Kamari packed her car in the parking lot and took out the snacks she shopped before coming home, she got out and then click the button of her car key the car chimed in light before going to rest, and she can hear herbgrandmother singing Awesome God she was in the kitchen and aroma of the stew from the kitchen filled the air, she dropped her bag on the couch put the snack in the bowl in the sitting room, before going to hug her.

”Ohh sweetie, how was your first day in school ” she kissed both of her cheeks before letting her go, Kamari chuckled going to the fridge to get water she was blushing.

”Mama it was great not until one of the girls decide to be bitchy anyways you know I can handle any kind of people ” her grand mom switched off the smallest stove looks like the stew was ready.

”Hope she did not ruin your day ”? She asked checking the big boiling pot, Kamari nods drinking her water resting on the kitchen counter.

”You look so happy regardless of the gurl ” her grandma click her teeth together before she resumed again. ” you spoke with a boy, ” she asked drifting her gaze to Kamari who shy her face away, her grandma tickling her to talk to her about it.

”Hes cute grandma it happens hes not good in geography. This is what happened ” Kamari decided to open up about it getting the plates from the drawer,

”I did not know where I was seating belongs to the Head girl as soon as she walks in it happens shes taking geography class with me so he asked me to share his space, I have been dying to talk to him grandma I know guys are cute but he looks different ” her grandma giggle took outs the white boiled yams then dish the vegetable stew into a bowl.

”Hes a king saving you from that girl God knows her intentions, I am sure both of you will get along, ” her grandma said seating opposite Kamari who sat at the other end.

”You mean Jack and I will get along, ” she asked holding her fork and hesitating to start eating.

”Not Jack I mean the head girl, I have experienced the same thing you know girls find it difficult to adapt to new students especially when they are females just a few who are friendly, tell me about your class.

The food tasted so delicious as Kamari gist her old person how the class went anytime she talks about Jack her smoke always reach eyes technicality she doesn know why h ohh Weber deep down she knew she was already falling for this boy. Kamaris parents are adventurers half of their life they spend traveling and seeing the world, her parents are YouTubers they quit their job to fully vlogging detailing all their travels around the world, on the hand, Kamari is a young influencer for fashion plus a mini co

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