnessed Adrian escorting Claire away.

Everyone was looking at them with their mouths hanging open.
A beautiful woman and handsome man together were a sight to behold.
Felix, who was not interested in his younger brother’s relationship, thought the two made a cute couple.

“Are you going with Claire Hamilton again this time?” asked Felix.
Adrian shook his head lightly in response.

“Then who?” Alec was surprised by Adrian’s response.“Is there any other girl who can go with you other than Claire Hamilton?”

Adrian laughed at the question.
“What about Rosé Millard?” Felix interjected.

Rosé Millard was a third-year girl with vivid red hair and stunning features.
At the beginning of her school year, she openly expressed an interest in Felix, and she liked how he behaved freely without being bound by old-fashioned manners or customs.

But when Felix made it clear that he wasn’t interested in her several times, she stopped bothering him.
After that, Rosé began to express her interest in Adrian.

“Rosé?” Adrian tilted his head.
The name popped out of nowhere.

“She seems to be interested in you.”

Adrian laughed again.
Looking at his brother’s relaxed smile, Felix opened his mouth.
“Then … how about Lucy Keenan? I think she likes you too”.
But he managed to swallow the words over his throat, which had almost spilled out.

Suddenly, his annoyance soared.
He couldn’t figure out why the hell he was trying to say that.

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“Are you interested in her?”

“What?” Felix froze on the road at Adrian’s sudden question.
“What are you talking about?” He frowned.

Me towards Lucy Keenan?

“Why are you overreacting?” Adrian asked, puzzled at his brother’s reaction.
Felix was angrier than expected.
“Really? Do you actually have feelings for Rosé?”

Oh, Rosé.
Felix let out a sigh of relief.
“No, it’s not like that.” He began to walk again, leaving Adrian and his friends behind.
Their eyes looking suspiciously at him.

What about Lucy Keenan? He secretly laughed in vain.

Wow, that’s ridiculous.

* * *

Felix and Adrian headed to the library after lunch.
They were sitting in a small rest area in the corner of the library.

Even during the break, Adrian was busy examining papers on the table; “List of Presenters for Literature Night” written on it.
Adrian, the book manager, had the responsibility to check the presenters and the contents of the presentations in advance.

Meanwhile, Felix, who had nothing to do with the Book Department, enjoyed his leisure time while looking out the window.

Then, a little further away, Lucy Keenan came around the corner.
She was busy pulling the book cart and putting the returned books back on their shelves.
Felix deliberately avoided looking at her direction, instead focusing on the clear blue sky beyond the window.

But the sound of the cart’s wheels irritated his ears as she pushed it along.
The sound did not move away, but kept getting closer.
Moments later, Felix noticed Lucy was purposely staying around them.

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There were already no books left on the cart to return, and Lucy was repeating her meaningless actions, taking the books out of the bookshelf and putting it back.
Soon, Felix’s gaze rested on the invitation to ‘Literature Night’ sticking out of Lucy’s jacket pocket.

No way.
Felix squinted and looked at the invitation.
Do you want to ask Adrian to come with you? Seeing her hovering and pacing around, it seemed like it was true.

Adrian was reading poems submitted by prospective presenters, unaware of Lucy’s actions.
Lucy sometimes glanced at Felix, sitting opposite Adrian, with an anxious look in her eyes as if she was troubled.

So, I guess I’m a hindrance.

Felix, who had unintentionally interfered with Lucy Keenan’s request for a partner, felt annoyed for some reason.

Heh, I’d get out of your way.

Felix leaned against his back and crossed his legs when the library door swung open suddenly, and a female student appeared with fluttering red hair.
She was Rosé Millard, with a slender body and a gorgeous face, just like a rose.

After wandering around the library once, she noticed Felix and Adrian sitting by the window and walked straight to them.
She stood proudly in front of the twins, but then frowned as she looked at their faces alternately.
Perhaps she can’t tell who is who.

“This is the library.
Can you come in quietly?” Felix scolded her.
Only then did Rosé turn toward Adrian.

“Adrian Berg,” she called Adrian with a loud voice.
Felix’s words fell on deaf ears.
“I heard you rejected Claire’s request for an escort.”

Adrian’s brow furrowed slightly at her reckless words and actions.
“I’d appreciate it if you could express that I politely refused her request.”

“Then your partner’s seat will be empty, right?” Rosé asked, ignoring Adrian’s complaint.
“So, go to Literature Night with me.”

A well-expected proposal flowed out of Rosé’s mouth.

Felix immediately glanced at Lucy.
She had turned her back, so her expression was not visible.
But seeing that her busy hands held the cart handle tightly and did not move at all, it was obvious that she was eavesdropping on Rosé and Adrian’s conversation.

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“Thank you for asking,” Adrian replied.
He was slightly perplexed at Rosé’s bold request.
“This time, I’m going to the event alone.” Indirectly, he expressed his rejection.
“This will be the last library event I host.”

But Rosé did not back down.
“I have no intention of interfering with your work, and you don’t have to pay great attention to me just because I’m your partner.
You just need to escort me when we enter and leave the event.”

However, Felix could guess that Rosé’s request would not end there.
Rosé liked to receive attention from many people, and at every prom she participated in, she showed off her splendid dance skills and drew everyone’s attention.
There was no way that Rosé would only want Adrian to escort her.

The conversation continued with Rosé’s persistent persuasion and Adrian’s embarrassing refusal.
Felix could feel Lucy Keenan’s shoulders drooping as time passed.
He couldn’t see her expression since he was facing her back, but somehow the back of her head looked somewhat sullen.

That fool.

Unknown irritation soared in the corner of Felix’s heart.

This is so frustrating

Unlike a while ago, it was amusing to see Lucy Keenan trying to get Adrian Berg, who had a lot of female students vying for the same opportunity, to be her partner.
But now, seeing her droopy, in danger of losing her favorite senior to someone else, made him angry in some way.


Felix could never understand why he was frustrated and upset over Lucy Keenan, who had nothing to do with him.

Then Adrian’s words echoed in his mind, ‘Are you interested in her?’

Felix shook his head vehemently.
What nonsense.

“Why don’t you go with me, Rosé?” It was then, impulsive words left Felix’s mouth.

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