Alright, Im heading for the finals Raven. Wish me luck. Blake looks at his younger sister with gratitude at his decision. Be safe now Blake and don push yourself too hard. I know you deal with a lot of people looking down on you and you can help but try to prove them wrong but that doesn mean you should run yourself into the ground especially when you
e dealing with your own troubles, okay?

Yeah I know Blake begins to sigh, tightening his bandage around his left stump (below the elbow). I won push too hard. Blake gives her a comforting smile as he pulls a cigarette from his dads old cigarette holder silver all over with a star in the middle. You know Im not that fond of you picking up dads old smoking habit Raven says in disappointment. Blake looks at her understanding she wants the best for him and begins to explain. Raven I have told you before that even though it is not healthy its one of the few things allowing me to keep going. Its no excuse but its my way of handling. When I smoke I feel as though dad is with me sharing in my smoke and its comforting. Alright fine i won push this any further but do try to be safe.

Blake slings his messenger bag over his shoulder. It has a galaxy design on the bag, Blakes longing for something so impossibly far away. He hugs his sister warmly with his hand on the back of her head for a close embrace, she sends him off. Please be safe Blake, please Raven says with guilt in her mind.

Blake slips on his black shoes and looks back at his run down government house, clenching his fist and taking another drag he reaffirms this will change and heads out into the world. Looking at his watch Blake realizes hes late to his finals. Blake puffs on his cigarette whilst attaching some sleek black glowing attachments on his shoes. Blake has had an interest in technology since his youth; this is one of his oldest creations that has had multiple iterations in design before the loss of his limb, within the year 2200 theres a fast amount of knowledge and technology available and Blakes father was no stranger to knowledge being a renowned inventor himself mainly in advanced software and algorithms.

Wanting to spend time with his son he showed him the wide array of technology at his disposal to make one item of his choosing with his fathers help. In the end Blake and his father made an interesting form of transport for Blake that being electromagnetic hover attachments that would fit most shoes, they adapted the technology to work off solar energy and electricity for the safest form of energy on his feet. They had a generous lithium ion battery, though they only held a charge of up to 15 minutes on its lowest setting and 5 minutes at its maximum output. Blake would use these a lot to catch up whenever he was late thus having to go through many iterations on his own making these attachments highly reinforced at this point. Blake attaches the fittings for the electromagnetics and begins to hover a couple inches off the ground, giving off a silent hum in the air and a bright green emanating from the bottom of his feet. He takes a puff of his cigarette whilst turning up the power by tapping his toes on the ground and begins to hover with more precision and power then before, with a chime from his alarm alerting him of high power consumption he takes a puff and shoots of down the road at high speed, obviously alerting all nearby pets in the vicinity setting them off.

Just like the good old days huh dad Blake says to himself whilst puffing on the cigarette harder reminiscing about when he was first learning how to use the attachments. Blake still cringes over the memory of him and his dad naming his first invention, he said the first thing that came to mind when he was brainstorming names with his dad, mainly inspired by their use Blake yells, Ive got it KeepUps. His Dad begins to laugh. Thats brilliant, my son straight to the point as it should be for any inventor, he begins to engrave the name into the attachments. Ever since his dads passing

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