In the modern world,Sorcery city is the hidden where normal people can go.The city filled with Magicians and Witches.Apart from human imagination,the city is full of magic with different creatures.

In the Sorcery city, Wizardry is the School where students learn magic.Not everyone can learn in these school,only students who are selected by The Fire of Wisdom can study magic in this School.

Long time ago,Sorcery city and Wizardry School was Cursed by an evil wizard,So the city was completely changed.Its bright sky was turned as dark as coal,thunder strikes hard all the time.The happy Sorcery City was turned into a Scary place for magicians and witches.

Great Magicians Start to search the way to remove the curse.they found,only they can born and remove the curse.The whole city is waiting for their birth.

One day,on the Full moon day professor George was working with his Magic portion.suddenly the wisdom tree in his garden start to flowering after many years.he smelled the sweet odour of flower,his eyes were filled with tears,he lost his mind and laughed crazily.

He gathered everyone in the city and said, ” Hurrah, Let the celebration begin,They are born…Finally the wisdom tree flowered. ”

The whole Sorcery city shouted with Ha

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