”Why are you shoving me into the washroom like you
e about to tell me a universal secret, Nira? Ever heard of texting? Sending a meme? ”

Nira rolls her eyes, dragging Jasmine inside. I had skipped last period to dish out all the gory details of Levi the Cheater.

It then took me another five minutes to convince Nira to not incapacitate him. I might be bitter, but sure. Ill give him the opportunity to sire some children, or whatever. For now.

”You too? ” Sofia cried out sarcastically, chewing another piece of gum because she was trying to cut back on inhaling pizza whenever she had the munchies while studying after school.

”Ladies! ” I roared, clapping my hands to get their attention.

They turn to me with annoyance but I rub it off, banging one of the stalls and receiving a groan in response. I can finally begin. ”Now that we
e all here…including Penelope, who actually did have to use the toilet. I have horrible news to share, but before I do, you need to swear that you won come at me. ”

”Yeah, whatever. Like anything is ever news worthy at our school, ” Jasmine muttered, flipping her beaded braids aside.

Sofia grumbles something in Spanish before assenting, and I take Penelopes laying off on Jolibee chicken in the stall as my cue to continue.

Nira nods like a bodyguard, guarding the door so that no intruders could enter or overhear.

”Okay, I don actually know how to put this lightly so, Im just going to come out and say it. Weve all been kissing and going out with the same guy, ” I finished plainly, watching each of their faces closely for a reaction.

Jasmine gasps and Sofia just stares open mouthed. It takes them awhile to let the information sink in before rejection comes out in full force.

”What are you talking about? ” Jasmine demanded.

Sofia blinks, enraged that I would insinuate and insult her so openly. ”Excuse me? Why would I go out with another girls man? ”

”Guys, I don gain anything from lying to you! I saw it with my own eyes! Levi walked me to class and when I went back to my locker to grab a notebook, he was making out with Penelope! How do you think I feel? I thought he was my boyfriend! I then saw him with Jasmine, behind the south staircase and in that computer nook with Sofia, in the library! ” I heaved, panting as I finish giving them the only evidence they need, because imagination can do the rest.

”WHAT? Didn you guys break up? ” Penelope shouted, her voice travelling over the enclosed door.

”No! I thought we were going steady, ” I replied bitterly.

”Wait, what? He said you guys broke up over summer break, ” Jasmine said, the confusion on her face creasing her brow.

”Once again, no, ” I said firmly.

”That dickhead! ” Sofia scoffed, anger now rising.

”What a piece of shit! He told me… ” Jasmine began but I cut her off and Penelope chimes in unison.

”That you
e the only one. ”

We all go silent, seething under our skins and its the sound of the toilet flushing and Penelope emerging that breaks it.

”So you
e telling me, that hes been conveniently lying to us all for two months? ” Sofia questioned, glancing at each one of us with a bewildered expression.

”For me, that would be months if not, the whole three years that I assumed I had a dedicated, monogamous boyfriend, ” I added sardonically, humiliated beyond recognition and stressing the word monogamous.

Penelope shakes her head, patting her hands with a paper towel. ”Are you sure Levi is capable of fooling us? I mean, this is Levi, that we
e talking about. Hes cute but also extremely…slow? ”

”But thats the beauty of it, ” Nira piped in, giving us a solemn look. ”Three, intelligent young women like yourselves, would never doubt their unassuming, simple, thick headed boyfriend. ”

”I hate him! ” I groaned, stomping a foot.

”I hate him too! I thought you guys were over! ” Cried Penelope.

”Yeah, well I thought I was consoling a heartbroken boy, but it turns out hes just overused goods, ” Sofia muttered.

”How do you know its just the three of you? What if theres more? ” Nira questioned, voicing her thoughts into the air and receiving death glares in return.

”Eww, what if hes given you guys an STD? ” Nira added, getting a second round of glares.

”I hate him! ” Reiterated Sofia.

Penelope purses her lips in agreement. ”Same! ”

”I bet theres more. Niras right. Weve all been played, ” Jasmine affirmed resentfully, crossing her arms.

”Whats worse, is that he picked three good girls. You guys do realise, we
e some of the top students at Elton High, right? ” I asked, baffled even as I grudgingly admit this since my IQ has taken a hit by Levis scheming.

”Ergh, I want to strangle him! ” Grunted out Sofia.

”I hate him, ” mumbled Jasmine under her breath.

”Okay. So why don we, just kill him? ” I exclaimed deadpanned, causing even the air to still as four pairs of eyes widen.

But Im dead serious.

I want to kill Levi.

I want revenge on my ex.

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