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Chapter 6: A Small Flash of Light

Lucas Carters POV

A piece of a jigsaw puzzle can tell a lot, but not everything. Just like a picture that holds many stories, but conceals reality.

Sometimes, if you
e unlucky, it takes away your truth. Until its the only thing you can see, and you forget who you are.

”Lucas! Weve been looking for you the whole day! How did you get in here? ”

It felt like I was dead already. I couldn feel my body. It was a slap in my face and a knife in my chest because youd rather believe some made up story than what you knew to be true.

What shatters my heart even more is the fact that all this time, I was with my mother. She was there, yet I kept blabbering for a man who was nowhere for us.

I was just a kid back then when I witnessed her bit the dust. I couldn do anything to save her, I just screamed at the top of my lungs while watching her fell onto the ground, running out of breath.

I could have done more. I could have ran outside to ask for help, but its too late.

”Brother, you can just run like that, its not safe. ”

No words could escape my lips, my mind was on the rocks. I was black and blue, blood and thunder.

”Son, come on, lets go home. ” I pushed Dad away as his hand landed on my shoulder. I rose to my feet, stepping away from them. Their presence drives me up a wall.

”Leave me alone. ” I snapped, stepping back. I was having a conniption, I wanted to have things my way. I thought maybe I didn need them anymore, they lied to me.

All this time, I was just an illegitimate child.

”What? Son, lets go home- ”

”You heard me, right? I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE! ” They flinched as my thunderous voice echoed within the house. ”THIS IS MY HOME, YOURE NOT MY FAMILY, MOM IS! ” I gritted my teeth as my eyes shot to their piercing glares.

I couldn feel myself. My chest was like being shot down in flames, my mind sealed and emotions in the saddle. I badly wanted to recall everything, but I thought that it was enough.

Its like theres always something missing. Every room feels so empty.

”You already know? ”

I irritably wiped my tears.

”Yes, Big brother. ” I shot a frightening glare at him. ”I know my mother now, and what happened to her. The way Eliza attacked her and ran away like a monster that has taken her prey. ” Every word that rolled off my tongue felt like a needle in my throat. Inside me was a punching bag, and I couldn bear it.

”Lucas, my mother didn mean to- ”

”DIDNT MEAN TO!? ” I hissed. That made me bent out of shape. He had no idea what he was saying. ”SHE FUCKING TRESPASSED OUR HOME! SHE KILLED MY MOTHER! ”

”Stop it, please… ” Dad came between us but I just put him under the radar, remaining my gaze at my brother.

”Why would you tell me that Eliza is my mother? SHE WAS A MURDERER! ”

”She did not kill your mother- ”


”Ah-ahh… ”

My heart almost missed a bit when Dad fell to his knees.

”Dad! ” My brother rushed to him, held him to sit on the couch.

I didn want to harm anyone, I swear. But all I had was rage, sadness, and despair. I was hurting, and I didn think about who I might hurt.

My brother then turned his attention back to me.

”Brother, I know we cannot bring back anything anymore. Im sorry, for what my mother did. ” He said in the best soothing tone he could.

”Im broken, brother… ” I grieved. That time, I wasn really mad at him, or anyone. I was upset that he lied, but it was actually me calling for help. ”Thats just how its gonna be… youll **ing live with it. ”

”Lucas, no- ”

”HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW!? Do you know what I feel? You
e just gonna **ing stand here feeling sorry for me, not **ing knowing what to say… brother, I LOST MY FUCKING MOTHER, I WAS NINE, BRO! ”

I was lost. I didn know how to live my life anymore. Or did I even get the chance to? Cause that moment, it felt like I was already dead.

”No matter how many times you say sorry, nothing could bring my mother back. I couldve **ing died instead. YOURE ALL FUCKIN SELFISH! ”

”S-Son… stop… ”


”Fuck you, Lucas. Shut up! Just shut up! ” My brother couldn take it anymore. He went up in arms. That minute I wasn thinking of anything but my misery, I was broken, or maybe worse than that.

”Liam… stop- ” Dad tried to get up but he couldn .

”No, Dad! Brother, listen to me, you dipshit! ” My brother looked furious, and I wasn scared. I wanted him like that, I wanted them to say whatever they needed to, but it didn turn out that well. ”We cried for you, we were worried about you! After my mother, I needed you! Not because of my mother but because you were the only person I could trust, the only person who would understand what I was going through and now you
e gonna **ing say that? You want to leave us behind? THATS MESSED UP, LUCAS! ”

”I-Im sorry… IM SORRY! ”

That was when I ate everything I had said. I needed to hear that, at least of all people, from them. He was right, I was messed up. He just didn know how much, neither did I.

”We love you, brother… and you just don care? ”

”I-I do. I-do care… Im sorry. ”

That night was a rollercoaster of emotions. Although it still hurts, but maybe losing my mother doesn mean losing everything.

We went home. It was the calm after the storm, I couldn not think of what had happened.

Dad went straight into his room to rest. I wasn thinking, if something bad happened to him Id never forgive myself. I wouldn let him suffer the same fate as Mom. I can lose another family.

”Brother, Im sorry… I can say if Ive forgiven Eliza already, but I promise Ill help you give the justice she needs. ” I said as my brother sat on the couch. He tardily looked at me. ”I am blaming myself more, I couldn save my mother. ”

”Come on, sit down. ” I did what he told me, I sat on the other couch across him. He raised his body and rested his forearms on his knees, putting his hands together. ”I understand, you don have to say sorry, and do not blame yourself, okay? I know you did what you could. ”

I smiled at him. I could see the sincerity in his eyes. He did not say it just to make me feel better, he said it because he meant it.

That night, I saw a side of him I think I had never seen before. People would normally view this as a simple interaction between two brothers. But for me? It means a lot.

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