Sun Changming has a secret. Three years ago, he picked up a loach that fell from the sky. This is a very special loach. His soul can be attached to this loach and swim around in the water.

He didn dare to tell anyone this secret, for fear that people in the village would report him as a monster and go to Xianmen in the mountains, and Xianmen would send a fairy to remove him as a monster.

He didn know that on the same day three years ago, two creatures fell from the sky. A wounded huge white cat fell to the Qin State in Xiling. The King of Qin personally entered Qinling and brought it back to Xianyang as a protector of the country. The cat united with the King of Qin to conquer the west and destroy the six kingdoms to unify most of Xiling.

The other divine fire vermilion bird fell in the Southern Wilderness Dazhou Sect. The disciple of the Dazhou Sect, Wu Lin, went deep into the Daze and came across the vermilion bird. , and then traversed the Nineteen Sects of the Southern Wilderness, stunned the Southern Wilderness without a single defeat, and made Da Zhou faintly become the No. 1 force in the Southern Wilderness.

However, no one knew that on that day three years ago, not two creatures fell from the sky, but three!

Its just that this loach is too weak compared to the fierce and unparalleled white cat and vermilion bird! So weak that no one found out that three creatures fell from the sky that day.

”Whoa- ”

In a small river beside the village, after three years of cultivation, the little loach was finally no longer sick, and swung its tail into the bottom of the river.

Sun Changming curled up in a tree hole by the river. His soul controlled the little loach, searching in the river.

Before the sun sets today, it is the last moment to pay the ”survival tax ”. If the next half month is missed, Sun Changming and his sister will not have a grain of rice and will only starve to death.

This is the river closest to the village. I don know how many times it has been searched, but it is the safest here. In the farther waters, there are many fierce water monsters. The little loach is too weak and would have been swallowed in one bite.

The little loach dived deeper and deeper, the light became darker, and it became more and more gloomy. Sun Changmings body on the land also shivered.

The sun gradually turned westward, and Sun Changming was anxious. He swam into a piece of water, and suddenly felt a touch of warmth. Sun Changming was overjoyed and hurriedly searched for it. There was a faint yellow light somewhere at the bottom of the river.

A mussel opened, and there was a small pearl inside.

The little loach swam back to the original road, and Sun Changming went to the river to collect the little loach and put it in the gourd that he carried with him.

Then he moved his body a bit, pulled out a small knife on his waist, and plunged into the river. A gloomy feeling made his whole body tighten.

He swam to the position of the mussel, and suddenly there was a sharp pain in his left leg. When he turned around, he saw a fierce fish the size of a slap, biting his leg fiercely.

Sun Changming didn have time to pay attention. This is his limit. If he delays for a moment, he may be frozen stiff and sink to the bottom of the river forever.

He stabbed a knife into the mussel, grabbed the pearl, and left.

The body became more and more stiff, the chill had penetrated into the bone marrow, Sun Changming tried his best to jump up, and his hands finally rested on the river bank.

He crawled out of the river exhausted, trembling all over, and his face was pale.

He was lying on the ground clutching the pearl tightly in his hand, and the rays of the sun could not feel any warmth.

It took a while for Sun Changming to recover. After his body regained consciousness, he looked down and saw that the vicious fish was still biting on his leg, swallowing his own blood.

Sun Changming used a knife to pry the fierce fish off, and tore off a bandage from the tattered clothes.

There was a sudden throbbing in the gourd that he was carrying, and Sun Changming patted the gourd: ”These things are poisonous and cannot be eaten. ”

These days, the little loach may be greedy for meat, and always wants to eat these fierce fish in the river.

Sun Changming spread out his palms. The pearls the size of soybeans were the food for himself and his sister for the next half month. By the way, the little loach had to be counted.

But the little loach in the gourd was still uneasy, and there was a burst of throbbing, hitting it hard.

Sun Changming was a little strange: ”Can you eat it? ”

Sun Changming used a knife to cut off a small piece of fish and threw it to the little loach. A little bit, it shouldn be fatal, it won make trouble if it suffers.

The little loach swallowed it in one mouthful, but it didn freeze as stiff as Sun Changming expected. Instead, it became more energetic, making a fuss in the little gourd, and had to eat it again.

”Huh? ” Sun Changming looked at the vicious fish, is this one edible?

He cut off a bit of it, hesitantly threw it into his mouth, and just chewed it twice… Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka System Team Fire System Team Music Team Music Team Music Team Connect Test Team System Test Team System Test System Test System Test Control System Test System Test Control System Test Control Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Testimonials

Suddenly, a warm current came from the little loach, scattered into Sun Changmings limbs and bones, dispelling the chill on his body.

Sun Ji looked at the little loach suspiciously, then cut a piece of fish and threw it to it. After the little loach had eaten three or two bites, it was still fine.

This vicious fish is only the size of a palm, but it is more than ten times the size of a small loach, and it has eaten all of it bit by bit.

Sun Changming spread out his hands, ”No more. ”

The little loach still refused to give up, and continued to hit the gourd. Sun Changming simply let it out. The little loach twisted and twisted, eating all the scales, teeth, and internal organs of the vicious fish on the ground!

Then, finally satisfied, the little body was rolled into a ball.

Like a snake.

Then, the familiar warm current came from the little loach. Unlike last time, this warm current did not dissipate, but swam in Sun Changmings body.

Every time he turned around, the gloomy and coldness in the surrounding environment weakened a little. Sun Changming had never been so comfortable when he grew up so big.

Suddenly, he patted his head: ”Its too late. ”

The sun was about to go down, so he quickly put the small loach into the gourd, grabbed the knife and ran to the entrance of the village.

Outside the dilapidated village, several yamen shivered from the cold.

One of the yamen with big eyes and big eyes kicked the stone beside his feet and complained, ”This village is really an evil place. The sun hasn set yet, why is it so gloomy and cold. ”

The head of the class said: ”Otherwise, why would it be called a village of extinct households? Those who enter the village will become extinct after three years of death. ”

A servant who had been reading for a few days sighed, ”This place has the lowest living tax, and the people who move here are all poor people. ”

Big Eye sneered: ”Who can control others in this world? ”

He looked up at the sky, and said again, ”I don think anyone will come. Boss, lets go. Staying in this ghost place for a while longer, I think my life expectancy will be shortened by three years. ”

The head of the class was also a little afraid of Juehu Village, so he agreed after a little hesitation: ”Okay… ”

The yamen were packing their things, and a thin little boy came running from the village, holding a pearl in his hand: ”Pay the tax, pay the tax… ”

The yamen secretly scolded bad luck. The yamen, who had read the book for a few days, said, ”The sun hasn set yet. ”

The yamen glared at him and had to stop and wait.

Sun Changming ran out of breath: ”Fortunately, I arrived. ” He was also a little strange, he seemed to be running much faster today.

The head of the class took out a scale, put the pearl of Sun Changming on one side, and the grain on the other side, and finally the two sides were balanced.

The class leader grabbed three handfuls from the grain and threw the rest to Sun Changming.

There was only a small bag of food left, and Sun Changming sighed secretly, this is a ”rule ”, but he still felt resentful in his heart. The food that he had worked so hard to get back, he and his sister didn have enough to eat. card?

Big and small glared at him fiercely: ”Why, you
e not convinced? ”

An old man from the village came out quickly, grabbed Sun Changming, and said with a smile, ”The child is ignorant, so don have the same knowledge as him. ”

With that said, he pulled Sun Changming back.

”Humph! ” Big Eye groaned angrily, and together with the class leader, he packed up his things and walked away.

The old man sighed and patted Sun Changmings head: ”A-Ming, bear with me, if something happens to you, what will your sister do? ”

Sun Changming lowered his head, but there was a bit of unwillingness in his eyes.

There was a half-collapsed house on the edge of the village. A seven- or eight-year-old girl was sitting on the broken threshold, sucking her fingers and looking around. Seeing Sun Changmings figure, she rushed out excitedly: ”Brother! ”

Hanmei Clash – Activate!

Sun Changming opened his arms with a smile, and the moment his sister jumped up and threw herself into her arms… she suddenly ducked.


”Wow… ”

The younger sister cried loudly and could not be broken. This girl has been exceptionally solid since she was a child. Sun Changming laughed. Over the past few years, 80% of their food rations have gone into Han Meis stomach. Sun Changyan must be the strongest child in the village.

Every day, the brothers and sisters greeted the elder brother affectionately, and it hurt Sun Changming.

Sun Changming told her that she took it down very seriously, but she forgot when she woke up the next day. After her brother went out, she sat on the threshold and ate her fingers, giving people the feeling that she had waited all day, just to slap her brother.

”Wow…wow…bad brother! ” Han Mei pouted, tears raining.

Sun Changming took out the food and swayed it in front of her, and the crying stopped abruptly: ”What to eat? ”

Sun Changming handed the food to her: ”Lets cook. ” Sun Changyan held the food in both hands and entered the house reverently. For Hanmei, being a bad brother and betraying a sister is the second biggest sin in the world, and the biggest sin in the world. Just wasting a grain of food.

In a small shabby house, the smoke from the cooking rose, and the porridge was cooked in a short time.

Sun Changming waited for the meal to start, and took a deep breath of the aroma of the food. Hanmei couldn do anything, and she didn have anything left to eat. There was only one talent that was terrifying: her cooking was really delicious.

Simple white porridge can control the heat just right and maximize the aroma of the food.

Sun Changyan scraped the bottom of the pot clean, and the two brothers and sisters each had a bowl. As usual, Sun Changming poured more than half of his bowl to his sister: ”I ate wild fruit outside, so Im not too hungry. ”

Half a bowl of porridge went down, but Sun Changming really didn feel very hungry anymore—in the past, this amount was not enough to support his stomach.

Thinking of todays various anomalies, Sun Changming guessed in his heart: Because of that warm current?

Hanmei put the bowl on her face and licked it clean, and she wanted to lick the pot, but the charcoal fire in the hearth had not been extinguished, and she was scalded with tears.

It was getting dark, and Sun Changyan dozed off.

Sun Changming closed the door and held it firmly with a thick wooden stick. Then he carried his sister into a hole next to the hearth and patted her on the back: ”Go to sleep. ”

Sun Changming did not dare to fall asleep.

At night, the village with no households is colder than other places. With the residual temperature in the hearth, the two brothers and sisters will not freeze to death.

But compared to the real danger, the cold is not worth mentioning.

The earth suddenly trembled, a muffled thunder-like sound came, and some behemoth came step by step. Sun Changming hugged his sister tightly and lowered his head, not daring to look at it.

The grandfathers in the village have said that the big mound behind the village is the tomb of an ancient demon god, and these huge monsters are all descendants of that demon god. They will come back to worship their ancestors.

There are many dead people in No House Village, not only because it is extremely cold here, but also because these big monsters occasionally step into the village when they pass by.

With just one kick, even the person and the house will be flattened.

But I don know why, these big monsters usually don pass through the village.

But today, Sun Changming clearly felt that something was wrong. The roar and vibration were getting closer and closer! His hut seemed to be on the path of the big monster.



Very close, Sun Changming mustered his courage to look up, there was a crack in the roof, Sun Changming saw a foot bigger than his own house, slowly falling from the sky.

At this moment, Sun Changmings body was cold, and the small gourd hanging on his body suddenly moved, and the little loach was restless.

The terrifying sole slowly stopped, and the cold sweat on Sun Changmings head fell drop by drop, just right on his sisters mouth.

Hanmei slept sweetly, she stretched out her tongue and licked it a few times. The salty taste seemed to be good, so she snorted twice in her sleep.

The terrifying sole was moved away, and Sun Changming felt as if everything had frozen and time became extremely slow.

After an unknown amount of time, a huge blood-red eyeball suddenly appeared outside that crack!

The eyeball looked into the room for a long time, and Sun Changming felt that his heart had stopped beating, and the eyeball suddenly disappeared again.



The voice gradually faded away, and Sun Changming let out a long sigh, only to realize that his whole body was soaked with cold sweat.

In the second half of the night, Sun Changming fell asleep in a daze. Those big monsters only appeared in the first half of the night.

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