Sometimes being the lone wolf, and apart from the pack was a good thing. In this case though, its a dreadful thing.

Class has of course just started, but as usual no one, not a single person was focused. Every single Supernatural was glancing around the room. They glanced at the students that surrounds them, even the Humans. They were trying to figure out which Supernaturals were around them; and what I mean by that is that they were trying to see if they had any rare supernaturals. Supernatural species go rare because their either on the brink of extinction or they are being hunted. But its not like the rarer supernaturals will go blabbing about their kind, I mean they are still trying to keep in hiding.

I for one plan to keep a low profile, being the last Spirit Wolf, with Demon and Angel blood . My fur is a smooth charcoal, midnight black. My eyes glow a scarlet red colour. I am larger in size than an Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. My senses are heightened even higher than that of an Alpha; as well as my supernatural strengths.

I could see a female with Caramel coloured hair, she has arctic blue eyes, they were so light they ere near white. She was wearing cool coloured clothes and grey sneakers.


And that was the bell.

Sweet! Free period, since the teacher is away, kinda strange for the first day though. So when I was about to leave something caught my attention, or rather someone did.

And yes, I know Im supposed to stay low for now,. But on the bus this morning I stayed silent for far too long, and let some kid get bullied by a high ranking werewolf.








”Hey girl, how lucky must you be to share a class with me. But there is one problem. ” Says an irritated voice.

”Y-yes, w-w-what can I do for you ? ” Says a smaller, softer and feminine voice.

”Well, Im glad you asked. But Im gonna need all your money; so hand it over NOW! ”

Wow not only are you bullying the poor human, now your stealing her money. I watched the scene unfold in silence.

The female I saw earlier with Caramel hair and arctic eyes was now dishing through her small bag frantically while shaking. Once she found what she was looking for she sighed in relief; and put whatever she had on her desk. Getting up quickly she tried to flea from the Bully who was surrounded by –

Not only was he a BULLY but he is also a VAMPIRE, and so are his buddies!

Its now or never.


”Whoa, where are you off to in such a hurry ” The voice said.

At that I spun around to see a horrible scene.

A tall, thin male with short coal black hair held the human by the scruff of her shirt, his eyes were showing off his thirst for her blood, his fangs were extended and he showed off his pointy whites.

The human gasped in surprise and horror; finally realising what could happen.

”You sure look delicious, may I take a taste. ” His tongue flicked out to glide across her jaw line, she shivered.

”P-p-p-p-pl-lease. N-n-no. St-stop ” she tried.

His behaviours bizarre for a vampire- wait, thats it! His tongues a fork shape.

My eyes widened as realization kicked in.

Vampire + Demon = Hybrid

And thats when I stepped in.

I glided my way through all the bystanders. Who would of thought, with an audience like this, only one would step up.People parted when I got near the girl and hybrid. Just as the Hybrid was about to take a bite into the humans neck, I slid in front of her and shoved the Hybrid back hard. He stumbled back, and blood thirsty eyes met my scarlet red eyes.

”Move. ” His tone was icy and has enough power to send chills down a humans spine.

Im so glad I had my cloak on me. So he couldn see whats under the cloak, but neither did anyone else. So for now, my identity was concealed.

”Leave the girl alone. ” I said putting a command into my tone.

The supernaturals in the room were not effected by the power it held, since it wasn directed at them. But the humans on the other hand were looking down in submission, guess I couldn block the command from reaching them…oops!

All of the Vampires apart of the bullies group burst into laughter including Mr. Bully himself.

”And who may you be, you
e not apart of the human population here, so why stoop so low to protect them? ” He wasn asking a question, he was trying to make fun of me and I wouldn have it.

”Why would you go as low to bully one, certainly you remember the rules that each and everyone has. In order to be accepted here the school is a place of peace, safety, acceptance and other positive traits. You, of all people should know that right Darian Zegan? ”

Whoa! Hold up, how do I know this dudes name?

The crowd and his group were silent, so I started tapping my foot with my arms crossed and spoke.

”Well, Im waiting. ” I drew out.

When nobody was going to answer, I spun around and grabbed the human girl who was about to be a vampires live, walking, warm blood bag and dragged her through the crowd.

”Th-thank yo-you !!! ” She stuttered.

”Relax, Im not gonna hurt you. If I was, I would have left you to be their living, walking blood baggie. ” I explained.

”Ummm thanks ! ” She had a beaming smile that reached her eyes.

”No problem! ” I say then start to walk away.

”Hey, wait up! I have a question, if your not human or vampire. Then, what are you ? ” She asked.

I could hear her trying to keep up to my long strides, so I slowed down. But I continued walking down the hall. I noticed that as I walked. kids from all different classes paused in what they were doing to clear a path and stare as the girl behind followed. I was confused but ignored it until I slowed to a stop, then felt someone bump into me. I already knew it was the blue eyed girl because of the soft ” oomph ” sound she made as she made contact with my back.

”Hey, cloak girl whyd you stop? ”

I grinned but of course she couldn see because of my back facing her. I stared straight ahead; where I saw two girls who reminded me of the Caramel girl behind me. And of course they were humans like her. I was quite ecstatic at the thoughts that entered my mind.

”Hello girls. ” I paused.

The blonde one spun around and gasped in surprise.

”You! ” She looked frightened, and since I didn have any time for this I spoke again.

”Hello girls! ” I added more enthusiasm to my voice as if I were an eight year old at a birthday party.

”H-hello??!! ” Says the brunette beside her cautiously.

”What are you doing? ” The Caramel haired girl whispered from behind me.

”Don you two ladies look lovely today, can I get a favour? ” I asked the girls that practically looked at me with question marks on their faces.

”Hmm, sure! But it depends on the favour. ” said the blonde.

”Why don you meet my little companion- ” Shoot I don know her name.

”Elara, since I have a separate class from her. But since I heard you two would be in her next class, could you, maybe show her around. And possibly befriend her? ” I say, and again realize she never told me her name. Dang it, thats the second time today!

I felt Elara stiffen beside me, and I know why. She leaned closer to me then she whispered,

”How? I never told you my name. ” She wondered.

” Its my superpower! ” I joked, because I honestly had no clue.

”What are you? ” And with that she was dragged away by her new friends.

I spun around and walked right into a solid object that wasn there moments ago.

What the?

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