The three mutts bickered back and forth with the cat shifter. And it was getting quite annoying; but I couldn even bother with them right now. I felt like I was going to break. The tall unbreakable walls I built up so high were slowly crumbling. And emotions that I haven felt in a long time, started resurfacing. And it was too much all at once. What could I do; what is this feeling?

How am I going to survive? These dumb mutts burned my house to the ground! Literally. My parents were murdered, and what killed them is now after me. Im no longer as safe as I thought I was. I don know what to do…So what is my next move?

I have to be careful on who I trust now. Could I still trust these three? Wait, I never trusted them in the first place…Did I? Now Im questioning my decisions. Ive never done that, what have they done to me-

Is there really more to my parents than I knew about. Did they keep secrets from me? If the officer that deals with Supernatural cases got my parents case; then what actually happened? A million questions ran through my mind about this all. These questions revolved around: my parents, my new friends, the detective, and even myself.

wE nEeD tO leAvE tHis aReA ASaP ! Ratar says.

Agreed! I say.

”SHUT UP. ” I glared at them.

Their heads snapped at me

”I just got off the phone with Officer Deathclaw. ” I say.

And that had them staring at me in shock and worry. Do I really want to drag them into this?

”My parents are dead. A killer is on the loose, and not just any killer. A Minotaur is most likely tracking me down. Thankfully the detective gave me the heads up. ” I say.

They immediately turned to one another and their bickering was long forgotten. Before I realized what happened next; I was shoved back in to the back of my mind and Ratar took control.

”wE nEeD tO leAve ThIs aReA ASaP, sO yOu mUtTs and tHe cAt nEed tO pUt aSide yOuR dIfFerEncEs aNd lEavE tHiS aRea. pLus wITh tHe fIre You jUsT staRted tHis pLace wIlL bE cRawlIng wiTh cOps, pAraMedIcs, fIreFighTerS aNd OthEr sUpErnAtuRalS, nOt tO mEntIon OlIviA iS bEing huNtEd aS iS! ” Ratar growled at everyone.

The cat shifter stared at me and Ratar in shock and horror, but mostly confusion.

”bEfOre yOu AsK, oLivIa Is a sPirIt wOlf, sHe hAs DemonIc anD aNgeliC blOoD coUrSinG tHrougH hEr vEinS! ” Ratar filled in.

”OH aNd iM hEr iNnEr dEmOn, tHe nAmeS RaTaR! ” He adds then gives me control back.

What so now we are giving strangers out my personal information? Ratar? Ratar? RATAR! He didn answer.

We stand in silence till my phone buzzed with a text message from our school principal! The text said, Meet me at this address (……)

”Looks like Im going on a little field trip boys, but fist things first. Who has a car; and can drive? ” I asked.

”Im coming! Scout volunteers.

I looked at him like he was crazy. That was NOT an invitation!

Thirty minutes later I found myself gripping onto the bottom of my seat so tightly that my fingers turned white. Why?


I sat in the middle, with Scout on my right behind the passenger seat. Cat boy was on the left side and Ranger is in the passenger seat hanging on for his life; as the car jerked this way and that. Tracker was driving.

”I vote on Ranger driving on the way back! ” I yell.

The others except Tracker nodded in agreement.

”I never caught your name! ” I asked the cat besides me

”For an Alpha, you don act as possessive and protective as other Alp- ” He was cut off by Mr. Alphas snarl.

Oh how I wish the stupid car had working seat belts! This old piece of junk was unfortunately the only thing available.

”Bandits the name pup! ” He had the nerve to smirk at me.

I groaned and rolled my eyes.

The car jerked left. And guess what happened. I flew into Bandits lap and he- he- wait did I just hear that correctly? This alley cat just.

dId hE jUsT pUrR? ” Radar confirmed my exact thoughts.

Bandit covered his mouth with both hands, but I guess and idea came to him as he took on a Cheshire grin.

”You know, if you wanted to be closer to me like this you could of just asked, Sugar! ” He romanced.

I could hear someone clear their throat and I immediately shot straight up in my seat. Snarling at the cat; I gritted my teeth and snarled a reply to the questioning gaze looking at us through the rearview mirror.

” TraCkEr pLeAsE cOnTroL tHe veHicLe. oR i wILl! ”

He snickered and nodded, I sank back into my seat as the ride continued. We are so close yet so far away.

Suddenly out of nowhere a creature stood in the road. Tracker freaked and I knew there was no way to stop the vehicle. he tried swerving around it but it was too late, he hit the creature but the impact felt like when a pitcher catches the ball from an infielder. First we were driving perfectly fine, then all a sudden we almost run over a mysterious creature that showed up out of no where. As the car came towards it everything hit slow motion and this is how it played out.

The creature looked part bull and part man. It picked up the car and flipped causing it to fly through the air; when the car hit the ground it was upside down. I felt someone put their arms around me shielding me from the broken glass and car parts flying in through the windows.

I shut my eyes to brace for impact because we had no seat belts, when the impact never came I open my eyes to see scarlet red. I moved myself from the unconscious body that broke my impact; it groaned and sucked in a breath of air only to stop from the pain.

” Run. ”

”Olivia. ”

”Scout! ” I whispered now fully aware of the situation.


My head snapped up to see big heavy hoofs stomping against the concrete as the creature came closer to the vehicle. I tried to get up, but if I moved to run and get help Id easily get caught and killed. I needed to think this through carefully since I wasn the only ones live endangered here. The creature ripped open the Drivers door and reached in with a clawed hand. It dragged Tracker out; and he was slowly regaining consciousness. His eyes went wide and then I couldn see him since the creature picked him up.

I have two moves. One is stay here and die by the hands of that creature. Or, two shift and somehow get everyone out of here.

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