Hallowed Demons: The Rise of Broken Heroes

Chapter III: The Alliance Empire

”Hey Georghe, look at this wimpy freak. ” an arrogant Lucius tries to mess up Dante from practicing his magic, hes using telekinesis with his sharp-shining floating shards to hit and penetrate to those empty barrels a yard apart.

Dante successfully hit one of those barrels the reason why this arrogant son of the Duke, Lucius and his cousin Georghe ignited their jealousy of Dantes ability to become a good mage someday as they watch him doing an incredible fatal magic. The two royal teenagers pushed the eight year old Dante down on the ground, kicked him around like a pity little stray. ”Im challenging you in a duel you pathetic wimp. Fight me, And lets see whos the loser! ” Lucius hated Dante so much because, this little child, Dante, beat him once during their duel in the scholars arena in front of his father that mad at him of losing his pride.

”Stop! leave me ALONE! ” Dante uttered, while crawling away from them as he tried to get up, but they kept pushing him down to the ground, persuading him to accept their challenge. Dante was a scared little child, trying to flee from them as Lucius cast his magic spell to him.

Vines coming out from the ground, wrapped him around and threw him to the ground harshly. But then all the vines that Lucius casting to Dante was suddenly cut off by Jamarion with his great sword and the poor Dante falls on the ground. At that time, Jamarion was also an eighteen year old scholar practicing sword-mastery.

”We don hurt each other here in the Alliance. We
e here to train and be strong enough to protect the world from our enemies out there, they should be the one youve got to fight with! Not your ally. ” the voice of a well-disciplined person, instead of stopping Lucius from being rude, it just made him more pissed off by Jamarions words.

”Shut up you **ing priest! You just talked like my father! I don need your speech to lessoned me! ” Lucius furiously yelled to Jamarion, hatred and raging jealousy caused Lucius to almost kill Jamarion using his magic. He hit him with vines and roots that were coming out from the ground, he kept smashing him with it again and again until Jamarion got weakened, then he choked him upwards roughly hanging in the vines, can fight for himself pathetically. Dante was pitifully watching his friend Jamarion got beaten by his bully until Dante got enough of their cruelness, so as the moment that he let his emotions took over him because of the hatred he felt back towards their inhuman behavior which that caused him to stab them with his sharp, shining little shards. He saved Jamarion from almost being killed by Lucius magic but the feedback of his reckless action caused him to be manipulated by his emotions which it puts him into so much trouble, fortunately, he didn kill them, because if Dante did, he could be sentenced to death because Lucius was a son of the Duke that has a close connection to the most powerful wizard in the Alliance Empire, Zeus. ”The consequences of his actions from using his magic towards his own comrades, we, as the Council of Wizardry members, to prevent any other incident like this to occur, will forfeit the right of this child of using the arcane ring. ” The Council of Wizardry extinguished Dante from scholars. Scholars are those who practice and learn how to do magical stuff through the use of arcane rings that were empowered by the arcane tower. The richer you are, the more rings can acquire, and the more rings, means the more powerful magic you can do. So, because of the trouble Dante has been into, his only ring that his mothers last sentimental treasure was confiscated by the council. At that time, he began being frustrated with himself. Every time he falls asleep, he always remembers his failures of becoming a mage thats why he started to throw his punches to those people who are calling him a trouble maker. Always mistreating him with their hurtful words, ”Weak! Weak! Trouble maker….. pathetic wimp! ” Though he was so mentally and emotionally broke that time, his friend Jamarion never left his side. After Jamarion finished being a scholar, he decided to join the Alliances Infantry division. Because of his ability of becoming a skillful wizard of sword or they often called a swordmaster, he was promoted to lead a legion of swordsman, and because his friend Dante was a frustrated mage and a jobless person that time, he recruited him to be a part of his team. A real friend will always help you to where you want to be comfortable of calling it your successful career. At that time, Dante was happy to accept Jamarions offer to him as he tried again to make his difference in the empire. Though Dante still got himself into trouble for sometime, but Jamarion was always at his back to save him. ”No matter how hard your life mocks you down you think it was, just get up and prove to them you
e not a weak one for them to just give easily yourself up to the people who don value your kindness. They
e not the ones who are writing your story, if you let them bring out the worst of you, then it was just like you gave them your pen and let them write your tragic ending. ” An old memory of Dante that has been haunting him, reminiscing inside his head as he was sleeping behind the bonfire under the cold winter night sky.

Two days later of an exhausting journey from the far north of the GreatLand, he finally reached the Lushy Plains of the northwest GreatLand, it was the place with a good climate, the way the mild breeze hits his face, the sounds of chirping birds freely flying up the sky, noisy insects that crackles and swishing around, and different animals running and lurking around symphonically communicating.

In his path, he encountered a huge mystic deer, as he smelled its blood flowing from its veins and heard its heart beating inside its body, definitely a perfect menu for his meal. Dante charged towards the deer as the poor animal noticed Dante as danger and ran for its life. While Dante was chasing the deer using his supernatural speed, he didn notice that he was halfway morphed himself into a werewolf as his k-nine fangs grew, pointed k-nine ears and claws along with his face, but still, he was in his human size and not totally shape shifted into a seven foot tall rabid dog.

He kept chasing the deer until the poor deer was cornered in the side of a strongly-current flowing river connected downward to a very high waterfall.

His extreme hunger made him kill the poor deer gruesomely with his sharps claws penetrated through its heart as he bit its neck and sucked up the blood, completely drained.

After Dante finished his mealtime, he went to the river and when he went to the water to wash up the blood stains on his clothes, he saw his reflection in the water. He felt mixed up emotions as he saw himself, looking like a monster his mother told him from the story of his past, the monsters who destroyed their home and took the lives of his older brother and his father that he had never seen before his eyes able to see the open world nineteen years ago.

Over five-hundred years ago, the time when the fallen angels or what they often called demons arrived here on the earth. The GreatLand at that time was supposed to be a harmonious place. Gerndarth Kingdom in the far north, Elvatheas Kingdom in the northeast, Shaaraa Kingdom in the south, and the Capital Kingdom in the mid GreatLand, led by humans as the center place of all races. When the demons arrived, the peaceful world began to collapse and the chaos spread throughout the continent. Some of the Kingdoms were under controlled by demons like the Transilvania Fortress of the far west that was once a peaceful kingdom but now became the death queens lair called the Necropolis kingdom, controlled by Lilith, the demon who made the whole people of that kingdom into a blood sucking creatures called vampires. Not all kingdoms have fallen into the hands of the demons like the elves, dwarves and the orcs who immediately took their refugees into the Capital as the humans warm-heartly welcomed them as their allies, and that is why the Capital became the Alliance Empire that made it as the bigest empire of the GreatLand which composted of several towns and castles.

As time passed by, Zeus and Odin, the greatest wizard of the Alliance discovered magic, invented the arcane rings and the arcane tower which was the one that empowers the rings to its purpose. So, thats how the scholars of young mages began to train, learn and fight the enemies by using magic. It was one of the convenient ways to fight powerful demons, but nobody has ever killed any one of the demon lords since.

Its almost been five-hundred years since humans and other Earths races surviving some fights of chaotic war with the demons. The place on the far far south of the GreatLand across the hundred acre wide Gloomy Forest, and the murderous terrains of Death Valleys is where the place they called the ”Abyss ” was theoretically said to be the landing spot of the demons during the time when they fell from heaven, and it became the kingdom of the Abyss which was too impossible to be reached out by humans and other mortal races.

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