Freya let out a small groan as she rolled out of bed, her hand slamming down onto the alarm clock that was going off on her bedside table. She looked at the time and frowned deeply as she saw that it was six oclock, meaning she had three hours before she needed to be at the campus for classes. The girl glanced out of the window as the wind blew, sending a slightly chilled gust of wind into her room as she opened the window. It was Freyas first time back in Chapel Hill since she left to travel, spending most of her time the last few months with her ex-boyfriend in Greece as they stayed in his familys villa before they relocated to his apartment in New York City. Chapel Hill, being a town nuzzled in Upstate New York, was making her miss the warm atmosphere in Greece as she shivered, crossing her arms as her eyes hunted for a cardigan when a knock came to her door.

”Freya? ” The door to her room opened, revealing her two younger siblings as they looked up at her. She turned and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow as she watched Laurel and Julian pushing into her room. ”Freya, are you bringing us to school? ” Laurel asked, looking up at her sister as she tilted her head. Freya leaned down towards her sister, fixing the jacket that was around her shoulders.

”Did mom and dad leave already? ” The twins nodded and Freya sighed, straightening before she grabbed a cardigan from the floor. Her fingers reached for her keys, snatching them up before she lifted her bag and herded her siblings out of the room. ”Did you guys eat already? ” A chorus of yes and hurry was thrown at her, the twins grabbing for their things as they rushed out the door and to Freyas car.

”Freyfrey, are you happy now that you are out of school? ” Julian asked, crossing his arms as he looked out of the window.

”Shes not out of school, idiot. Shes in college. ” Laurel muttered, glaring at her brother before she shook her head. Freya frowned, glancing at the twins in the rear-view mirror.

”Laurel, Jules is not an idiot. You shouldn be mean to your brother. ” She scolded, only to be met with an eye roll from her sister.

”Its okay, Freya. Laurel has been moody since mom and dad took her tablet away. ” Julian murmured as he watched his oldest sister stare at Laurel, hugging his bag as she pulled out of the driveway before turning towards Wicker Street, leading them towards the heart of town. The girl in the front seat let out a small sigh as she stopped at the stop sign, looking both ways when she saw a tall wolf standing on the side of the road, the wind making its deep brown hair sway as a cold chill spread through Freyas body before she shifted her gaze away from it. She pressed her foot down on the accelerator and frowned as she gripped the steering wheel tightly.

”Wasn that Kol? ” Laurel whispered to her brother, her head turned to see that the wolf was gone.

”I thought it was- ”

Freya tried to ignore the twins as they talked about Kol and the pack, sitting silently in the front when she pulled into the parking lot of Chapel Hill Middle School. She pulled up in the line of cars that were made up of parents dropping off their kids before turning in her seat, smiling at the twins gently as she watched them get their things. ”Have a good day, call if you need anything. Im just going to the campus, its- ”

”Right around the corner, we know Frey. ” Julian chuckled, opening his door before he and Laurel slid out onto the sidewalk. They closed the door and waved at their sister, walking to the front of the school as she pulled away from her spot before making her way back to the house. As she got out of the car she heard a howl rip through the air, making her shake her head as she closed the car door before marching inside.

”Psychopath, watching me drive them to school. ” She muttered as she kicked off her shoes in her room, closing the blinds before she stripped out of her clothes. She was pulling on her black skinny jeans when her phone rang through the air, the caller ID showing it was Alec, her ex-boyfriend, who was calling. She pulled on a shirt as she let the phone go to voicemail, not wanting to talk to him after the last fight they had been in since she decided to go to the college in her hometown. Alec didn like small towns, insisting that they gave him the creeps and that everyone in these places were weird. Things he would say about people in the towns he had been to would annoy her, her mind thinking to the people she knew since she was in diapers. These were her people, she knew every single person in the town. The only reason anyone would find them strange is if the person was an outsider. That is what she told him the last time he told her he didn want to visit her in a town full of freaks, before she packed her things and drove herself home from their apartment in the city.

Freya was brushing her teeth and continued to get ready, the silence of her house and the town making it hard to focus as she tried to remember what she needed. After living with Alec in the city for a long time, the silence was loud and she found it unsettling. After finishing her makeup Freya grabbed her bag, putting things in it that she needed for her classes when a knock came to the front door. With furrowed brows Freya looked down at the driveway from the window in the hallway before she turned, bolting down the stairs and flinging the door open before wrapping her arms around her best friend.

”Well, I misse

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