In the kitchen, Laras is stirring sweet tea for her guests.

”Mom, there are 7 guests, why is there only 2 tea? ” Lena asked, confused.

Laras glanced at her daughter, ”You don have to give all of them this tea, well give only to the handsome man and the rich looking women. The other man with black suit is just workers, so you don have to. ” she explained.

Lena separated 2 glasses of tea specially for Kana and Damian, the girl spat on the tea that will given to them. She shuddered in disgust at the same time smiled slyly, who knows after swallowing Lenas saliva, that couple husband and wife will become obedient to her? Ah, shes just reading myths.

She served the tea by looking down to reveal her cleavage. seeing that, Lily couldn stay silent .

”Lena, maybe you don need to look down like that until your boobs is visible, ” said Lily with a condescending face.

”Damn this old granny, who is she really that dares to rebuke me? ” thought Lena with an annoyed expression, but she returned her best smile to seduce the middle aged woman who she thought was Damians mother.

”Oh yes, sorry maam. By the way, who are you? Kanas mother in law? ” asked Lena in a friendly manner and her smiling face was endlessly strange. Lily knew the purpose of the girl being like that,

”Im just a head maid at Mr. Damians mansion, Lena, ” she said.

” Hah? Only a maid but you dare to reprimand me, your employers sister-in-law? ” Lena squeaked in a small voice but was heard by everyone there.

Lily was silent, she wanted to see the extent of this family drama.

”Please drink the tea ” Laras said with a friendly smile, now he has to maintain his attitude because he has to pretend to be good.

”Mom, im here just to take some of my stuff, ” Kana refused indirectly, she doubted the tea made by her stepmother who had never touched the kitchen.

” Oh, I see? Then, when will Lena and I come live there, Kana? ” Laras asked shamelessly. Damian was still observing, he wanted to let Kana try first to face his fears.

”Sorry mom, but I didn mean to do that. Once again, Im sorry. I think our family relationship ends here, because my father is also gone and I can even bear alone and also take care of this family anymore. Im tired of having to work and take care of the house while you and Lena are just enjoying my money, ” Kana explained slowly, she was still afraid if her stepmother was angry.

Laras glare at Kana, ” HOW DARE YOU THROW AWAY YOUR OWN FAMILY, HUH? DID YOU FORGET IF I TAKE CARE OF YOU SINCE YOU STILL A CHILD? SO WHAT? NOW BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE A RICH HUSBAND, WHY DID YOU THROW US OUT LIKE THIS? Laras snapped at Kana, the old woman seemed unable to contain her emotions due to Kanas words.

”Thats right Kana, how can you just throw us away just because you already have a rich husband. Then you
e the only one who lives well? We also have to live well, Kana! You can throw us away, the family who took care of you since you were little when you were abandoned by your biological mother, ” Lena protested. He didn accept it! How could Kana break her approach with Damian? Lena wouldn let that happen.

Kana was silent hearing the various protests that came from her step family, she suddenly chuckled making them confused.

”Why are you laughing all of a sudden? Are you mentally ill? Ah right, maybe you have mentally illness, so thats why you can think about throwing away the family that has taken care of you since you were little, ” Laras said, basically she had to try to make Kana remember his good service to the girl.

Lily who sits on Kanas right holds the girls hand, intending to strengthen and that little thing warms Kanas heart. Now her decision is unanimous,

”Don kidding, you guys? Take care of me since childhood? And I dump you? You should be the one thanking me, because I took care of you! I cook for you, give you money, clean our houses and your rooms. Isn this my moms house? Then, why should I give up sleeping in a hot warehouse, full of cockroaches and mice, while you sleep comfortably in your air-conditioned room? WHY DO I HAVE A HOUSE HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR WHILE YOU SLEEP ON A COMFORTABLE BEDROOM ” Kanas tone rose as she recalled all their torments,

”Then why should I pay for your life? Don you guys have legs and arms? Then, why doesn Lena work? Am I the only one working? You guys, just use the money I earned! Lena, why can you buy a large collection of branded shoes? Why did you go to college? Why can you shop as you want? ITS ALL USING MY MONEY, right? So, is there anything you want to protest to me about? Should I reveal all your torments to me? ” sneered Cana. She looked at Laras and Lenas faces one by one, they seemed surprised by Kanas words.

” Why are you silent? Oh, are you surprised? Because the Kana you know all this time is Kana who just obeys your words? Kana who is always silent and accepts your torment? In that case, you still don know me. Indeed, this is the peak point of my tiredness, so I assume our relationship is over here. Please don look for me anymore because I want to try to be happy for myself too. Thank you for everything, I hope we will never meet again ” Kana said without waiting for an answer.

Damian stood embracing Kana to leave, followed by Lily and the guards. But only a few steps from where they were sitting, Laras ran and grabbed Kanas hand until the girl turned to face her.


The sound of a slap sounded strong in the living room of the minimalist house, Damian growled forward but was restrained by Kana. The guards immediately held Laras body,

”How dare.. ” Damian hissed coldly. He clenched his fists tightly, trying to stop himself from banging the old womans head against the wall. He held Kanas chin gently, examining the slap in Kanas face.

” F*CK YOU, KANA! And if you don consider us family anymore, who do you have anymore? Do you have any other family? And again, if this is your cheap mothers house, whats the matter? You want to kick us out? ” Laras challenged.

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