Great. So a Demon just attacked me in my own house.I was taking a bath when it attacked. Fortunately Tracker, Ranger and Scout barged in and helped me out. So this is how I found myself standing in front of my house with Tracker. The sun had just set and it was getting darker; which means the weather is cooling off. No Im not scared, a human would be freaking out knowing a Demon broke into their house. But then again Im not part of the human population.

Im a Hybrid as some call me. Or just a wolf with strange spiritual powers, but then again all animals harness strange and unique powers.

There was a loud sound that came from the house. Then all was as silent. There was no traces on how it got in; but we all figured it must have been summoned. Or worse, let in. But the real question was who would let it in my home?

Then Scout and Ranger exited my house and shut the door behind them. The look on their faces kept me from speaking in fear of the worst possible outcome.

”Im sorry I had to do this to you, but it had to be done for your safety. ” Scout didn look at me.

”Do what? ” I asked.

”You can be angry at us all you want but its for your own good.So Scout and I turned up all the burners on the stove, we put the microwave on full blast, left every light in every room on and turned up the heat. The fuse should blow any second now, and the fire will start. ”

I stood there shocked with Tracker, our jaws hit the floor.

”What happened to the plan? ” Tracker hissed.

”We has to change it because of what the banshee said- ” Tracker and I cut him off.

”A Banshee!? ”

”Not an ordinary banshee; It was a Hybrid. Half banshee and half vampire. She didn follow any of the rules for either supernaturals. She did mention a warning though, just not one of death being near. ” Scout says.

”She went on and on about, The coming of a new generation of power. And she didn want to cooperate in a non-violent way. So we tried our best, but it didn end the way we were hoping to end it. ” Ranger says.

And yes while they were discussing this, they were completely ignoring me as I tried to talked to them!

Do it. Or else youll never get their attention! Ratar whispered so I could hear their bickering still.

”-a banshee doing in her house? ” Tracker asked.

”-give that information? ” Scout says.

I missed the beginnings of both their conversations, as what they said finally registered to me. And well you can probably guess what I did next.

”YOU DID WHAT! ” I screamed.

Their heads snapped in my direction with surprise at my outburst. News flash, thats only a small one, and oh boy did they look terrified! I almost felt giddy inside. I spun on my heels, and ran for the house as fast as me feet could take me. But that still wasn enough, because I felt a sudden grip on my wrist. But that didn stop me from dragging whoever latched onto my wrist with me. I continued to feel hands grab onto me until I couldn move an inch.

”lEt gO oF mE nOw! ” Ratar growled out, but they only tightened their grip on me!


I spun around to see a flash of black. Suddenly I found myself on the ground with something or rather someone on top of me.

” Sorry! Are you alright Sir? ” Said the stranger.

I open my eyes to meet a pair of Neon green cat eyes. The stranger got up and I took that moment to observe his features. He had black hair, his hair was pushed forward messily, he has cat like green eyes, black cat ears and a matching tail. He wore a smirk on his face totally flaunting his cat like fangs. He wore a black dress coat with a white shirt under shirt, his tie was a loose red. And he wore dress pants and dress shoes.

He shoved his hands into his pockets. And chuckled.

”You done checking me out, Sir! ” He joked.

”I don know on whether to take offence to that comment, or take it as a compliment, and I was totally NOT checking you out. I was simply observing you! ” I say.

He took a step back surprised.

”My apologies maam !!! ”He corrected.

That makes me sound old…

”Thanks! And its Olivia, maam makes me feel old even when Im fourteen! ” I say.

Man, your parents are not gonna be happy about this- Radar got cut off by my phone buzzing. This can be good.

”Excuse me! ” I tell the cat shifter.

”Go ahead! ” He gestures ahead of me.

I answer the call, and instantly stilled. Finally I slowly turn to my wolf companions; only to see them glaring at the cat shifter. The cat shifter simply hissed back at them, and soon they start a growling and hissing battle. But Im to occupied with the words the caller speaks.

”Is this Olivia Lupus-Lycan? ”

”Yes, but who am I speaking to? ” I ask cautiously.

”Im sorry to have to bring this to your attention miss Lupus-Ly- ” I cut him off.

”Just Olivia will do. ”

”Alright Olivia. Your mother and father were killed in their hotel- ”I cut him off.

”They were murdered? ” I ask.

”Yes ”


”Olivia, are you still there? ”

” Y-yeah. Ummm, who is it Im speaking to? ”

”Officer Deathclaw. ” He says.

”Th-the s-s-supernatural officer? ”

”Wow, so Im guessing your familiar with the supernatural environment, tell me Olivia.

What are your parents relationship to the community of supernatural? ”

”Just a fan! And as far as Im aware, their human! ” I said all too quickly.

”Thats impossible though, unless your not human. But tell me, do you parents or family have any connections to the supernatural communities? ”

”No! ” I was answering too quickly, he might get suspicious.

”Ok, well your parent were murdered by a Minotaur. Its still on the loose so I suggest you stay hidden wherever you are. May I know where you are? It won go to anyone else only me, and yes I can get in lots of trouble for not saying your location. Let it just be out little secret! ”

”School is all Im saying! ” I lied.

”Good, so your with other supernaturals, mythical creatures and humans. I know that because your parents left a little clue. ” He says but not in a creepy evil way, more like a caring way.

”Stay hidden, and never stay alone. Have someone with you at all times since I could take a wild guess where that Minotaur is headed- ”

”Got it! ” I say with more confidence then I felt.

I hung up and turned to the cat and dogs.


Hope this goes well!

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