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Chapter 8: Daisy

Liam Carters POV

When you don look through the curtains, everything seems so simple. Sometimes, we can just assume things. Especially when they just exist, but not truly living.

You know what I mean, or you might ask, ”what is it like to be a Carter? ” More specifically, what is it like to be Liam Carter? Me.

Well, usually, you never have to worry about how youd go through a day. You don have to.

Its not a brag, its a complaint.

Every day is just the same. The more it stays like that, the more empty everything appears.

”He saw Allyna? ”

”Thats what he said. ”

What does being lonely mean to you? Being alone? Or that feeling of emptiness you can just do away with?

At times, you wait for things when you can get them yourself. Maybe you don know how because you were never taught to, so you just rely on the wheel of fortune and fool yourself into believing that everythings going to be alright.

”Dad, Im pretty sure he was just kidding. Allyna is long gone. Rest in peace. ” I jeered, shaking my head. I crossed my legs and put my arm on the crest rail.

Sometimes you go deep, like you bury your hope. But no matter how buried it gets, no matter how empty you feel, theres always something.

He took a bated breath, his face tells a lot. Many things don make sense since Lucas woke up. Im glad my brother survived, but I couldn be happier.

”Please, sit down, Dad. ” I squeaked, handing a cup of coffee over him. I also poured one for myself.

”Thank you, Son. ”

It must be so disappointing learning your father has an affair, isn it? Was I disappointed? Well, at first I thought it was the right thing to feel, to feel betrayed and fooled. But I guess there wasn any space left in me to feel those things, I was numb, or maybe its just not who I am.

”May I ask hows the investigation, Dad? Any person of interest? ” I asked, and he just slowly shook his head.

Like I said, theres always something, and it was Lucas.

They said siblings can be the worst enemies. One can be favored, and one can be envious. Which one is who?

”I assure you, Son. We won stop until we find out who did this to Eliza and Lucas. ” He gloated, with no hint of contempt in his eyes.

That got me bounce off the walls. Have you ever had the feeling that something is always wrong? But you convince yourself to believe that everything is just as normal as it seems. Then, it takes a severe storm for you to realize the hidden wounds you had hoped would simply heal on their own. We were happy…

or not at all.

”AHHHHHH!!!! ”

That piercing shriek drove chills down my spine, and I nearly spitted the coffee I was drinking. Glass breaking noises were coming from Lucas room.

Dad and I rose to our feet, exchanging our glances.


Everythings gonna be alright. I hope the world is as easy as how you say it…

”SON! ”

We found Lucas sitting on the floor with his back to the bed. His hand was wounded, bleeding, and quivering. The shattered glasses were scattered all over the ground.

We rushed to my brothers side, my heart could miss a bit any moment.

”Brother, what happened to you!? ” I howled, my chin was trembling.

For a moment I thought someone broke into the house again, but I looked around and it appeared as though my brother had lost control.

”I-I… I-I d-don know… ” He warbled, breaking out in a cold sweat, bearing his bleeding hand with small pieces of crystals.


”Hold on, Im gonna get the keys. ” I just nodded at Dad then he rushed outside.

I turned my attention back to my brother who was trembling and staring off into space. I could feel my heart racing, and tears of anguish were starting to form in my eyes.

”B-Brother, its gonna be alright, okay? ” I fretted, my blood was running cold. I didn know what was the right thing to say. I wasn prepared to see him like that, it breaks me.

My whole body droop as he slowly shot his moistened eyes at me. He was down in the mouth.

”B-Big B-Bro– ”

I couldn help but embrace him. I was out of sorts, resisting the tears in my eyes.

”Im here, Im here… ” I wailed, caressing the back of his head.

I have no idea whats happening anymore. My whole body was in a slough of despond. Half of me was dead, and the other half still wanted to hold on.

Maybe in everyones point of view, between me and Lucas, I am the lucky one. But in my view, these unnecessary noises made me isolated, alone in the world, except for Lucas. Without him, it feels like me against the world.

”Hes stable now, luckily we were able to remove every crystal in his hand or else it may lead to infection. ” Doctor Smith said, her hands in her coat pocket.

”Thank you, Doc. ” Dad uttered.

Lucas was sitting on the sickbed, with us standing next to him. I was traumatized. It wasn the first time he freaked out. First it was at the hospital, next he pointed a blade at me, and now, this.

What exactly is happening to my brother?

”No offense, but I have to tell you. The patient might be suffering from mental illness. Brief outbursts of anger and violence that are out of proportion for the situation is a sign of disruptive disorder. People with this disorder may erupt into angry outbursts or violent actions. I suggest you consult a psychiatrist to– ”

”Are you saying that Im insane? ” Lucas heckled, his voice sounding browned off.

”No its not like that– ”

”ITS LIKE THAT! ” I held his shoulder. ”I AM NOT INSANE YOU FUCK! ”

”Uhm… Doc, sorry. Its okay now. ” Dad said as if he was asking the doctor to leave before my brother lose it again.

”Excuse me. ” She said then she finally went out of the room.

I seemed to have lost the thread of the situation, I couldn process things on my mind well. What Doctor Smith said beats me.

”Don tell me you believe her. ” My brother groused. Dad and I exchanged glances, then he patted my brothers back. We were confused, lost for words.

It all goes down to one question; were we selfish? Cause seeing my brother, its killing me.

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