A deafening silence of a winter in the land covered with blood and snow. Dreadful smells of the hundred lying corpses on the ground, some are headless, impaled with spears, and gruesomely scattered body organs. A young man found himself waking up from the nightmare that hed been, wishing not to wake up from being temporarily dead of consciousness. He sobbed as his tears came out of his dark shining eyes and flows down into his young innocent face, heavily felt a great guilt of extreme loss that like the whole world had been burdened his back as he saw his comrades lying dead on the snowy ground. A sudden total recall of his memory, remembering all the madness that hes done during the brutal battle….

”Rise now my young newborns… and be my champion. ” a cold, loud, and growling-horrendous voice of Marchosias flew with the whistling blizzard of a cruel winter, commanding the newborns he made through a curse from his demonic bite.

”Ahhhhh! <(in pain)> Shit! Why don you just kill me quick you filthy demon! Ill never be a part of your dogs! never…! ” a sound of a voice of a young man agonizing in pain from a contagious bite of a demonic werewolf king. A young Alliance soldier of his late-teen named Dante bravely uttered those words to Marchosias, known as the dark legion commander, willingly to just rather end his life immediately than to live like one of them and be a part of their dark legion. He watched his comrades fighting for their lives, while he was on the battlefield in the middle of an ongoing war between the army of werewolves led by Marchosias against the legion of the Alliance Empire.

Dead bodies were lying everywhere, bloodbath and carnage, clanging of swords and slitting of claws through the flesh, the sound of cracking bones and blaring battlecries agonizing in pain. Dante sensed that he somehow slowly turned into one of those ferocious beasts.

Claws and furs slowly came out of his body, his iris turning black as he saw the thermal reflection of a prey, his hearing and sense of smell was enhanced suddenly and his chest plate along with his clothes ripped off horribly as he morphed into a hungry seven foot tall werewolf.

He couldn control his blood thirst and hunger which made him rampaging around, he attacked one of his comrades and killed him by using his claws brutally with an extraordinary strength, and ripped the ribs off from him gruesomely.

He ate his heart and sucked up the blood until he was drained but he felt it wasn that satisfying for him, apparently, it was the first time of his werewolf appearance. Because of turning into one of this horrifying ferocious beast, hunger and blood thirst will drive them crazy like they couldn have a full control of themselves. He goes up on another kill to fill up his thirst for blood but their Alliance commander named Jamarion stands his way, and then the epic fight between a werewolf Dante and the great swordmaster Jamarion happened.

”Dante! Dante, wake up! don make me kill you kid, hey Dante?! ” Jamarion yelled at him as if he could manipulate him with his words, Jamarion started to raise his silver greatsword to Dante but it didn stop him from rampaging, he just made him more pissed off and because of that, Dante attacked Jamarion using his claws charging towards him in a great haste, unconscious about everything of his actions during his uncontrollable state of becoming a werewolf, fortunately Jamarion was an experienced swordmaster and then just evaded Dantes attack and Jamarion made his counter-attack by using his silver greatsword and he successfully sliced Dantes back with it. Werewolves are creatures that have supernatural abilities like super strength and speed, enhanced sense of smell and hearing, and the best of all was their healing ability when they
e wounded but because Jamarion used a silver greatsword, that time, he figured out that silver can hurt demons, Dantes wound heals slowly as he howled in a massive pain, it just made him more pissed off though.

Dante caught all of the others attention, including Marchosias too, because of the goose-bumping-howl he made that was so rare for a newborn like him to be done by. Dante made Marchosias believe that he already found his champion as he watched him fight, going for a without-hesitation killing instinct, heading toward his target, Jamarion, was a skilled swordmaster, he was like an undisputed wizard of sword, known for his several successful quests where h

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