Girls Like Poison

The Girls\' Washroom

”Okayyyy, someone clearly needs therapy, ” Sofia said, breaking the tension with a wide eyed stare.

Giving her a levelled look, I shake my head. ”Yes, but Im serious. ”

”Can we go now? Weve been in here forever and these clinical walls feel like they
e closing in on us! Im pretty sure the janitor is the only one left at school! ” Shot Sofia, her eyes drifting to the door.

”Oh my God. I just realised. Levi has basically dated the United Nations. Get it? All of you are of different races… ” Nira began, dropping her sentence when we each send her another set of glares.

”Your great idea to get back at Levi, is to commit a felony? ” Jasmine screeched, cupping an ear dramatically in case she heard me wrong.

Penelope is the only one who seems to click onto how serious I am. ”Murder, to be exact, ” she murmured.

”What? I know, Im crazy! I was crazy over him and feel like total garbage! Plus, I think wed be doing humanity a favour, ” I said shrugging, picturing a nobel peace prize being handed down to us by some prestigious patron.

”Can argue with that, ” Nira agreed, nodding her head sombrely.

”None of us can walk around town with their heads held high…sorry, I had English earlier today so I might be dramatic. Point is, soon everyone is going to find out if they
e not already mocking us secretly. ”

”Nuh uh. That boy, is not making a joke out of me. I thought I was going out with the safest option at Elton High. Turns out, I should have just dated a jock, ” Jasmine teemed furiously.

Snorting, Sofia rolls her eyes. ”Like any of them are any different. They
e all the same, please. ”

”Didn that piece of abominable trash, have braces and was dorky a couple of months back? ” Penelope asked, as if she didn have a steamy session with said abominable trash a couple of hours ago.

Sofia makes a face, turning to me curiously. ”Ergh. Hows kissing braces? ”

”Super metallic and weird, ” I offered, shuddering.

Jasmine groans, massaging a temple. ”I can believe I let Levi, mess with me! ”

”Ladies, can we please get back to talks of murder? ” I asked politely, bringing them back to the matter at hand.

”Well be arrested and jailed! You want us to jeopardise our futures because of some little shit? Also, that ruins my ultimate plan of seeing BTS in concert some day! ” Penelope wailed, bringing out her phone to show a moving screen with purple hearts and victory fingers.

”No, we won . We
e smart enough to get away with this. We all know Levi is dense and hes clearly used that fact, against us. Why not counter that, and have him wiped off the face of the earth? ”

”You really creep me out, Cyra, ” Jasmine muttered with a shake of her head.

”Do you think, you can freely walk around in public then? ” I returned with a thickly raised brow.

Sofia sighs, spitting the gum shes been chewing out. ”Suppose we do this, how would we even begin? ”

”Not you too! ” Jasmine wailed.

Offering Sofia a small smile, I can help but rub my palms sinisterly. ”Give me two days to work out the details. And I promise, I can come up with a good plan. But we all have to be in this together. ”

”Two days? ” Sofia mouthed, repeating the words and letting them sink in.

”Cmon guys. In the wise words of a very successful woman – Got the venom, to dead him. If he want a snake, I mean sneak, ” I said.

e quoting BLACKPINK, now? ” Jasmine questioned stunned, the doubt clear on her face.

Tutting at her with a finger, I glance at each one them. ”What? Are they, ever wrong? Do their lyrics, ever lie? ”

”No, ” they replied in harmony.

The song suddenly blares from a phone and we turn to Nira, Penelope being the first to comment. ”You don actually have to play the song, Nira. ”

”Yeah, but we can all agree, that Crazy Over You deserved its own MV, ” Nira said, jutting her head out slightly and waiting for us to respond as she hits pause.

”Yes, ” we replied simultaneously.

Right. Murder.

Shaking my head, I face the girls with renewed determination. ”Well? ”

”Fine, ”

”Okay. ”

”Whatever, lets do this. ”

”Hell yeah! ”

”So we
e all in this club to kill off Levi? ” I asked anxiously, fighting back a grin.

”Yes, ” said four female voices in unison.

”In that case, play Kill This Love, Nira. ”

And with that, we exit the washroom to the intro of heavenly trumpets righteously blaring.

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