“What?” Rosé quickly turned her head.
She looked at Felix as if asking if he had eaten something wrong.
On the other hand, Adrian looked at Felix with a surprised expression and then smiled slightly.
A smile that seemed to say, ‘I thought so’.

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Felix could feel Lucy Keenan’s gaze, looking at him with a face as surprised as Rosé.

“What kind of trick is this?” Rosé asked, her eyes full of suspicion.
Needless to say, Felix had never once shown interest toward Rosé.
When Rosé first expressed her affection for him, he was consistent with his sarcastic attitude.
She felt suspicious when he suddenly volunteered to be her escort.

Meanwhile, Felix was furious at himself for speaking impulsively once again.
It was too much to be momentarily heated up by Lucy Keenan’s frustrating and passive behavior.
But there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

Felix glared at Adrian, who was watching the situation with interest, and then replied, “What do you mean by a trick? It’s because I feel sorry watching you beg at Adrian.”

“I don’t really want to go with you.” Rosé didn’t react very positively because of her experience of being rejected by Felix several times in the past.

“We have the same face anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you go with me, right?” Felix jumped up from his seat.
He gently pushed Rosé out the door, and said, “So just leave my poor brother alone.”

Felix glanced at Lucy once before leaving the library.
She stood with her mouth agape, staring blankly at him and Rosé.

I’m helping you this much, so do your best, Lucy Keenan.

Felix thought as he closed the door.

* * *

The result of impulsively choosing to help Lucy Keenan with her unrequited love was disastrous.

Rosé accepted Felix’s request for a partner and promised not to bother Adrian anymore, instead, she asked him if he could dance to ‘Eveloza’s dance’.
She didn’t just want to be escorted by the Prince of Berg.

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“After the presentation, there will be a simple party and ball.
If I dance in the middle of the hall with you, wouldn’t it at least appear in the capital newspaper? When it is revealed that I was the Prince of Berg’s companion, my name will become more well-known.”

“You want to dance the Eveloza dance in that narrow hall? With me?”

Eveloza’s dance featured many passionate and obscene movements.
If you danced at the after-party ball at the poetry recital, this was the perfect dance to remain in the history of the Xenomium Academy.

Felix struggled to persuade Rosé, who rarely bends her will.
But in the end, Rosé took a step back and promised not to force him to dance.
Felix looked at her back and let out a long sigh.
No matter how hard he thought about it, he seemed to have done something stupid.

After all the schedules were completed, he was able to talk to Adrian again in the dormitory in room that evening.

“So you…”


As soon as they met, the two spoke at the same time.

“Tell me first,” Felix said as he sat down on the bed.

“How are you with Rosé?” Adrian asked with a smile.
It seems like he misunderstood Felix’s feelings for Rosé.


“Literature Night.”

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“We decided to go together.”

Adrian whistled.
“Do well.”

“It’s not like that.” Looking at Adrian’s expression, it was unlikely that he would believe Felix, no matter how much he explained.
“So, you…?” Felix gave up on clearing up the misunderstanding and asked Adrian.

“What about me?”

“Who are you going to go with?” Felix got angry; he was frustrated.

“As I said earlier, I’m only going to watch over this time.”

“What?” Felix frowned.

Stupid Lucy Keenan! You didn’t even bring it up! Because of you, I might end up dancing with Rosé!

Felix, lying on the bed with a devastated look on his face, ruffled his blonde hair with both hands.
“What’s wrong with you?” Adrian’s absurd voice could be heard.
But Felix, unable to explain his behavior, continued to pull his hair.

I knew it.

He was so frustrated at Lucy Keenan.
She liked his face so much that she could even recognize it, but she couldn’t even ask Adrian to go to the event together.

* * *

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Literature night.

Stars were embedded in the clear sky without a single cloud.
The sound of grasshoppers chirping could be heard in the flowerbed.
Neatly dressed male students stood nervously in front of the girls’ dormitory.
Soon, girls in fluttering dresses descended the stairs in search of their partners.

Felix, a little further away, was also waiting for his partner.
His blonde hair, which was unusually neat, shone especially brightly under the night sky.
Furthermore, the suit that fits his body subtly revealed a slender and muscular body, clearly bigger than other male students.

Some female students glanced at him without their partners noticing.
Felix was already aware of this, but chose to stay silent.
He was simply dissatisfied and annoyed that he was caught in this chaotic chasm.
How did things turn out like this?

It’s too late to regret it.
He had to escort Rosé Millard, and he only prayed that there would be no mishap that would force him to dance a passionate dance with her in the middle of the hall.

Anyway, why isn’t she coming out? He let out a short sigh and looked up the stairs.

A girl in a light beige dress appeared out the door.
The dress, which reached her ankles, looked simple except for the butterfly pattern embroidered with gold thread around her neck.
It was perfectly unnoticeable compared to other girls’ outfits with a lot of frills and all kinds of decorations, but Felix couldn’t take his eyes off her for some reason.

Lucy, who usually has her light brown hair braided, has her hair unraveled naturally below her shoulders; she grabbed the hem of the dress and carefully came down the stairs.
The way she walked looked awkward, as if she were taking her first step.

Suddenly, Lucy turned her head toward Felix; she made eye contact with him and was startled.
She looked around with a surprised face and hurried to a boy beckoning at her.
Felix straightened his crooked posture.
His eyes squinted, as he glanced at the boy, who was smiling brightly at Lucy.

He was about the same height as Lucy, and his face was that of a small boy.
He looked so young that Felix couldn’t believe he was enrolled to the academy.
Lucy burst into laughter for a moment, as if the boy had joked about something.
Then she grabbed the unknown boy’s arm slightly.

Felix raised one eyebrow while looking at the scene.

What is that?

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It was absurd that Lucy Keenan, who was escorted by another boy, even asked Adrian to go with him.
Then someone lightly touched Felix’s shoulder.
Turning around, Rosé was standing there.

She was wearing a white, heart-filled dress.
She looked like a swan with feathers after turning her head gracefully.
Rosé’s beautiful appearance captured the attention of the students who were standing there.
They stared at her with admiration.

“Felix.” Rosé, who called his name gracefully and naturally folded her arms, seemed very satisfied with their gaze and interest.

“Why are you so late?” Felix asked in annoyance.

Rosé gave him a cold, bitter look.
“Can’t you see me now? All this is the result of investing time.
And if you waste my investment, I won’t let it go.
Smile.” Then, in a thrillingly instantaneous moment, Rosé changed her expression and flashed a seductive smile as she paraded herself.
Felix shook her head.
Soon, he began to escort his partner to the library hall.

A few steps away, Felix could see Lucy walking with the polite boy.
She kept stumbling as if she had worn her high heels for the first time.
Felix smiled without realizing it because it looked like a child secretly wearing her mother’s shoes.

“What? Is it funny?” Rosé poked him with her elbow.


“Is it funny that the damn newspaper put my name wrong?” She asked, clearly upset.
“You just laughed.”

She talked about a dance competition hosted by the academy last semester.
She had won the competition, but was greatly humiliated when a sloppy newspaper called Bern Daily used the wrong name.
It must have been very unfair for Rosé, but it wasn’t a very interesting story for Felix.

Now, he was more interested in what the couple walking in the front was talking about than the insignificant mistake of a reporter from Bern Daily.

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