Hold 0n


Ive been silent for years. Afraid, hiding, running away and trying to find a way out. Until they weren secrets anymore, but things I needed answers to.

The answers were in my head, but they were buried deep inside my head. Like a Pandoras box, you either open it or you don . Whatever you find, will it help?

”Please, wake up. ”

It was puzzling. Like, I don know what was happening but it was there. I was there, at a loss. My mind was picking up on sounds, but I see nothing. I feel drops of water in my skin.

Everything seemed clear as mud. I couldn move, I wanted to speak but I was mixed up.

”We miss you, Son. ”

I have no idea where it was coming from. It was absurd. I couldn bring anything to light. It was a man, I could hear his constant sniffing and the complete hopelessness in his voice.

My head, there were so many things it was telling me. I don understand, it was driving me spare.

”Lucas… ”

At that very moment, I started seeing things. There were memories, memories I could not ring a bell to. It was all greek to me.

”Lucas? ”

A dazzling light that grew bigger and bigger sprang up to me as I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was blurry. Gradually, I began to see a silhouette of a person, I couldn catch sight of his face.

e awake, Son! ” He blurted. Its hard to put into words how vacuous I was. I was empty, I h

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